Laser Rangefinders – How Do You Choose The Best One in 2024

Are you looking to improve your shooting accuracy when hunting?

A laser rangefinder could make that happen.

Laser rangefinder technology has witnessed some incredible advancement over the past few years. Unlike before, rangefinders are now faster, more rigid in design with fantastic technology, making them easier to carry, access, and utilize.

As you can guess, these advancements have enhanced the hunting experience.

How Laser Rangefinders Work


Laser rangefinders facilitate the hunting process by determining the target’s distance.

The basics of laser rangefinders are pretty straightforward. The rangefinder emits a beam that reflects on the surface you’re aiming on and bounces back towards you.

Then, a receiver sensor identifies the beam, and a high-speed clock measures the time taken for the laser beam to reflect. The software inside the device multiplies the laser beam’s speed by the time taken to reflect off the surface to calculate the distance to the target surface.

Reasons to Hunt with a Laser Rangefinder

One of the most valuable devices a hunter can invest in is a quality laser rangefinder.

1. Eliminate guesswork


The primary feature of a rangefinder is to provide the distance between you and the target. A laser beam bounces off the mark and back to you with a touch of a button.

At the same time, an internal clock measures the distance.

The importance of an accurate distance is you never miss your target. Other than that, it enables you to make a humane kill without inflicting unnecessary pain on your target.

2. See obstacles in your way

Seeing obstacles and knowing what to avoid is huge in hunting.

With a laser rangefinder, you will be able to figure out what kind of obstacles are on your way and figure out ways to avoid them. By getting a comprehensive look at the course, you can make better decisions and better shots.

3. Learn your load

A rangefinder not only helps in actual hunting but also comes in handy when you’re practicing. As a hunter, it’s wise to take note of your rifle and load’s drop data.

With a rangefinder, you can get an accurate range of your goal once you set your targets. This also allows you to know your rifle’s strength before going out for the actual hunting.

4. Get closer

You have your eyes on the target, ready to take your shot. From nowhere, a twig snaps. Your target runs off.
Sounds familiar?

A rangefinder takes care of this problem by allowing you to get closer to your target without moving an inch.

5. Improve your estimating skills


In hunting, it doesn’t matter how much you have to range your target; something unplanned can always happen.
By practicing ranging in advance, you can estimate accurate distances for those unplanned moments.

6. Convenience

One of the best things about laser rangefinders?

7. Size.

The devices are relatively small, which is a massive incentive for those who hate carrying lots of hunting tools around. Its vertical design also means it’s easy to use.

What’s more, you can conveniently carry it around your neck.

How to Choose the Right Laser Rangefinder

A good rangefinder can make all the difference between whether your next hunting will be successful or not.
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  • Maximum range


When shopping around for a laser rangefinder, ask about its distance range. The maximum capacity for rangefinders is from 1-4000 yards, with those with a higher distance range being more costly but more effective.

  • Size and quality

Rangefinders are great because of their small size. Also, most of them are durable. However, since laser rangefinders are available in various sizes and weights, it could be best to buy one that will be with you for the longest time possible.

Therefore, please take into consideration its quality as well. Besides, quality also means a hassle-free and fulfilling hunting experience for you.

  • Price and features

Rangefinders come in different price ranges with additional features too. The price depends on quality, features, technology, functions, and more.

So, when looking for a laser rangefinder, choose one that meets your needs and budget.

  • Durability and portability

What’s the environment you’ll be using the device like?

It would be best to choose a laser rangefinder that can withstand knocks. Also, you will need to confirm that it’s water-resistant, fog-proof, and adds no extra weight.

Also, ensure that it’s weightless and easy to hold. This will make your hunting experience more fun and discreet.

  • Beam dispersion


This is a crucial consideration to make when choosing a rangefinder.

Essentially, it would be best to have a rangefinder with a more excellent dispersion than a focused one when dealing with a further target.

The maximum range is usually stated by the manufacturer, especially in situations when the target has a highly reflective surface with little to no obstacles on the way.

  • Do some research

To ensure that you are purchasing the best rangefinder for your hunting needs, check out previous customers’ reviews. This will give you an idea about the product and decide if it’s the right one for you or not.


As you can see, this tiny device comes with numerous benefits. Whether you are a rifle hunter or bowhunter, this valuable device improves your hunting and makes hunting easier.

For the best experience, ensure that you only choose the best rangefinder. Quality rangefinders not only help you measure the exact distance to pin but also help you speed up your round. With a quality laser rangefinder, your hunting experience will be like no other!