6 Best Carbon Monoxide Alarms to Buy – 2024 Guide

The smoke sensor is a unique device that identifies smoke and warns of the early phase of a fire with an audible alarm. These sensors are mainly used in conjunction with fire protection or alarm systems.

A carbon monoxide detector is an electronic device with a sensor that warns of deadly carbon monoxide, an invisible and odorless and tasteless gas known as a hidden, silent killer. Unlike the smoke sensor, the carbon-carbon monoxide detector does not look for signs of fire but measures the carbon monoxide level and warns of possible poisoning. Poisoning can be caused by spills of gas, fuel, gasoline or unfinished wood burning, etc.

A smoke sensor and a carbon monoxide detector are devices you can’t do without if you want to protect yourself from fire and suffocation.

What are the types of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?

Smoke detectors can be photoelectric or ionized. The latter is best for detecting fast-burning fires, while photoelectric ones can see latent fires. For safety reasons, it is recommended to install different types of smoke sensors in the house or protected area. Alternatively, a dual alarm sensor can be taken that includes both ionization and photoelectric sensors.

Depending on the size of your home, budget, and needs, there is a wide selection of fire alarm systems to choose from. Both smoke and carbon monoxide sensors should be installed for improved protection. If wireless sensors are used, care should always have batteries and function because sometimes life depends on this small device.

Given the great responsibility that this device carries with it, you need to be well informed before buying a carbon monoxide detector. First of all, you need to make sure you are buying from a proven and world-renowned manufacturer.

We will try to bring you closer best carbon monoxide alarms to buy on the market today in the following lines.

1. Kidde 7DCO

Source: sps24.eu

Kidde 7DCO is a top carbon-monoxide detector from the world-renowned manufacturer Kidde. Kidde detector is a carbon monoxide detector of a certified manufacturer.

It contains an electrochemical sensor that accurately reads the concentrations of carbon monoxide in the room and a display that allows continuous monitoring of gas levels in the room. If the sensor detects elevated concentrations of carbon monoxide, an alarm of 85 decibels is sounded, which warns you that you need to leave the room in which you are. The detector is certified and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

2. X-sense Carbon Monoxide Detector

Source: x-sense.com

Combination Smoke & CO Detector

It is one of the best CO smoke detectors on the market today that have photoelectric and electrochemical sensors in it. These sensors help to detect the level of CO in your home in time and to warn of a potential fire. The battery in this smoke detector can last up to 10 years and meets UL standards. The best feature of this device is that it detects smoke and new CO in your house simultaneously. Visit X-Sense for more details.

3. Nest Detector

Source: fortune.com

The Nest detector is also one of the best options for protection against carbon monoxide. In addition to the carbon monoxide sensor, Nest also acts like a smoke detector. It syncs with other Google devices and provides reliable protection and continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels in the room. The Google Nest detector comes with a higher price compared to other sensors.

4. First Alert Onelink Detector

Source: onelink.firstalert.com

The First Alert detector acts simultaneously as a carbon monoxide and smoke detector. First Alert is a well-known detector in the fire protection industry, so you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product. One of the prominent features of the detector is the ability to connect to Apple devices. In this way, you have the possibility of continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide concentrations on your phone, as well as the option of testing the detector via a mobile phone.

5. Simplisafe detector

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Simplisafe is known for offering high-quality products at affordable prices. The sensor allows continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide in the room. The detector does not have a display that shows the read gas values. Still, it is characterized by a reliable alarm that sounds even at the first seconds of elevated carbon monoxide values.

6. AlertPlus detector

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Another reliable detector from a certified and reliable manufacturer is AlertPlus. It contains a display that shows the current carbon monoxide concentrations in the room and provides reliable protection against carbon monoxide in the room. It offers the possibility of voice warning as well as alarms that indicate potential danger. It is easy to set up and comes at an affordable price.


Along with the arrival of low temperatures comes the heating period and thus the risk of increased concentrations of hazardous carbon monoxide in the premises. Doors and windows are often closed, rooms are ventilated much less, and the presence of stoves, heaters, and gas generators creates conditions for creating carbon monoxide. For this reason, the mortality rate from carbon monoxide increases during the winter months.

Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic gas that the human senses cannot detect. Inhalation of elevated concentrations of this gas leads to brain damage, and if you do not react in time, it can lead to death. Due to the increasingly frequent accidents in our area, which are related to gas leaks, the demand and need for carbon monoxide detectors in all households have increased. It is an affordable device that is very easy to install and set up without complicated commands and options.

A carbon monoxide detector or CO detector helps detect the early presence of elevated-concentrations of this gas in a room. This device is vital in every household, especially one that heats with gas. Due to the increased number of accidents related to carbon monoxide, some countries have even legally required the possession of carbon monoxide detectors.

Do you have a carbon monoxide detector in your house, and do you understand the importance of this device? If you have in the comments, share with us your experience.