10 Questions To Ask Your Property Buyers Agent When Hiring

It’s not simple and easy to buy a new property as it may seem at the beginning. When you see a lot of houses and apartments, it becomes confusing, and that’s the reason why some people decide to hire real estate agents. There are a lot of advantages of that, and the whole experience will be better and successful in the end if you have help from someone who knows the topic well. Also, when you hire this agent, you have to keep in mind that it’s always better to choose someone from your area, because they understand the local market, and know all the tricks and weak spots. According to DDProperty, that makes them better negotiators, which leads to the better property for a competitive price.

Every professional agent will listen to your preferences, and will always keep them in mind when looking for the best property. Both sides have the benefit of it, because you will get exactly what you want, and they will be able to improve and extend their portfolio with another success story. Buying a new house or apartment is a huge step, and we can’t compare it to usual grocery shopping, and don’t worry, no one expects you to be an expert. But, you should consider asking some important questions before you hire the agent, like:

1. Ask for relevant proof for their experience

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Looking for a good agent can be complicated, just like buying a property. But, as a person who is paying for the service, you have a right to ask them to show some proof of their relevant experience in this field. And they won’t mind showing their portfolio or redirect you to their website or social media page, so you can see other people’s experience with them. Keep in mind that it’s the start of some kind of relationship you will have with them until you are able to find the property that is the right one for you.

2. Are they full-time or part-time agents

This is maybe not the key answer that will help you make a decision, but surely it can be helpful, knowing that full-time agents are more dedicated to that job. Also, you can add another sub-question, if they work only with sellers, or with buyers too. Those who work with both sides have more negotiation experience and skills, and they are great at their job.

3. Do they have active clients right now

It takes time to look for a custom solution for every active client, and when the agent is too busy, they can oversee some important things. Too many clients is not a good sign. An average agent can “serve” only two or three clients per month successfully, and if they are telling too big numbers, maybe that’s not true. If the one you are looking for is too busy right now, it’s better to pass it on and look for another, so you can be sure they are devoted to your task.

4. How long does it take to close a deal

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These people play an important role in the real estate business, and you have to be aware that their job is not easy. The clients have different wishes and opinions, and they will try their best to find the most appropriate fit for you. If they aren’t able to meet your requirements, they should know how to find and represent the alternatives. That process may last up to a few months, but however, if the whole process is taking more than six months, maybe you should give up on this and find another service.

5. Do they have a license

Probably you will go with proven agencies with licensed and certified agents, but it’s always a nice idea to check on this at least twice before you hire them.

6. How often they meet the client’s price range

For some clients this is non-negotiable and most of them can’t afford to go over their budget. Sometimes, there aren’t properties available in that range, and the agent has two options – to negotiate with the seller or ask the buyer how much above it they can go.

7. Ask for recommendations

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An experienced agent will always have contacts from the local authorities, contractors, brokers, layers, and everything else that’s a part of the buying or selling process.

8. Will they are able to contact them after the deal is closed

Sometimes the buyers can have additional questions after they buy the property, and the best way to solve those problems is to contact the agent. These people can also be mediators in some cases if something happens because they were those who had to check all those things before they offer the property. If they say that after the deal is closed, you can forget about them, there is something stinky and unclear.

9. How can you rate their job

The reliable agencies often have interactive websites where the clients share their experience and recommend the agent that worked with them. Even if they only have a social media page, you should be able to submit the rate and recommend them to other interested potential clients.

10. Their honest opinion on something

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They may find a property that fits your budget and other requirements, but as a client, you can ask them if they think it’s really good, or it’s just a perfect fit. An honest agent will share their thoughts with you, and even offer to look for something else in the meantime, until they are sure everything is right with the house or apartment.

As you can see, there are plenty of questions you have to ask, no matter if you are a buyer or seller of the property. Finding a reliable agent can be an even greater challenge than buying a house, but if it saves you a lot of time and nerves, then it’s totally worth it. And of course, don’t stick just to these questions – you can ask them everything you think it’s important.

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