7 Tools that Everyone Should Have in Their Toolbox – 2024 Guide

Whether or not you are a professional that uses tools for your work, or simply just a hobbyist who likes getting creative once in a while with some woodwork or maybe just a little DIY around the home, there are a number of tools that everyone should own and have readily available in their toolbox.

Even if you are useless when it comes to mending something or even cutting a piece of wood, there is always a moment when you are going to need something such as a hammer or a pair of pliers.

You can pick up a basic toolkit for a very affordable price from most general stores, and they are always useful to have around the house, even if you are only going to use the contents sparingly.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most basic types of tools that everyone should have at home.

1. A set of screwdrivers

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Probably the most basic type of tool, the trusty screwdriver is something that every home should have. There will always be a need to screw or unscrew something, whether it’s a new power cord for your vacuum cleaner, or simply to open the back of one of your child’s toys to replace the batteries, without a set of screwdrivers handy, you are just asking for trouble.

You’ll want a set of screwdrivers that are a mix of both flathead screwdrivers and Phillips. Both are very handy, and you never know which type you are going to need at any moment. The Phillips type is usually the most used of the two, but flathead screwdrivers also have their uses, even for things that are totally unrelated to screwing such as wedging off the lids of tins of paint.

2. A handsaw

There are lots of different types of saw, each with their own uses and used to cut through different materials such as wood, metal and piping. For most sizes of toolbox, a handsaw should easily fit inside, and it is often useful for small jobs around the home.

A wood saw is also useful to have, but it’s size means you’ll have to keep it stored somewhere safe – preferably away from the kids. Some of the other types of popular saws include a chainsaw and a reciprocating saw, which is very useful when you need to break through walls. If you are looking for a good cordless reciprocating saw, then you need to check out the reviews of the various types you can find available.

3. A hammer

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Just as vital to any toolbox is a good hammer. Most hammers you’ll find in household toolboxes are claw hammers, which are practical for a number of uses. From hammering nails into wood, or using for pulling nails out where you use the claw, a good hammer will always come in handy.

The classic type that most people have is the 16 ounce hammer, which is a good weight and sturdy one to use. You’ll also want to get one with a good comfortable handle, with a synthetic one being among the most popular types. A good hammer will have an even distribution of weight, and not just heavy at the head.

4. A tape measure

Again, this is a very useful item to have in your toolkit and one that will generally get a lot of use. Even if you don’t do any type of DIY, a tape measure is very useful, especially if you are considering getting some new furniture for your home or a new carpet fitted.

Whether you want to measure the thickness of your door, or one end of a room to another, without a tape measure, you aren’t going to get much done. Metallic ones are a more durable option, though you’ll need to remember to be careful when retracting them, as some can be pretty fast and you might end up nipping your finger.

5. A pair of pliers

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A good pair of pliers is another important addition to your toolbox, and one that can be used for a variety of needs. Whether you are trying to pull out a nail or screw, and don’t want to use the claw hammer as it might damage the surface, a pair of needle nose pliers is very handy.

They can help you if you need to cut, bend or strip wire, and are an essential tool for many professionals, especially electricians.

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6. A utility knife

A utility or Stanley knife is a vital part of most people’s toolbox, and though might not be one of the most used tools, there will always be a time when it’s needed. Whether you are measuring up and need to cut some templates, or even carpet or floor tiling, a utility knife is going to be vital.

They are very cheap to pick up in stores, and last a long time. It’s always a good idea to pick up a packet of spare blades, as sometimes, you might find that an unused blade may have gone a little blunt or even rusty. Just remember to keep these hidden away out of sight from any kids you may have in the house.

7. An adjustable wrench

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There will always be a use for a good monkey wrench, especially if you need to tackle any plumbing issues around the house. If you are installing a new washing machine, or even just changing the taps in your bathroom, you are going to need one of these to tackle the tough tightening work.

It’s worth picking up a couple of these in different sizes, as you never know where you are going to need it, and having just a single 12 inch one may not be the ideal solution for some work that you might need to do.

Some final thoughts

What you need in your toolkit is really going to depend on the type of work you do or are planning to do. Most households have a well-equipped toolkit that they are reach for whenever there is some basic DIY work that needs doing at home.

A couple of other very useful tools to have at home include a power drill, socket wrench set, and if you do a lot of work with wood, then an electric saw such as a jigsaw is going to make life a lot easier for you than using a hand saw.