9 Hunting Gadgets You Need to Have 2024

Even in ancient times, man himself took care of catching animals in order to feed himself and his family. What’s more, successive studies have revealed that men have known how to create a highly sophisticated hunting, fishing and gathering plan, even today in some parts of the world, hunting is still the main provider of food for mens.

Although and as we described above, it is not an activity as old as hunting for food, hunting for recreational or sports purposes, as some also classify this type of activity, has started a long time ago in various societies and communities, even though it is widely condemned by hundreds of associations and organizations that defend the environment, nature and its main inhabitants: animals. Hunting with a strict sporting purpose is governed by a series of written and unwritten rules and regulations, the non-observance is harshly punished by the relevant legislation that penalizes this type of conduct. There are some protected animals, in danger of extinction, which are prohibited from hunting, and certain places created for the protection of species, where their hunting is also prohibited, such as natural reserves or national parks.

Source: tvo.org

Within what is hunting for a recreational or sports purpose, there are a significant number of ways to practice it, which will depend on the type of species to hunt and the way in which it is done.

Thus we find the existence of big game and small game. The big is the one in which the animals to catch are characterized by their important contexts such as wild boar, deer or wolves, among others. Meanwhile, the small, by contrast, deals with those smaller animals such as the rabbit, hare, partridge, pigeon, quail, among others.

Today we want to present you hunting gadgets you need to have and which will make whole experience even better.

1. Ultra-violet flashlight to detect traces of blood

Despite the precautions taken, it may happen that you injure the animal and it run away. The chase can be long and tiring. Often without finding the beast that prefers to hide to die rather than be captured. This high tech gadget worthy of CSI and Bones TV shows could help you trace your trophy. Only drawback is that you can only use it at night.

2. Electronic call for all types of game

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Small loudspeaker for emitting a series of pre-recorded calls. There is one model for moose, deer, and others for turkey, duck, predators and crows. You can play the groan of the horny male, or this attacking an opponent, the female in heat, the sound of 2 deer in combat or the cry of the turkey. There are also wireless models and even call sticks.

3. Remote controlled callers


Equipped with a remote control, you activate this little robot which has the shape of a duck so that it reproduces the cry of the duck and the movement of its wings. There is even the floating model where you only see the back of the duck, which rummages in the grassland. And you can activate his hindquarters to waddle when fellow birds fly over it. We think it is time to put your wooden callers away.

4. Hunting binoculars

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Along with the rifle and sight, the most important piece of hunting equipment. Binoculars are used before the rifle and since it has two lenses, it gives a much more precise and realistic picture than sight. Take the purchase of binoculars seriously, and before going to store or order online, visit Targetfrog.com and read buying guide and reviews.

5. Video camera for firearm

Source: wideopenspaces.com

For those who have absolutely everything. Small quality camera, which you install on the barrel of your weapon, to film every second of your exploits as a hunter. We don’t know how much this camera will add weight or interfere with the handling of your firearm, but we think it will not have any bad influence.

You can adjust camera to start recording automatically because you often only have a fraction of a second to shoot the animal.

6. Electric coat


We knew about heated socks with 9-volt battery. But the heating jacket is new thing for all of us. Good jacket and quality underwear will overcome all types of winter temperatures and this inovation will only help survive in coldest enviroments.

Do not forget to remove the battery before placing your electrified coat in the wash. And always keep your battery charged to the maximum of its capacity so that it does not freeze (otherwise it will need to be replaced).

7. Handpresso

Source: travelaway.me

Small gadget for fans of good coffee. If you miss coffee in the woods, we have what you need. Just boil hot water, put your ground coffee in the stuff and your tightly packed espresso will brew like at your favorite bistro. They even offer a nice case to protect it. It only remains to invent a coffee grinder to bring to the forest. You will no longer have to worry about falling asleep due to lack of caffeine.

8. GPS

Source: expocafeperu.com

There are many different models. But we thinkg for hunting, best choice is an extremely simple GPS for those who hate technology and need only basic functions. In fact, the back track function is the most used and useful function of a GPS. With this compact device, you only have to push a button at your starting point and then follow the instructions to return home. The perfect gift for hunters, hikers and explorers who don’t like to complicate matters. For all tech heads, there are also models with a handful of functions. Or you can use a smartwatch, for GPS and other smart features.

9. Portable stove

Source: trackifyd.com

A small compact stove which is widely praised. Made in Quebec, this appliance, which resembles a foldable mini-fireplace, activates its heat by a small integrated fan, with battery with two speeds.

You can only burn wood or bark there. No petroleum product. The heat becomes intense quickly, but lasts only a few minutes. You have to constantly feed it with small dry woods in order to successfully boil water for two people. For two people in complete autonomy, this small stove that slides into the pocket is a very useful gadget.


With all this very useful gadgets, hunting and the time spent in nature will be even more pleasant.