6 Useful Smart Home Devices That Will Save You Money in 2024

We’re still far away from considering smart homes a standard of some sort, but it’s also pretty safe to say that the future is pointed towards that direction. A few years from now we’ll most-likely have quite a lot of smart homes because technology progresses in a very rapid fashion.

The best way to get a “taste” of how easy and enjoyable living in a smart home really feels like, is by using a few of the devices that will eventually make up for the full package. Nowadays we have Alexa, a device that a lot of people consider as the foundation of future smart homes, but, we have many other ones as well, most of which help you save money.

In this article we’re talking about useful smart home devices that you as an owner should consider getting if saving money is your top priority. Feel free to stick with us until the end.

1. A smart thermostat with access to room temperature control

Source: techpopx.com

They say that until you start paying all the bills yourself, you won’t really know how important it is to have total control over your expenditure and costs. This is pretty true. A smart thermostat can help you cut down costs by providing accurate information about the current temperature throughout your entire home, so you’ll know when you’re overheating or overcooling and prevent it. With a smart thermostat however, you won’t have to worry about any of these things because the device itself will turn AC units on and off for you. If you simply want more control over your home, you can disable that feature and just use the display for information purposes.

2. A safe and secure smart lock

Source: yalelatinoamerica.com

If you are wondering how a smart lock can help you save money, well, there’s one thing that you probably didn’t think about, and that’s insurance. You see, the safer your home is, the lower your insurance costs will be, because your insurer knows there’s less chance for your home to be the victim of a robbery. That’s not all.

If you have a regular lock, you need to pay for an extra key for each one of your kids, your significant other, your mother and your aunt as well. If you somehow end up getting locked out of your house, you need to pay the locksmith to come and replace the lock entirely, which just means costs and costs adding up on top of each other. This is not a good thing, not when you want to save money in the long run.

According to Vivint, a smart lock on the other side may cost slightly more initially but you won’t have to deal with any of the things we listed above, which means that you will save money.

3. A smart electricity plug that can be controlled via smartphone

Source: interiorflux.com

Leaving your appliances and devices plugged in while you are out of your home is a huge safety hazard but a significant cost as well. Let’s say that you leave your hair straightener or your iron plugged in because you are in a huge rush and you have to leave the house for work or something of same importance really quickly. These things can cause a fire if left just like that, and we don’t even want to think about that as it is the worst case scenario.

Even if they don’t cause a fire, they will spend a lot of electric energy for no reason, boosting your utility bills drastically. Once again, this is not what you want to experience when saving money long-term is your goal.

The solution for this is a smart electricity plug that can be controlled via smartphone. In case your forgot to unplug your devices, you can switch off the plug from your phone in just one click.

4. Smart and long-lasting light bulbs that can automatically adjust

Source: reviewed.com

Constantly replacing cheap lightbulbs is a true pain, and it hurts your pocket as well. In order to avoid this we recommend purchasing quality, long-lasting light bulbs with smart functions that can automatically adjust based on the time. Not only this is a really cool feature, but you’ll also have a much better bill at the end of the month because these bulbs won’t blast with full power in the late hours when you need some rest.

Most of us are sometimes too lazy to turn off the lights so we leave them on until it’s absolutely unbearable to continue sleeping like that. Plus, having only the option to toggle on or off will make you leave them on for the majority of time. However, automatic dimming is great and it saves energy.

5. Smart switch that can be controlled with voice

Source: techhive.com

Smart switches solve the problem that we mentioned above. You can switch on and off all the lights in your home by using your voice, so if you are working and want to focus, or you are in the middle of a nap, you won’t have to stand up and do it “manually”.

6. Smart water sprinklers for your yard

Source: michiganautomatic.com

Most of us have a lot of flowers and trees growing in our yard, and we also know that rain is sometimes not enough for complete watering, especially if you live in drier areas. Sprinklers are a wonderful solution for this but sometimes they waste a lot more water than you need to keep things green. Smart sprinklers can turn themselves on and off in the right time, meaning that your water expenditure bills at the end of the month will be consistent in price and never over the limit.


These useful smart home devices will help you save money, and they are more than just fancy equipment that’s considered luxury. If you want to be economic, now’s the right time to do some changes to your home. Feel free to check out our list to learn more.