10 Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump Brand 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

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CUSTONEPARTS New High Performance Aftermarket Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit E2157
MUCO New High Performance Aftermarket Universal Electric Intank Fuel Pump with Installation Kit For...
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AUTOTOP New High Performance Aftermarket Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit E2157
DEAL AUTO ELECTRIC PARTS 1pc Brand New Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit For E8229
CUSTONEPARTS New High Performance Aftermarket Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit E2157
MUCO New High Performance Aftermarket Universal Electric Intank Fuel Pump with Installation Kit For...
AUTOTOP New High Performance Aftermarket Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit E2157
DEAL AUTO ELECTRIC PARTS 1pc Brand New Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit For E8229
Best Choice
CUSTONEPARTS New High Performance Aftermarket Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit E2157
CUSTONEPARTS New High Performance Aftermarket Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit E2157
MUCO New High Performance Aftermarket Universal Electric Intank Fuel Pump with Installation Kit For...
MUCO New High Performance Aftermarket Universal Electric Intank Fuel Pump with Installation Kit For...
Don't Miss
AUTOTOP New High Performance Aftermarket Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit E2157
AUTOTOP New High Performance Aftermarket Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit E2157
DEAL AUTO ELECTRIC PARTS 1pc Brand New Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit For E8229
DEAL AUTO ELECTRIC PARTS 1pc Brand New Electric Intank Fuel Pump With Installation Kit For E8229
Which is the best aftermarket fuel pump brand? Availing the best aftermarket fuel pump is necessary for a smooth, noise-free excellent driving experience. Finding the appropriate device is quite tricky because of the different varieties of the products.

The product can be mechanical, electrical, and belt-driven pumps. In order to achieve a higher order of swift movement and flawless driving, you need to gain some intel before getting the super quality fuel pumps.

Professional handling of the fuel pump is also necessary to provide superior quality performance. The location of the fuel pump settings varies based on the type of fuel pump. The performance of the fuel and its life span is dependent on the quality of the fuel used.

To have preconceived knowledge about the different fuel pumps from different brands, this review will provide a comprehensive analysis based on product reviews, customer reviews, and engineering intelligence to reduce the time with refreshing intellect about the aftermarket fuel pumps.

Best Fuel Pump Brands Comparison Table

The technology is sophisticated so that we consider the product from good brands and customer support with the utmost importance.

In our review, we have compiled the top 10 aftermarket fuel pumps, buying consideration, and general frequently asked questions with the final verdict like our previous review of performance chipCold air intake.

Top 10 Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump Brand Reviews

01. Topscope high flow fuel pump

Topscope is one of the finest brands with a long list of products in handling high-quality electric fuel pumps. The fuel pump is an essential part associated with engine performance.

If you want to use a fuel pump in a racing car or a cheap car, all the fuel pumps will not provide the same desired results.

But the top scope fuel pump is a universal fuel pump. To have a high-performance fuel setting, it can support the excessive engine with the high flow as well as will help the lower fuel required drivers.

The flow of the less required fuel can easily compatible with this excellent fuel pump. The pump will take the necessary fuel and sent back the excessive fuel in the fuel tank.

The replacement of a fuel pump is necessary when the engine causes a lot of noise, and the desired fuel is not found. Before purchasing, it is wise to use an amazon part finder solution to find the appropriate match for your vehicle.

The aftermarket fuel pump is different from the original fuel pump, but it will work with the same adaptability. The performance of the fuel pump greatly influenced by the installation kit.

The product comes with excellent kits comprises of stainless-steel clamps, wiring, and hoses. The installation process is very crucial in getting a higher order of performance. So, it is recommended to use professional service to install the fuel pump.


  • This is a universal product compatible with different vehicles
  • Comes with excellent installation kit
  • High-quality durable product
  • Excellent warranty
  • High working pressure handling with superb engineering
  • Long lasting of product lifetime

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02. Dorman driver module for Fuel Pump

With thirty years of experience and commitment to innovative design, Dorman has provided excellent super quality products for a long time. The drive module for the Fuel pump is unique in providing superior quality performance.

The microprocessor-based device will provide excellent quality control for the fuel pump. The microprocessor ensures more fabulous response time and reliable stability.

One of the critical aspects of the fuel pump is it is not the same as the original fuel pump. But this drive ensures the exact matching with some of the renowned brands like Ford, Mazda.

Lincoln and Mercury. To have excellent quality matching, you can verify the matching service from the Amazon part finder service.

The product has a long operating life. The highest quality performance is ensured by the excellent use of rubbers to protect against corrosion and isolations from the metal housing. The product is engineered sophistically to have an optimum life span.

The product is coated with powder coating to protect weather protection also. Moreover, housing is an essential aspect of the fulfillment of a higher-order lifetime span. This excellent product uses aluminum to have proper shelter.

The performance of the fuel pump is dependent very much on the type of fuel used. To have optimal performance, installation is vital. It is recommended to utilize professional service for better performance and safety.


  • Superb matching with the top brands
  • Reliable and excellent control
  • Low response time and stability
  • Weatherproof
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Excellent super quality design

03. AEM Intank Fuel Pump

Modern naturally inspired and forced induction vehicles are moving towards a rapid progression and gaining popularity in current young drivers. To have a safe, sound, and refreshing driving experience, these new generation vehicles require an excellent internal combustion Fuel pump.

AEM E85 is designed with utmost engineering excellence to provide excellent performance with the new trending vehicles. The inherent robust construction can provide excellent super quality performance with low lubricity.

The product can withstand with ethanol fuels ranges up to E100 and also compatible with Methanol up to M100. All kinds of appliances well support the compact diameter. The 39mm diameter suits up with all the leading naturally aspired vehicles.

This product comes in a package with dazzling accessories like wiring harness, clamp, pre-filter, and internal hose. The voltage ranges are from 6v to 12 V, whereas current draws from 12 amp to 15 amp.

Flow capability is the most critical parameter that needs to be considered. The flow capability is dependent on the essential features like the diameter of the full hose and the electrical properties like current and voltage capabilities. The quality of the performance depends on the turbine-like behavior.


  • The product is suitable for naturally inspired and induction driven vehicles
  • The product is optimized at 39mm to be adopted with all kinds of vehicles
  • Comes with excellent packages for higher quality performance
  • The pump is an internal combustion pump
  • The pump is adequately tested and compatible with high pressured methanol and ethanol
  • Each pump is suited with different performance setting dependent on voltage and current capabilities

04. Bosche Inline Universal Fuel Pump

In the year 1967, Bosche produced the first of its find the industry-leading high-pressure electric fuel pump. From then to date, the manufacturer has continued its journey to provide industry-leading latest cutting edge technologies.

To avail of a higher order of flexibility and universal applications, the company has done tremendous research and development. The construction of the product can have three essential sections, like the pump section. Motor section and end cap.

Precision, the spin balanced armature has an excellent revolution for speed higher order of performance with reduced noise. Polymer encasing is ideally suited for protection from different corrosion. The impeller ring suitably eliminates pulsating of fuel by 47, evenly placed blades.

Premium carbon brushes ensure steady-state performance for direct contact for longer smooth service life.  Noise suppression coil suitably reduces RF signal interference.

The product has excellent warranty features. One of the critical elements of the product is compatible with different power settings. To have superior performance, the merchandise ensures all the required excellent features. The product is suitably fit with all the leading vehicle manufacturers.

The Bosche brand is enough to ensure quality and monolithic design. The durability is well maintained. The first casing is designed in such a way that it can protect from different kinds of corrosion, mainly due to the environmental effect.


  • Comes with the superior turbine to handle pulsating
  • Excellent protection from corrosion
  • Stability is ensured with Brush contact
  • Excellent warranty
  • Reduce RF interferences
  • Compatible with most kind of vehicles
  • High-pressure electric pump

05. Holley electric pump with regulator

Holley is one of the industry-leading company comes with different types of fuel pumps. They offer both mechanical and electrical fuel pumps with excellent performance. The company has some brilliantly designed, both internal and external fuel pump.

The electric pump has different varieties based on the fuel flow. This pump maintains flow at 110 GPH. This pump is ideally suited for street applications.

One of the critical aspects of the shoe is it is not compatible with methanol or any alcohol. This alcohol mixing can cause severe problems with the pump.

The pump is packed with repair tools. The pump can be serviced from both the pump end and the brush end. One of the most critical aspects of the shoe is the energy-efficient nature of the shoe.

The pump can readily accept only 3A current. Lower housing casting is used for the different enhanced forced flow.


  • Excellent tumble polished look
  • The current drawing of the motor is only 3A
  • No compatibility with methanol or aby alcohol
  • The product is designed suitably to use in street/ strip conditions
  • Free flow at 110 GPH
  • Provides excellent fuel flow with very limited pulsations

06. Airdog Lift Raptor Fuel Pump

This fuel pump is designed for a high-performance truck. To achieve higher performance, the fuel pump is suitable for a higher flow rate. The fuel flow rate is 100 Gallon per hour. The design of the shoe is son immaculate that the pump is easily replaceable with the factory pump.

It is well suited after the replacement. The installation process is swift and easy. With professional help, you can replace the fuel pump with easy installation for better usage. This model is suitable for the bracket for better usage.

This pump is a consistent and controllable virtue of pressure regulator. To harness the highest order of fuel capability and efficient use of the fuel, this fuel pump is designed with the utmost professionalism and great care.

For better handling of aftermarket one, this fuel pump is designed for this purpose. The product is made to fit with the banjo setting of the inner side and excellent fitting with the outside of the shoe.

The 100 GPH pump is designed for the final installation. The product is made with excellent adaptation so that it can handle rapid movement and higher fuel usage.


  • The flow rate of the pump is 100 GPH
  • The installation process is simpler
  • It takes only 30 minutes to install
  • The pump is easily mounted with the bracket
  • Moderate warranty and usage

07. Custoneparts Aftermarket Electric InTake Fuel Pump

This aftermarket electric pump is an excellent addition to automobile accessories. The fuel pump is designed to produce a fuel flow rate from 140 to 160 Liter per hour flow rate. To attend a higher order of flow rate, the product is ultra-durable.

To maintain higher durability and excellent performance, the product is made of more top quality industry-leading quality materials. All the contents are OE standard, which reflects their ability to have unique adequate synergy to produce a better result in product manufacturing.

Besides the highest quality material, the product is shipped with all the necessary accessories. The installation kit comes with different accessories like a rubber tube, filter, clamp, and others. The package also provides the wiring.

The product is packed in brand new conditions, and the product is never used or reused. That is why it is essential to check the product before installation.

This high-quality product is manufactured in industry-leading facilities. The facilities are widely recognized by different industry standards like ISO 9000, 9001 and 9002.

This excellent quality facilities and good engineering background are the key ingredients for better quality control. The quality control has never been compromised, which ensures the highest quality product for your automobiles.

The manufacturer provides a limited warranty if a manufacturing defect is found.


  • The fuel rate is 140 to 160 LPH
  • The product has a brilliant quality installation kit
  • The product can be installed very easily
  • The materials are all OE standard
  • The products are produced in high-quality facilities
  • The product has limited warranty facilities

08. MUCO 255LPH Intank Electric Fuel Pump

This pump is designed with immaculate appropriate design considerations. The product is developed as a universal fuel pump to accommodate different kinds of vehicles.

The range of the matched vehicles of different automobile brands is fantastic. To have the highest quality standard, the product is manufactured with various industry-standard materials. The materials are all OE standards.

Unlike many other fuel pumps, this fuel pump is also packaged in a Brand new category. The product will enhance the design compatibility so that it can connect with all the global brands of products. To have superior performance, no reused products are used.

To have superior performance, the product comes with adequate accessories like a filter, rubber pump, and different wiring solution.

The manufacturer is very cautious and also maintains the highest quality standards to provide high-quality accessories. This installation kit is excellent for a higher degree of flexibility.

The product has long endurance and lifetime. The product is made of carbons, which eventually enhance the lifetime of the products. To have superior performance, the product is manufactured with the highest quality facilities.

To have excellent performance, this product comes with a complete package. The product is suitable for a high-speed card due to its excellent flow rate of 255 LPH. This is quite high compared to other different vehicles.


  • Super high-quality fuel flow at 255 LPH
  • The product comes with an excellent installation kit
  • The product is durable and maintains a healthy lifetime
  • High-quality OE standard product is used for better quality designs
  • Carbon brush and commutator to have a long life
  • Reasonable warranty and excellent after-sales service

09. Aeromotive In-tank Stealth-In Fuel Pump

Aeromative Inc. is one of the prominent manufacturers in the fuel handling business. The clean design and vast experience in the Fuel and fuel handling system produce excellent products for three generations, and the product is fantastic in features and capability.

The performance of the fuel systems has reached its peak for an extended period. The product is ideally suited for EFI applications.

The high output inlet fuel pumps are suitable to use as an electric pump with many automobile manufacturers. The pump is so compact that it can accommodate every set of reliable fuel systems.

One of the key advantages of the pump is it produces more than 30% more fuel flow than its contemporary manufacturers. This high air flow is the main difference in the shoe than other vehicles.

This excellent airflow is suitable for high-speed driving. To have a higher quality fuel flow, the design is compact, robust, and efficient. The 340 is ideally suited for turbo and supercharged applications.

The pump comes with the basic installation kit with appropriate features. The product comes with a turbine that produces higher mechanical energy and durability and widely used in different applications.


  • The product produces 30 percent more fuel flow
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories like a hose, rubber tube, etc.
  • It only can be used for intake use only
  • Can only be employed with carbureted or EFI applications only
  • Turbine pump provides excellent mechanical durability

10. Custoneparts New Electric Intake Intank Fuel Pump for Gas Engines

Like other custom parts products, this fuel pump is ideally suited for high airflow applications. The fuel flow of the product is stunning 255 LPH. The product is ideally suited for Intank use only.

The pump is also electric, especially suited for Gas Engines.  Brands like Mazda, Ford are compatible with this excellent fuel Pump.

One of the key features is the pump comes with all the necessary installation kit. The accessories are strainer, rubber pump, and hose. Necessary compliant wiring is also included in the package. To have a higher order of durability, the product is made with excellent materials.

All the materials are OE standards. To have higher quality flexibility, efficient use, and a long lifetime, the product does not have common material made brushes and commutators. The carbon brushes and commutator ideally increase the durability and life span of the product.

The company provides excellent warranty and replacement support based on the necessary arrangements.


  • The product is suitable with a range of vehicles
  • The fuel flow is excellent 255 LPH
  • The product comes with a great package with necessary wiring and accessories
  • The product has an outstanding warranty and replacement facilities
  • The materials are OE standard
  • The products are long durable and extensive long-lived

Buying Considerations of Aftermarket Fuel Pump

Other than these ten products, there are a lot of products with attractive features. Most of the products are well suited, but the only price should not be the only considerations.

We have accumulated some of the key elements which you need to address before making your purchasing difference.

To have the highest quality performance from your desired product, we try to encourage you to consider these critical considerations before making any purchase. The reviews are as follows –

Type of Fuel Pump

There are various types of fuel pumps that are widely used based on the performance, location of the fuel pumps used, and of course, in the kind of fuel used for multiple purposes.

Based on the technology used, we can divide the shoes into three categories- mechanical pumps, electric pumps, and belt-driven EFI pumps.

Mechanical pumps are specially used for natural aspirants and carbureted combined. The fuel pump used a diaphragm to a large extent to have the desired performances.

The design of the pump is straightforward but effective. The camshaft of the vehicle is connected to another end of the liver to actuate the desired performance. This fuel pump does not require any controller to have consistent and control behavior.

The electric fuel pumps are widely used in high-speed applications. This fuel pump requires a low electrical current but needs a controller for extensive usage. To have a higher flow rate, the electrical pump can be used at a high-performance EFI setup.

The electric pump can widely use both as in-tank or outside the fuel system. The usually electric fuel pumps can be used for excellent performance in higher-order use of rotor vanes.

Another widely used fuel pump is Belt driven engine mounted fuel pump. This pump is suitable for 3000 horsepower applications. But for regular use, it will not provide adequate performance as per cost.

Fuel Pump Locations

Based on the fuel pump installation location, the pump can be varied. Most of the mechanical pumps are engine mounted pumps.

These pumps are ideally suited for carbureted Vets and mixed with fuel outside of the fuel system. Electrical fuel pumps can widely be used for both in-tank and near of the fuel systems.

To have a different flow rate, the consistency of the high flow rate is managed with an excellent control system. The brush and armature life can be extended by the application of In-Tank Configurations by the use of original materials.

On the other hand, an engine mounted belt driven EFI system is placed outside of the fuel system. It is placed between the rear end of the fuel system and carburetor locations.

Fuel Flow

Fuel flow is one of the main parameters for selecting any fuel pump. The fuel flow units varied for an electric and mechanical pump. In a mechanical fuel pump, the flow of fuel is measured by Gallon per hour, whereas for the electric fuel pump, the unit is Liter per hour.

Based on the unit, we can quickly identify the type of vehicle support. The electric fuel pump can produce more fuel flow so that the controller to adjust, But for a mechanical pump, the pump always maintains consistent fuel so that no control system is required.

Fuel Pressure

Fuel pressure is also a significant feature in handling fuel. It is always rated at a gallon per hour and liter per hour at different psi. The fuel pressure determines the usage of different kinds of filters and accessories for better performance. The electric pump installation locations depend on the fuel pressure.

Different kinds of fuel will produce a different type of fuel pressure. Based on the fuel, fuel pumps are also integrated into the vehicles. Sometimes some fuel pumps can support specific fuel. It can work with non-designated fuel but wears very sharply. The durability of the fuel pump depends on the fuel pressure

Type of materials used

It is imperative to consider the type of materials used. Because, based on the materials used, the durability of the product can be ensured. Some of the critical products guarantee the deposition of carbons on the brushes and the armatures.

These features provide the long durability of the products. To have proper standard materials, the OE standard is critical in determining the quality of the materials used.

Installation kits

One of the key features is the package of accessories in the installation kits. Most of the accessories include the rubber kit, filter, hose, and wiring. The wirings are very important.

Because the energy produced by the electric pump transfers through the wiring. Based on the cabling used, the pump will work to the optimum performances.

To have the highest quality performance and more straightforward installation process, the accessories have an essential rule to play. To have the highest order of efficiency, these accessories are a must.

All the reputed brands maintain the highest quality available to provide a smooth installation process. Professional installation is always recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Fuel Pump

1. Is it possible for a fuel pump to produce enough pressure in faulty conditions?

Yes, a pump can produce enough pressure in faulty conditions. Most importantly, it has some analogy with the battery. With a defective battery, the battery can produce voltage but not enough current to support.

Similarly, the pump cannot make sufficient flow, but the pressure is maintained. That is why for fuel pump, the volume of fuel is often measured for excellent conditions.

2. Why are the right materials essential?

The durability and lifetime of the pump are very much dependent on the materials used. Carbon brushes often used for higher strength and lifetime. Most of the good brands use OS standard equipment to have optimum performance.

3. What are the best ways to evaluate the performance of the Fuel pump?

There are different tests to evaluate the performance of the pumps. Pressure and volume tests are widely used. But these tests are not conclusive to assess the performance of a fuel pump. For a worn commutator bar on the armature, the result will give false indications.

That is why the Lab test will give more optimum results. By analyzing the performance of the waveform of the fuel pump, better results can be achieved. Any spikes will make the proper indication of the shoe. To have the highest quality performance, Lab scope will provide a more suitable diagnosis.

4. Is it possible for a pump to a cold start?

Yes, it is possible to have a cold start. At lower temperature, the pump will have higher resistance. So that at a lower temperature, it will have some problems to start.

5. Is it always required to remove the fuel tank to replace the in-tank fuel pump?

No, it is not always required to remove the fuel tank. Some of the systems have panels that can be used for removing operations.

6. How does the installation process take time?

One of the most essential features of the fuel pump is the installation of a fuel pump. Usually, the fuel pump will take 30 minutes to install. This fuel pump will require professional support to install. For better performance and safety, professional help is recommended.


To find a smooth driving experience, people are focused on having the optimal fuel pumps. The performance of fuel pumps significantly hampers driving experience and performance. People are in the quest for the best fuel pump.

Finding the best quality fuel pump depends not only on the cost but also depend on some other qualities. Some necessary technical attributes will determine the purchase process. One of the significant features is the brand name.

Some of the best brands are maintaining a long-enriched history in developing fuel handling systems and accessories.

Brands like Bosch are serving the industry for almost fifty years. The technology of the fuel handling systems is outstanding and excellent by all of our listed reviewed products.

Another critical aspect of the fuel pump is the durability and lifetime of the product. To have the highest quality performance, the fuel pump needs protection against wear and tear.

Some of the good brands also use carbon brushes and commutator instead of regular brushes. Brush loss is a critical feature you need to consider for an electric pump. Electric Pump is widely used compared to the mechanical pump.

The size of the fuel pump also ensures the performance of the driving experience of different vehicles. Some of the shoes are universal, whereas some of the shoes are designed specifically.

We hope these comprehensive reviews are suitable for you to have better usage and purchase.

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