5 Tips for Electrical Safety in Your Home 2024

Electricity is the reason why you are able to read this article from the comfort of your home, while you are warm or cold enough. Without it, we would be leaving in dark, cold places without anything fun to do. Even though it is one of the best things that has happened to humanity, there are many things we need to do to stay safe. Our electrical safety tips can help you learn how to protect yourself, your family, and your home.

Remember these things before handling any appliances and make sure that everything is installed properly following all the guidelines. Talk to a professional before doing any remodeling and call an electrician if you suspect that something is damaged.

  1. Think about the number of outlets

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We are all guilty of adding too many extension power cords to our outlets. But you should know that one outlet can deliver a certain amount of electricity and if you overload it, it may cause a fire. Power strips are a good option when you want to plug in several devices at once, but you should not overuse them as well.

When you are putting the installation in your home, think about the number of appliances you are going to use in every room and with that think about how many outlets you are going to use. You can still use extension cords, but try not to put too many of them.

  1. What about extension cords?

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As we mentioned, these units will help you power several appliances and devices at once, but you should be really careful when it comes to overusing them.

When we buy the cords, we want the longest o

nes, the ones with the biggest number of outlets and we end up buying the one that is the least practical. Every year there are thousands of accidents that happen because people trip on these cords, fall down and end up damaging the outlet. If you want to protect yourself and if you don’t want to risk injuring yourself, then you should think about where you place the extension cords.

Run them as close to the wall as possible and if you need to run them across the room, think about solutions that won’t have the cord going in the middle of the room. In case you notice that you are using more than three extension cords, it means that you need to call an electrician and get more power outlets.

  1. Damaged cords

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When we install new appliances in our homes, we forget to check them and the cords. We use the same extension cord for years and never think about checking if it is damaged. Exposed wires and damaged coats can be the cause of many accidents and injuries, so make sure that everything is in great condition before you use it.

Experts suggest that you should check all the cords in your home at least once a year, and if you notice that it is damaged, or that the wire is exposed, you need to fix it with electrical tape as soon as possible. One thing you should remember is that the tape can only do so much, so it is best to replace the cord right away and get a new one.

To prevent damage to the cords, you should use grommets and rubber-grommet.com suggests that there are many different types of grommets you can use depending on the thing you want to achieve. Some of them can withstand temperatures as low as -40 Degrees, and up to 280 Celsius, or 536 Fahrenheit. Choose them carefully, and talk to the seller about where you should install them to protect all the wires and the cords.

  1. Keep everything tidy

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It is a known fact that there are places in the home where there are too many appliances at the same place. For example, in the living room you probably have the TV, modem, receiver, and a digital watch really close to each other. You may have an antenna, phone, or DVD there as well. Let’s not forget about the surround system and a few other devices that no one really uses. This means that you have at least 5 different cords lying on top of each other.

When we need to replace or move a device, the whole thing becomes a mess and it seems like we’re trying to solve the hardest puzzle when we try to get rid of all the knots. If you want your room to be clean and if you want all of your appliances to work properly, you need to keep the cords tidy.

There are a lot of products that can help you achieve this and keep all the used cords together. You should also pay attention that your children and pets don’t touch the cords and don’t play next to them. When it comes to appliances you are not using, make sure you don’t overstretch the cord and that you don’t wrap it too tightly around them. This will damage the cord and when you plug it in, it may cause a fire.

  1. Unplug the devices

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If there are appliances you are not using, they should be unplugged. We are all guilty of leaving our phone chargers plugged in the outlet 24/7 and even though we don’t use half of the appliances in the kitchen, they are still plugged in.

If you want to protect your home from any accidents and if you want to save some money on the electrical bill, then you should unplug devices when you are not using them. Experts suggest that when you leave them plugged, they may get damaged and they may overheat. The plastic around the device will get too hot, it may start to melt and that can cause a fire. One thing that you can always use is a smart plug that will allow you to set a schedule and the outlets will not be working unless it is previously scheduled.

You should not use this option for every outlet since there are things that need to be on all the time – like the fridge, the TV, or the Wi-Fi, so invest in 2-3 smart plugs that will help you keep everything in check.

You should never put outlets close to water sources and you need to be extra careful and dry your hands thoroughly before touching anything electrical. Make sure that your kids are protected, use outlet covers, and teach them about the benefits and the dangers of power and electricity.