10 Useful Small Gadgets and Tools Every Kitchen Must Have 2024

How many times have you tried to do something in the kitchen that doesn’t seem to be a difficult task in general, but ended up needing something so ridiculously small like a toothpick or a container cap? Those tiny objects that can assist us perfectly in the moments when we least expect it are always good to have. It might happen that you have never gone to a shop and asked for them, but somehow they always end up somewhere around us.

Therefore, we believe it’s beneficial to give you a hint with some suggestions that you perhaps never thought of before. Convenience does have a price, and the good news here is – the price is usually very low.

1. Self-leveling measuring cups

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We know you probably hate those occasions when you need to mess up several additional dishes in order to measure a certain ingredient, as well as your hands, the whole kitchen countertop, your clothes… basically everything. Certain adorable models of measuring cups have a limiter that makes the amount of flour, sugar or any other powder-like ingredient exactly measured. This will keep your hands clean along with other dishes that would otherwise have to be used.

2. Spaghetti measurer

You know those times when you keep trying to measure a perfect amount of pasta for you and your family members, but end up with much more spaghetti than you wanted? It probably drives you crazy, especially because of the extra pasta that remains and that no one can eat afterwards. Trying to boil not too much and not too little to make a perfect balance, while leftovers are always a mission impossible for you. Having this tiny plastic utensil will make your pasta cooking experience at least 60% better!

3. Stoppers and plugs

These small objects can be of more benefit than almost anything else. This is a type of tool that comes in various shapes and dimensions and is mostly used for closing various types of holes, protecting the pieces of furniture and also for cups imitation. Etolrubber.com produces five different categories of rubber plugs and caps that are convenient for all areas in your home – not only your kitchen. They can seal the tubes, various objects made of glass and make sure your gas or liquid remains in whatever type of container.

4. Flexible cake shapers

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If you want to make a heart-shaped cake for your beloved one’s birthday or perhaps Valentine’s Day, maybe it isn’t necessary to buy a heart-shaped baking tray. What if there’s a small but powerful thing that can serve as a perfect mold for your kids’ balloon-shaped party cake and as a perfectly round mold at the same time? This is exactly where the strength of this tool comes from, as you need only this one instead of all those trays shaped differently. The flexible one looks like an old toy that you can play with – but, what’s even more important, it can help you feed your family and friends with some creatively shaped food!

5. Expandable drawer dividers

We might try to organize our drawers as many times as we want, yet somehow it turns out that there are tiny invisible elves living inside and making a mess out of them. Everything gets mixed up even though we did do our best to make forks and scoops live separate lives. Having this (usually wooden) tool can put the fence between the utensils’ separated cases and make your life easier. The expandability is the cherry on top – you can use them for any drawer size or type.

6. Egg timer

From now on you don’t have to set the alarm clock nor to try and remember when you need to finish boiling your eggs. Your egg timer will lie unnoticed with other eggs and change its color to let you choose if you want your egg yolk hard, medium or softly boiled.

7. Onion holder

Source: kitchenhobby.com

Most dishes contain onion as a base and we all know that it gives a great taste. At times we spend so much time deciding which knife will minimize our onion cutting time, but we end up chopping it with a dull knife instead. And then we mostly get too impatient and end up far from doing it perfectly. This fantastic metal tool cuts with it’s comb-alike needles through the onion itself and holds it tight until you shape your onion cubes the way you imagined it.

8. Knife-sharpening stone

There’s something about having your knives sharpened by your own hands that makes you feel extremely satisfied. It’s easier, faster and cheaper than having to find someone to do it for you and pay for it. And, why in the world would you even do it when you can have a tool made for such ventures in your kitchen, ready for use? As much as it might seem silly, a thing like this is quite necessary as we use many knives daily and they all become dull at times.

9. Garlic peeler

Some groceries truly need some specific skills to get prepared for cooking. Garlic is one of them, as all those healthy ingredients create a certain sticky surface right around the cloves. This slows the peeling down and makes you want to use the powdered one. Well, this doesn’t have to be so any longer. There’s a fantastic garlic peeler that keeps the garlic inside and when you roll it, the peels stick inside the tube-shaped tool. This way, you get ready-for-use cloves out of it. Magic!

10. Foldable cutting board

Source: kitchnguru.com

Remember how cabbage or carrots can get all over the place due to the small grated or cut pieces of it spreading around the dish whenever you try to move them from the cutting board to the dish you want? Well, this has come to an end with the help of foldable cutting boards. When you finish cutting your veggies you can simply fold the ends and create a spatula-alike form that’ll save all small pieces for your meal only.


Necessity is the mother of innovation – and people made so many handy kitchen tools precisely because of this. Maybe one day you or your kids will come up with some new ones that’ll revolutionize their kitchen life too. In the meantime, allow yourself the joy of making your life easier with the existing ones!

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