6 Essential Handyman Tools Every Man Should Own 2024

These days, having the skill to be a handyman is not necessary anymore because calling for a repairman is easy, quick, and affordable. Why should you waste time learning handyman skills and wasting money on purchasing all kinds of different tools when you can hire someone else to do that all of that for you? I agree with that sentiment, but I still believe that every man should have at least a couple of basic and essential tools in their home. You would not call a professional to fix a likable, right?

Obviously, you will not be needing any expensive power tools or anything like that, but something like a screwdriver, tape measure, or other items might become useful. Whenever you will need to tighten some screws, prepare a simple leak, or measure something, you will be ready. You do not have to depend on anyone else.

If you do not have any of the most regular tools at home, you will find this article very useful. I am writing this article to help you save money by buying only the most essential stuff.

1. Screwdriver

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No matter how much you dislike the idea of fixing stuff at your home, you still need to have at least one type of screwdriver at home. This is the type of item that can be found useful for tons of different situations. It is not something that you can use only for screws.

Whenever you will need to pry open something, you can always use your screwdriver. This item is very sturdy, so you will never end up breaking it. That is why I always rely on screwdrivers. They can last for an eternity.

However, it is also smart to have one in case you need to unscrew or screw something. There are some very basic situations out there that require this type of equipment. For example, your remote TV could start getting those and your input on the buttons is not registered anymore. If you have the right tool, you can just tighten the screws and it will be repaired. Why should you bother yourself with calling a repairman or taking it to a repair shop when all you have to do is just tighten a few screws?

The best thing about it is the fact that this kind of product costs only a few dollars. You can find them anywhere. In your local store, the closest gas station, or any hardware store. Of course, if you want a more advanced screwdriver that comes with additional attachments, they can be a little bit more expensive. But again, with $20, you can buy one with more than 50 different attachments/bits.

2. Tape measure

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A tape measure is not something that only a handyman needs. This is an item that can be useful for almost anyone in your household. Whenever you want to buy a new piece of furniture or if you need a replacement for a certain part of your furniture, having a tool to take measurements is essential. Without one, how will you know whether your new sofa will fit in your living room? How will you know whether your new hose will reach the end of your garden? These are some of the situations where a tape measure can come quite handy.

Also, taking measurements is also important when hammering nails, drilling, or putting in screws. For example, if you want to mount your TV onto your wall, you will need to ensure that you are drilling in the right places. Otherwise, you will end up with holes that do not align with the mounting mechanism for the TV. By taking measurements, you will know the exact location where you need to put a hole.

A tape measure is an inexpensive product that you can also find in any hardware store. Even the more premium ones do not go over $50. Although, if you do plan on forking out extra money on a tape measure, this website recommends that you check out reviews for the product before you buy it. You would not want to spend your money in the wrong place, right?

3. Adjustable wrench

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Most handymen today have a set of dozens of different branches. They need to have multiple wrenches because every faucet, toilet, or shower can have a different socket, otherwise, they will not be able to make the repair.

However, if your plan is not to become the neighborhood handyman and fixing different faucets, you can just get an adjustable wrench that works quite as good at a more affordable price. Buying an entire set of wrenches can cost you up to hundreds of dollars while one adjustable wrench can be summer between $10 and $20.

4. Wirecutter

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Even though you do not plan on handling any kind of electric repairs at home, this can still be a very useful tool. Even though it is called a wire cutter, it does not mean that you have to cut wires with it. It is efficient at cutting a lot of other things. Sometimes, I prefer to use my wire cutter instead of scissors because it can snap through anything.

5. Thin flat nose pliers

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Many people would say that it would be better to get regular pliers instead of those with a thin flat nose, but I disagree. I have found myself in so many situations where I needed to grab something tiny or something in a tight corner, but it could not. Thankfully, after I bought thin flat nose pliers, I never felt that kind of frustration again.

With this tool, you have a lot more precision when grabbing certain things.

6. Regular pliers

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However, if you do by thin flat nose pliers, I would also suggest that you buy regular pliers too. You will find them useful too. These are great when you require more leverage and strength. Because they are thicker and much more durable. Using too much force on thin flat nose pliers is not a good idea.

There are probably several other tools you could add to your handymen set, but I believe these six are the most essential ones.