7 Best Home Security Systems & Burglar Alarms To Buy 2024

One of the things that are common for all of us is that we all want to feel safe in our homes. Some people are very scared of being robbed, especially if they live in large houses by themselves. On the other hand, some people tend to travel a lot and they want to make their houses secure while they are away. Also, you might have a weekend cottage somewhere outside the city and you want to protect it from burglars. In all of these cases, you should consider installing some of the home security systems or burglar alarms.

There are plenty of options available out there. Security cameras can be a useful tool after a burglary. But for most people that isn’t enough. If you want something more powerful, that can prevent a break-in, burglar alarms can be a good choice. These alarms can send a notification to your phone as soon as something happens. With them, you can be sure you’ll be notified the same moment someone tries to break in.

If you are confused and not sure which home security system you should choose we can help you. Let’s talk about the best home security systems and burglar alarms available in 2024.

1. SimpliSafe

Source: techadvisor.co.uk

SimpliSafe is one of the best home security systems on the market. You can install it very easily and it doesn’t cost too much. With SimpliSafe you’ll get a base station and a wireless keypad, as well as two types of sensors: entry and motion sensor. There is an option for getting secret notifications, without alarming the monitory center. This can be a good thing if someone is trying to open a closet, enter a room with valuable jewelry, or so.

You can install it by yourself or it can be done professionally. Another good thing about this system is that you aren’t bound by a contract. You can test it for just one month. If you decide you are not satisfied with it, you don’t have to take it again.

2. Vivint Smart Home

Source: vivint.com

This security system can be installed by professionals only. A great thing is that Vivint offers free home consultations. This way you can understand this system a little bit better before deciding whether you want to buy it or not. It is a little bit more expensive, but it comes with many useful features. Besides the alarm, there are also cameras, door lock, and other equipment.

If you need someone professional who can install, repair, and maintain your home security system you should check out TitusAlarmAndCCTV. With this kind of professionals, you can be sure your home is completely safe for a long time.

3. Ring Alarm

Source: 9to5mac.com

If you are on a budget, but you’re still looking for something that can decently secure your house, consider Ring alarm. It is a way cheaper alternative, but it also includes some practical features. Ring alarm sends you a notification whenever it detects motion. You will be alerted anytime when doors and windows are opened. There are 5 main pieces: base station and keypad, as well as contact and motion sensors and range extender.

Another plus is that it doesn’t require professional installation. You can set up this security system in just a few minutes, all by yourself. With this alarm, there are no long-term commitments. You don’t have to pay any extra fees in case you decide you’d like to replace it after some time.

4. Abode

Source: thisoldhouse.com

Another home security system that is easy to install and manage. Abode is one of the DIY systems that you can handle on your own. A good thing with this one is that it can be integrated with some of the smart devices you already have at home. You can watch your house from anywhere, using only your phone. Abode also notifies you when it detects smoke, water, glass breaking, and more.

It is on the cheaper side, so if you’re looking for something that won’t burden your financial budget, this can be your favorite system so far.

5. Frontpoint

Source: ladesigntech.org

Frontpoint is a DIY alarm system that can be installed in just a few minutes. It is very easy to set up and use. It includes a base station, keypad, five different sensors, and other equipment that will make you home safe. You can monitor the house from your phone or a laptop and make sure everything is in perfect order. Their components allow you to mix and match them with other providers. They offer different plans (with different features), so you can find the one that fits you the best.

6. ADT Home Security

Source: linkinteractive.com

ADT home security system is known for its long presence in this industry. It has been one of the best home safety providers for over 100 years already. It represents a large company with a huge number of users. With this system, you will get motion detection, smart home capabilities, as well as video surveillance. It also includes professional installation, so you won’t have to worry about that. Another good thing about them is that they provide many packages and plans. You can choose your favorite, and go with that one.

7. Brinks

Source: jnadealerprogram.com

Brinks makes the best combination of DIY and professional home security systems. It is well known for its amazing customer service. And we all know that counts. They provide flexible pricing and different ways of installation, so you are not limited in those areas. Brinks security system provides control locks, lights, cameras, thermostats, different sensors, and other features. You will receive alerts on your smartphone anytime something suspicious happens.


Considering the high rate of criminal and common robberies, it is very important to find a proper way to protect our homes nowadays. Security cameras can be helpful in case of a robbery, but the smartest thing is to find a way to prevent them completely. For that matter, home security systems and burglar alarms can be a great, practical choice. Make sure you find the one that matches your budget and overall needs. That way you will be able to sleep peacefully at night, with no worries about your safety.