Honda SUV Comparison: Which One is Right for You?

Manufacturers like Honda have been responding to consumer demands by offering a range of models that cater in different ways to the needs of consumers. With so many options, it can be challenging when it comes to finding the SUV that meets your needs. You might wonder how Honda SUVs compare if you stare at their lineup.

A total of four SUV models will be available from Honda in 2024. It is the compact Honda CR-V that lies between these two extremes, as well as the mid-size Honda Passport that lies in between. Honda SUVs range from the three-row Pilot to the subcompact HR-V. Here’s an overview of each model that will help you decide which is correct.

Listed below is a detailed comparison of three different types of Honda SUVs.

Several Types Of Honda SUVs

A wide variety of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are available from Honda, ranging from the tiny Fit to the rugged Passport and powerful Pilot. Each of these cars offers something unique, yet you may travel in any of them with composure and self-assurance. A Honda sport utility vehicle (SUV) is available to meet your needs, regardless of whether you want a buddy to accompany you on your commute or a car with off-roading capabilities.

Throughout its history, Honda’s SUV portfolio has seen several changes. For example, although there have been several generations of the Honda CR-V on the market since 1995, it underwent a comprehensive makeover for the launch of the fifth generation of the vehicle in 2017. Likewise, 2003 saw the debut of the big, substantial, and stylish Honda Pilot three-row SUV, which underwent a complete makeover, along with a minor refresh in 2019.

Large Honda SUV


This is the company’s most capable and spacious SUV offering. There is room for up to eight people, and the interior may be configured in various ways to accommodate any requirements. In addition, your passengers will enjoy an even higher level of comfort thanks to the standard inclusion of second-row captain’s seats and trim levels. Therefore, whether you’re taking the entire family on vacation to the beach or need more internal space, it has all the capacity you could want.

When you travel with the Pilot, you are sure that each passenger will have a level of comfort that exceeds their expectations. It is because the Honda Pilot was designed with the convenience and contentment of its passengers at the forefront. The cabin provides a great space dedicated to those occupants. As a result, not only can the Pilot accommodate eight people, but it also has sufficient legroom throughout to ensure that every passenger is content.

Midsize Honda SUV


The Honda Passport is an SUV that falls within the medium class. Both the Pilot and the Passport are similar when it comes to their size and they share many of the same characteristics. However, the Passport has just front and back seating, which means it can only accommodate five people.

Even though the Passport has a smaller passenger capacity compared with the Pilot, the Passport provides its occupants with more excellent legroom and has a bigger luggage space than the Pilot. Depending on the activities you want to engage in with the vehicle will determine which model is the most suitable for your needs. Each piece of equipment is designed to fulfill a specific function.

There is sufficient space for five people in the Passport, with rows two and three offering over more than a forty-inch headroom. In addition, the increased legroom comes at a different price than the amount of space available for goods. When all of the seats in the back are folded down, the Passport’s cargo space increases to more than fifty cubic feet.

The area may be increased to slightly larger than 100 cubics if the rear seats are collapsed. The Passport also has roomy storage beneath the floor to accommodate drivers that want even more space for their goods, making it ideal for storing things like additional equipment like soccer balls that could be required for an enjoyable adventure.

Compact Honda SUV


It has enough for five people inside and gives you a lot of leeway regarding arranging the passengers and their belongings. Because it has a rear setback that is divided 60/40, the CR-V offers a more significant number of cargo and seating arrangements. The Honda CR-V can accommodate your needs in every situation, and whether moving to a new house in a vehicle folded down and full of boxes or having five people in the vehicle with baseball bags strapped to its rear seat, the CR-V can deal with it all.

The uniqueness of the CR-V lies in the fact that it provides a generous amount of cargo capacity while simultaneously ensuring the comfort of all passengers. The Honda CR-V has a maximum load capacity of nearly 39 cubics when all seats, including the rear ones, are occupied. When the back seats are folded down, the Honda CR-V provides a total cargo volume of 75.8 cubics for your use.

We know the significance of the amount of passenger space an SUV provides. The convenience of the passengers and space inside the vehicle should be a primary factor in your decision to purchase an SUV. The front and back seats of the Honda CR-V have sufficient space to accommodate its occupants. There has to be no choice between comfort and adaptability in this situation!

Final Words

When it comes to discussing SUVs, the size is equally significant as the characteristics of the vehicle and its durability. That is made much more straightforward because Honda provides a line of vehicles that includes an SUV that is just the appropriate size for everyone. You can locate the proper Honda SUV to match your requirements, regardless of whether you have a big family that travels every night either for kid’s sporting event or are an active kayaker seeking excellent work and plays SUV. Get ready to plan your next journey; the Honda SUV will transport you anywhere you want.