6 Best Exhaust Systems For Nissan 370Z – 2024 Guide

A car purchase is a major investment during one’s lifetime. When shopping for a new car, first-timers tend to focus on the car’s engine, transmission, brakes, and superficial features such as heated seats, navigation features, and device connectivity functions. However, most car buyers don’t give much thought to the car’s exhaust system.

Exhaust Systems And The Need For An Excellent One

Typically overlooked, a vehicle’s exhaust system is comparable to a human’s excretory system. The exhaust system is responsible for emitting harmful exhaust gases and fumes out of the vehicle’s engine and other components.

Without a well-maintained exhaust system, your car’s engine will be at great risk. During the onset of your exhaust issues, your engine’s performance slowly deteriorates, and can eventually damage other vehicle parts.

For every car, particularly the newest Nissan 370Z, a pristine exhaust system is strongly recommended. The Nissan 370Z is a great value vehicle that can compete with pricier cars. Its engine features two options:

  • An entry-level 3.7 L V-6 with an outstanding 332 hp and 270 lb-ft torque
  • A stronger engine from the Z-series, showcasing a 3.7 L NISMO engine generating 350 hp and 276 lb-ft torque

Nissan 370Z’s impressive engines encourage car owners to hustle day and night without worrying about poor engine performance. Take note that your 370Z’s engine and exhaust systems will affect each other significantly in different ways.

Choosing Exhausts Systems For Nissan 370Z

If you’re ready to power up your car on different roads, upgrading the exhaust system of your Nissan 370Z is an excellent idea. While the 370Z already has compelling exhaust systems, why should you choose to upgrade your exhaust system?

Since the 370Z challenges other sports cars in the market, don’t let your car be outshined and make the most out of it by customizing its exhaust mechanisms. Integrating exhaust upgrades on your Nissan 370Z optimizes its engine quality and performance by enhancing the flow of unwanted exhaust fumes.

Moreover, upgrading your 370Z’s exhaust systems guarantees better performance results than its OEM counterparts. Visit daalderexhausts.com.au for the best exhaust and towbar solutions, and check out these best exhaust systems that you can install on your 370Z:

1. HKS Hi-Power 370Z Exhaust

Source: fngperformance.com

Estimated Price: USD$1,450

Topping off the list is the HKS Hi-Power 370Z Exhaust, a smooth yet powerful exhaust system developed from Japan. The HKS Hi-Power is perfect for drivers who experience daily driving and want quiet and subtle exhaust sounds to start their day. While it’s ideal for day-to-day use, this exhaust is inspired by GT racing.

Moreover, HKS integrated a piping design and offset muffler that has increased RPM power and greater flow to cater to many street applications.

Here are some other interesting features of the HKS Hi-Power:

  • Made of SUS304 stainless-steel piping with adjustable titanium tips
  • 2.4″ diameter piping
  • 4.75″ diameter tips
  • Includes a Silent Hi-Power Version with a built-in inner silencer

2. ARK DT-S 370Z Exhaust

Estimated Price: USD$1,575

In terms of the best value for money, the ARK DT-S is one of your friendliest options. When designing their exhaust system, ARK has listened to consumers, resulting in the DT-S Exhaust offering the best of many worlds: performance, style, and sound.

Car sounds impact your driving experience in various ways that you might not notice. The DT-S comprises a multi-layer sound compression and tone control mechanism. These features don’t only produce a satisfying tone, but also optimize engine response and performance.

Also, they have a popular blue, burnt tip option made from titanium exhausts. If you don’t prefer this muffler tip, you can settle for the conventional stainless-steel tip.

3. Tomei Expreme TB6090-NS02A

Source: zociety.org

Estimated Price: USD$1,250

If you’re going on an off-road adventure, the Tomei TB6090-NS02A is an impressive choice. This exhaust system is constructed with premium quality titanium materials, a safer option than stainless steel because of its faster cooldown.

Most steel exhaust systems in the industry add significant weight to your vehicle. Titanium, on the other hand, can offer weight reduction but only a relatively small one. However, this exhaust provides one of the best, maximized weight reduction.
Take a look at its features:

  • Single muffler system
  • With removable silencer
  • 80 mm titanium piping, 115 mm tip exit, and 152 mm silencer
  • Equipped with dry race sound featuring a smooth, true race exhaust sound
  • Has a racing design composed of minimal curves and bends for efficient release of exhaust gases

4. Agency Power Titanium Catback AP-IN-FI-04

Source: agencypower.com

Estimated Price: USD$2,800

Another titanium option that you can consider is the Agency Power that gives you a balance of everything: sound, performance, and a fair price. This incredibly light exhaust weighing 12 kg gives off a crisp and race-like sound, satisfactory linear power, and less backpressure.
Furthermore, this exhaust unit fits the Nissan 370Z Z34 models. It has also integrated 120 mm titanium tips, consistent 63 mm piping, and 2.5-inch tubing, enabling the system to work with more power and seamless exhaust flow.

If you’re looking for a relatively lightweight option in the market and have plenty to spare, the Agency Power Titanium is a strong candidate.

5. ARK Nissan 370Z GRiP Exhaust

Estimated Price: USD$1,999

As a sound-versatile exhaust system, the ARK GRiP Exhaust can both run like a beauty or a beast. While it’s a little pricier than the DT-S, you won’t be disappointed with its fresh and polished sounds, marvelous aesthetics, and advanced metallurgy design for improved strength and ideal performance.

According to ARK, the GRiP Exhaust emphasizes the ‘science of sound,’ ‘the finishing touch,’ and ‘designed to flow’ features, contributing to its overall performance that’s a bang for your buck.

You can select from three tip options: the burnt or polished tip at their base price of USD$1,999, or a techno tip with an additional USD$100.

6. Invidia Gemini Catback Exhaust HS09N7ZGID

Estimated Price: USD$1,000

Offering superior power, the Invidia Gemini will never fail to amaze you during every drive. This exhaust system is louder than most systems but not in an awful way, as it has a deep, unique, and refined sound. It transforms into a beast at 2,500 to 4,500 rev range, unleashing a deep growl.

In addition, the Invidia Gemini is the cheapest option on this list, which is a great competitor against pricier ones. They’re available in three tip styles: rolled titanium tips, rolled stainless-steel tips, and straight titanium tips.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the hunt for the best exhaust system for a Nissan 370Z is a challenging one. There is really no such thing as ‘the best’ exhaust system because your experiences and preferences will contribute to your decision.

While choosing the perfect exhaust system from this list, always remember to maintain your vehicle in general, not only the exhaust system, to ensure a smooth and safe ride down the road.