Best Wall Mounts For Samsung TV – 2024 Buying Guide

There isn’t a better way of watching television than mounting your Samsung TV on a wall using mounts.

And although this is a very popular way of watching television, a lot of people prefer to have it on the usual TV mount.
However, for those that like their TV higher, we’re here to give you our 5 best wall mounts for your new Samsung TV. Consider this article as your 2024 buying guide as we’ll be touching on some topical units.

With all that said, let’s begin.

1. Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount


The overall best pick on this list is a highly durable and stand that supports televisions ranging from 32” and 55”. The overall weight that the unit can support amasses to 99 pounds.

The overall extent of the unit is 15.2” and you can even tilt up to 15 degrees in all sides.
The whole unit is entirely made out of steel and the finishing is powder-coated. The durability of the Mounting Dream MD2380 is like no other.

2. VideoSecu MW340B2 TV Wall Mount


VideoSecu is known for making quality units and the MW340B2 takes the cake. This unit is designed to hold up to 80 pounds of weight and can be used on much bigger TVs. The maximum size of the television that the MW340B2 supports is 65”.
That is impressive considering the size of the thing. You can tilt the unit up to 15 degrees and can be extended up to 14” for obtaining a better viewing angle.

3. Cheetah Mounts


This is one of the best TV wall mounts as it can support up to 115 pounds and TVs ranging from 20” to 65” in size.
The pulling power of the Cheetah Mounts is truly impressive, and this unit can even extend up to 14” for a better viewing angle. Although this puts a lot of strain on the unit, that isn’t a problem with this particular unit.

Unfortunately, the unit can only achieve a 3-degree swirl and has fairly limited viewing angles.

4. Echogear Tilting TV Wall Mount


This unit is completely capable of mounting up to 70” TVs with little to no effort. Also, the total weight it can support is around 90 pounds.

And although some of these are more impressive than previous models ranking much higher on this list, it is the lack of HDMI cables and features that set it back. Namely, the use of standard VESA hole patterns is what sets it back a notch. While other models use upgraded VESA patterns and have more features, the Echogear Tilting doesn’t.
That doesn’t make it a bad unit based on the specs, but an underwhelming one.

5. VideoSecu Articular Tilt Arm


Yet another unit from VideoSecu but this time a much different-looking. You would be surprised to find this one on this list, as it can only support up to 39” TVs and 44 pounds of weight.

And while this certainly is underwhelming, it is probably the best wall mount for that size of TVs.
The most impressive thing is that you can extend the TV from the wall upwards of 15” and offers excellent rotation capabilities.

The base of the whole thing is made out of steel and the unit comes with hardware perfectly capable of mounting any screen as long as it adheres to the recommended size.

But getting a TV wall mount is useless if you don’t have the proper means of watching television. We use these gadgets to make watching TV more appropriate and overall better. So, if you’re interested in getting the best possible aerial installer on the UK market, then make sure to visit TVAerialInstaller.

What To Look For When Choosing TV Wall Mounts?

Whenever buying a gadget to complement your TV, it’s important to know how to pick it. Sure, telling you about the 5 best mounts is one thing, but it’s also important to tell you how to pick one.


So, with all that said, here are our tips as to what to look for when choosing TV wall mounts.

  • Look For the Televisions’ Specifications

This is the most important choosing tip and one that you must lookup. If the TV is bigger than what the mount can hold, then what’s the point in buying it?

Mounting a television to a piece of steel and shoving it in the wall is a rather tricky proposition. You will be putting a lot of pressure on the thing, so you will need to check the TV specs and decide whether it can hold the thing in place.

  • Look for the Amount of Swivel

There are two options when looking up the swivel. Namely, you can have it put stationary or the unit can swivel one way or another. It’s safe to say that nearly 99% of all units have these two options.

You can put it in a stationary position or move it around. Many people prefer the stationary one, but you are losing a lot of mobility by choosing this option.

If the mount swivels, then you can point it to whichever direction you want as long as there is space to maneuver.

  • With Or Without An Arm?

Every unit can either come with an arm or without one. If there is no arm, then the unit will effectively look like a picture frame. The extended arm offers the unit a whole another dimension of rotation and mobility.

But both methods are equally good and both come with their own set of pros and cons. You can read more about it and make the decision based on what appeals more to you.

  • Look for a Competitive Price

And lastly, you should never overpay and never settle for an overpriced model as the market is very competitive. You can find units from every manufacturer that can satisfy the needs of your brand new Samsung TV.

Never, and we mean never, pay more than what the mount offers you.


These were our 5 best units and our 4 things to look for when buying one. We hope that they will serve you well and help you decide on the best one for your needs.