Woodworking Projects: Smart Toys for Kids 2024

There is something magical and charming in wooden toys. You can play with them for years without worrying that something would break, unlike plastic or soft toys. This amazing durability and timelessness make wooden toys come back into fashion. And what’s the best? You can make such toys by yourself and thus bring great joy to your children.

According to sawshub.com, you would need a hacksaw, jigsaw, a small table saw, and multi-function sander to get started. You can cut and drill wood on your own, and let your kids do the rest.

If you want to spend quality time with your angels, foster their creativity, and even teach them gratitude, a woodworking project is exactly what you need!

Sounds like fun? Check the list of simple wooden toys you can make with your kids over the weekend:

Wooden Dollhouse

Source: petiteamelie.co.uk

If your kids like playing with dolls and you see their toys all around the house, you might want to consider building a funky home.

Building a wooden dollhouse is not as difficult as it seems. You have to get bricks of different sizes, or if you have the right equipment – cut them out yourself. You will also need to buy paint and two brushes (one large and one small for detailing); a few nails and a piece of cloth will be useful for making curtains on wooden windows.

Let the kids choose their favorite colors and paint each brick carefully. Then arrange the structure and glue each block separately to make sure construction is strong enough.

This exciting project can last for longer than one weekend. If you and your kids like the idea, consider making your own dollhouse furniture! To do that, you will need balsa wood, wood glue, an Exacto knife, and a metal ruler.

Nail String Art

Source: writteningreenletters.blogspot.com

All you need for this woodworking project is a wooden board, a string, and a lot of about 1-inch nails. You can create almost every shape you want, and the fun part is that you can hammer nails in the wood and wrap your string around it.

We won’t recommend giving a hammer to a kid; it’s better to do this work by yourself. However, let your child draw the shape they want on the board. Later, you will use a string to thread it onto the nails and create a beautiful thing from scratch.

Wooden Scooter

Source: little-moustache.be

Give your kids a brand new wooden scooter to encourage them to go outside more often. To make one yourself, prepare a piece of board, metal handle, string, wheels, and wood paint. This is an effortless woodworking project for beginners, so don’t worry about the difficulty level – it’s relatively low.

Attach the wheels to the board with a screwdriver. On one side, place a handle to tie a string to pull the vehicle on the asphalt. Once you do your part, give the children brushes and encourage them to decorate the riding boards.

It would seem that it is just a piece of wood on wheels, but for a child, it is a vehicle that can take them on a great adventure. A wooden “scooter” decorated with flowers or stars has a real chance to replace a bicycle (even if only for a while).

Wooden Cocoa Coasters

Source: woodencoasters.dk

Wooden coasters can be made very quickly. Go to the forest with your family and find some branches. Ideally, it must be a thick branch.

Once you find the right one, use a saw and cut out smooth discs as the basis of the project. Now it’s time for the coolest part – decorating. Each child can decorate the drink coaster in their own way using wood paint and a thin brush that can conjure up the most sophisticated patterns.

You can also have fun while cutting out the templates and using them to paint wood patterns. On such timber coasters, images of forest animals such as deer and foxes will look just amazing!


A craft project is a great way to spend time with your kids. Creating toys can help develop your child’s creativity and teach them gratitude. Once they see how much effort it takes to make toys from scratch, they will definitely be more careful with them.

Moreover, it’s also your chance to get creative and forget about your daily responsibilities at least for a while. Enjoy the process and precious time with your child!