Laptop or Desktop: Which One Fits Your Lifestyle?

Decades ago, laptops and desktops used to be items of luxury. But over the last two decades, it has been something that households could not live without.

While back in the 90s personal computers used to be a tool that you could only work on documents on and play some simple games, the advent of the internet brought about the computer revolution.

During the 2000s the internet became a medium that almost everyone could not live without. Personal computers also became better and better featurewise.

The internet technically connected the whole world by providing a means to communicate with other people around the globe. Other than that, businesses also shifted to the internet as a means to better their output and to maximize the potential of their employees.

Desktops were issued to everybody in the office while employees who are tasked to be always on the go are issued laptops. The same thing is true with people at home.

Stick around as we are going to go through all the talking points about how each electronic platform can fit your lifestyle.

Technology and the modern lifestyle


The modern lifestyle revolves around technology, or shall we say that it is run by technology. That is because technology makes everything convenient for the modern man.

This is particularly true to people who are living in the urbanized areas wherein everything is fast-paced. People in highly urbanized areas need to hustle daily to aid their lifestyle.

The commute gets harder, getting a table in a busy restaurant during your work lunch could be quite challenging as well. But the good thing is, technology is there to make everything better.

Today, with a simple tap on your smartphone you could already book your commute or have your lunch delivered right to your office desk. Even schools are modernized.

Although classes are being held face to face, learning and homework have since then shifted online. Everything nowadays deals with multimedia and other means of communication.

Although you can do everything on your smartphone, larger tasks are often done on computers. This is where laptops and desktop computers come in handy.

Difference Between a Laptop and a Desktop Computer


A desktop computer is technically a stationary workstation. You can not bring it anywhere.

It consists of several parts and these are the CPU, the monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard. A high-end computer for graphic design learn more here or similar tasks has better capabilities as well when compared to a laptop.

On the other hand, laptops are like your modern notebook. They are compact, they have all the necessary parts as the desktop computer but the difference is that it is built-in.

Laptops also run on rechargeable batteries which allows you to carry them around wherever you go. What’s even more interesting is that the latest laptops are already very capable, the same as desktop computers.

But, it also has its limitations.

Why would you choose a desktop computer?


Desktop computers are fun. As discussed earlier in the article, modern personal computers are very capable.

If you are fond of video games or are someone who works on multi-media then having a desktop is the way to go. The thing is, the latest games and video editing software have very high system requirements.

This is one advantage of having a desktop computer. It is upgradable.

If you are lacking RAM, you can just add another one to increase your computer’s capability. If something breaks, the parts are easier to repair since it is readily available locally and online.

Enthusiasts love to upgrade their personal computers as well. Modern CPUs have water cooling systems, and the inside of the central processing unit is even lit. You can also easily line a neon flex tube along the cage of your CPU to give it an accent and an aesthetic upgrade. Check for more information!

If you want a larger screen for your viewing pleasure, you can easily upgrade to a better and larger monitor. Desktop computers have many advantages.

The only downside is that it consumes more energy and you cannot bring it around.

Why you should purchase a laptop?


Don’t get me wrong but laptops are very capable as well. You can purchase gaming laptops that you can run heavy games and various multimedia tasks on.

But the thing is, you will eventually reach the laptop’s limit so the upgrades that you can do to your unit are quite limited. But do not fret, since this is not the area wherein the laptop shines the most.

Laptops are simply convenient. With a full charge, you can technically use your laptop the whole day. Having a laptop also allows you to work anywhere you like as long as you have the necessary peripherals.

There are also rugged laptops that can easily take a fall without you worrying about it.


Both laptop and desktop computers are very capable tools. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what kind of lifestyle you are living.

If you are on the go traveling from one place to another and are barely home, clearly a capable laptop is what you need. Even if you are a videographer, you can edit your videos everywhere you go.

But if you work mainly from home and do a lot of heavy tasks on your computer then a desktop is definitely what you would need. The upgrades and possibilities are endless if you have one.

The only downside is that it would consume more energy but hey, performance is still what matters.