12 Best Small Block Chevy Fuel Injection Kits 2024 – Reduce Fuel Consumption

Fuel Injectors will improve the power and performance of your small-block Chevy and will lower the fuel consumption of your car.

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Owning a small block chevy means having a vehicle with a lightweight engine that offers better acceleration and easy handling. However, having a small block Chevy with a carburetor engine means spending hours each morning struggling to bring the vehicle to life and suffering through all the regular maintenance they require.

Do yourself a favor and mount a fuel injector kit to the engine of your small block chevy and shift it from the carburetor. It is cost-effective and requires less maintenance, but it provides the vehicle with a higher amount of power and torque compared to a carbureted one while reducing the fuel consumption of the car.

Best Small Block Chevy Fuel Injection Kits

This kind of investment is heavy on the pocket, which is why you should do your research before spending your money on a model. I tested a few fuel injection kits for small block Chevys and found these 7 the best in the market. This article has detailed reviews of each fuel injection kit along with a buying guide that will help you find the one best suited for your vehicle.

1. Holley 550-511K Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Master Kit

Holley 550-511K Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Master Kit

There is no other brand in the market that does it as well as Holley; from fuel injection kits to fuel pumps, they cover everything. What puts them apart is that their product is always up to par, and this model of fuel injection kit upholds that legacy. From construction to functionality, everything is top-notch.

Firstly, it has been constructed with cast aluminum which gives the body many benefits such as high strength and durability that is topped off with a sleek finish. Along with that, it is also quite cost-effective, so it is a complete win-win. For carburetor vehicles, this model is an amazing choice. The ECU can easily be mounted externally, which further adds to the effortless installation process.

This package has everything that you will need for easy installation and conversion of your engine from carburetor to EFI. Once you have installed and have this beast mounted on your engine, it will support 650 HP. The 8 injector version supports up to 1250 HP. The power of your car will increase immensely. Along with that, while mounting the model to my car, I noticed that the ring design of the unit hosts the enclosed injectors hence offering more protection to them.

  • Cast aluminum body
  • Supports up to 650 HP
  • Highly durable
  • Kit includes all parts needed for mounting
  • Protected injectors
  • Installation may be difficult for beginners


This model is a perfect fit for anyone who owns a small block chevy and wants to shift their vehicle to EFI from carburetors. The kit comes with an economical price tag and contains every part and tool that you will need to install it effortlessly on your vehicle.

2. FITECH 30003 Go Street EFI Cast Finish

FITECH 30003 Go Street EFI Cast Finish

This product will improve the power of your small block Chevy and will make sure that it runs smoothly on the road. If you want a simple yet sturdy and durable fuel injection kit for your Chevy, then look no further; this is the one for you.

All the components and parts are tucked safely inside an aluminum body that offers protection to the machine and keeps it light in weight. Strength and durability are some other perks that join the game due to its aluminum body.

Other features include a built-in pressure regulator, fan control, and 4 flow injectors. Altogether, this model will make sure your small-block vehicle delivers the best performance while staying budget-friendly. Its annular discharge design helps in better atomization of fuel, which improves throttle response and fuel economy.

The model is capable of handling up to 400 HP, which makes it perfect for small-block Chevys. Once the machine is installed on the vehicle, it starts up in a matter of seconds. No more spending hours trying to start your car every morning. Not only does it start quickly, but it will also run smoothly without creating any noise.

  • Affordable
  • Aluminum throttle construction
  • Supports 400 HP
  • Annular discharge design
  • 4 flow injectors
  • Installation requires few extra parts


This model is a good investment to bring your old vehicle back to life and make it run on the road for hours.

It gives a good amount of power at an affordable price. The only downside with this model is that the installation requires few parts that need to be bought separately.

3. Fitech Fuel Injection EFI System Master Kit – 31003

Fitech Fuel Injection EFI System Master Kit - 31003

Fitech has joined the game of the best small block chevy fuel injection kits, and they are here to win with this user-friendly model. Firstly, the throttle has a sleek and gleaming exterior due to the die-cast construction. The die-cast metal construction of the throttle body also makes it stronger yet keeps it light in weight.

If we move to the rest of the features of this boy, it is equipped with EZ tach input which is capable of catching tach signals from ignitions of many brands. Some of the brands are Coil, HEI, MSD/CDI. The kit includes EFI grade 255 L/PH inline external fuel pump. This fuel pump is perfect for engines that go up to 600 HP.

Along with that, the best part of this model of fuel injection kit is that it arrives pre-programmed with Bolt-n-Go technology. You do not even need to program the machine, just install it in the fuel tank of your vehicle’s engine and let it take care of the rest. The kit also comes bearing an EFI-grade fuel hose which is 40 feet long, perfect for the fuel lines between the engine and the fuel tank.

  • Diecast metal construction
  • Arrives pre-programmed
  • Supports up to 600 HP
  • Catches tach signals from many ignitions
  • 40 feet long fuel hose
  • Easy installation
  • Kit does not have timing control


This model has everything from the diecast metal body of the throttle to the high-power supporting fuel pump. It does not even cost an arm and a leg which makes it perfect for all those people out there who have been considering making a switch from carburetors to fuel injection.

4. FAST 30227-06KIT Injection Kit

FAST 30227-06KIT Injection Kit

What puts this small block Chevy’s fuel injection kit apart from other models is the fact that it is capable of working with all types of ignition setups. It is perfect for engines that make up to 650 HP. Once you have this fuel injection kit installed on your vehicle, you will no longer need to wait every morning while your car warms up; simply start the ignition, and off you go.

The entire kit is quite light in weight and can be installed on the engine very easily, even if you are a novice. However, do not underestimate its quality and functionality due to its lightweight. Cast aluminum has been used in the construction of the throttle body. The aluminum construction has been topped off with a black powder coating that further adds to the body’s durability.

The LED indicator that comes in the kit has a simple design. I only needed to answer a few simple questions when I was hooking the system to the engine, and voila! The screen will also alarm you if there is an issue, such as overheating. The integrated fuel rails of this model provide an even distribution of fuel and better airflow. Lastly, the upgraded ECU hardware of this model keeps the electrical and ignition noises at bay.

  • Cast aluminum throttle
  • Powder coating
  • Perfect for up to 650 HP
  • Kit includes all necessary parts
  • Comparatively a bit expensive


Each feature of this model makes it capable of providing you with a fuss and hassle-free ride in your car. The high-quality throttle body will retain its shape even after years of use. The integrated fuel rails make sure the fuel is distributed evenly, and the easy-to-use LED system lets you hook the machine to your vehicle easily.

5. Holley Sniper Polished EFI Fuel Injection Master Kit 550-510K

Holley Sniper Polished EFI Fuel Injection Master Kit 550-510K

Holley really rules the automotive world with their handy and innovative products that are made with the sole purpose of ensuring the comfort of their users. This model of fuel injection kit for small block chevy is no different than the rest of their creations. The throttle body has been constructed with high-grade aluminum that provides it with strength and durability.

This kit has every part and component that you will need to switch your car’s engine from carburetor to EFI. It comes with a 40 feet fuel hose of ⅜ in. diameter, an in-line fuel pump that is capable of supporting up to 650 HP, bulkhead fitting, and fuel filters. It also has four 100 pounds per hour injectors. Another good quality is that you do not need a laptop to get it to work. All you need to do is answer a few questions on the ECU, and it will start running on its own.

This model fits 4150 flange and spread bore manifolds. It is also equipped with a built-in fuel pressure regulator, which does the job exceptionally, so you will not need to add an external fuel pressure regulator manually. The feature that I found the best of all is the ignition timer control which is important for an engine to perform really well!

  • Aluminum throttle body
  • Supports up to 650 HP
  • Built-in pressure regulator
  • Ignition timer control
  • Four injectors
  • Comparatively expensive


Even though this model of fuel injection kit costs more than others available in the market, it is equipped with features that make it worth the money. Installing this on your car’s engine will let you enjoy a smooth, hassle-free ride every day.

6. MSD Ignition 2900 Atomic EFI Master Kit

MSD Ignition 2900 Atomic EFI Master Kit

This model will help you with all your engine distresses, with its nifty features. First of all, the best feature of this model is that it does not come with a hundred different wires that need to be plugged in multiple parts. It only has a few wires that you need to plug into the engine in order to get this boy attached to your vehicle.

It is equipped with an advanced self-learning system that has one job, which is the constant inspection of your engine’s condition. This feature sees to it that your vehicle’s engine stays in optimal conditions at all times, and when there is trouble, it will alarm you through the help of the monitor. I found this feature really handy as after installing it to my vehicle, it gave me complete data, which helped me understand the engine’s condition.

The throttle body has been constructed with aluminum that gives it strength and a gleaming silver finish. You can easily mount this fuel injection kit to your small-block Chevy if its engine produces up to 525 HP. More items accompanying the fuel pump include a fuel filter, a power module with a wideband oxygen sensor, and a rubber fuel line that is 15 ft long and ⅜ in. diameter.

  • Easy installation
  • Aluminum throttle body
  • Advanced self-learning system
  • Supports up to 525 HP
  • No extra parts needed for installation
  • Expensive


This model costs a bit more than its competitors, but you will not require any extra parts to install this to your engine. Along with that, it has nifty and handy features packed in a small body constructed with aluminum, which makes it worth the money.

7. FiTech Easy Street EFI System – 30005

FiTech Easy Street EFI System - 30005

This model has every feature and technology required to make a small block chevy run smoothly, accumulated in a small, lightweight body. The throttle body has been constructed with cast aluminum that makes it strong and durable. The gold finish tops off the sturdy construction and gives a gleaming exterior.

There is more to this beast than a sturdy and shiny exterior; it is capable of supporting up to 600 HP. The design includes four 80 lb flow-matched injectors that are supported by a one-year warranty. Along with that, it has an annular discharge design that provides a more efficient flow of fuel, improving the vehicle’s overall performance.

Along with these features, there is also a built-in fuel pressure regulator that delivers more fuel to the engine when the vehicle’s system needs it. All these features ensure that you can run your car smoothly on the road for hours. The best part about this model is that it arrives pre-programmed and is ready to be used right out of the box.

  • Affordable
  • Strong aluminum throttle
  • Supports up to 600 HP
  • Arrives pre-programedm
  • Built-in pressure regulator
  • Annular discharge design
  • Box lacks clear instructions


Go for this model of fuel injections kit if you own a small block chevy that gives you a hard time while warming up each morning. This fuel injection kit will make sure your vehicle runs smoothly with its high horsepower, annular discharge, and pressure regulator.

Buying Guide

Best Small Block Chevy Fuel Injection Kits

Owning a small block Chevy with a carburetor engine means spending at least ten minutes each morning waiting for the car’s engine to warm up and dealing with a sputtering engine while driving. Along with that, you have to deal with adjusting the carburetors every now and then to make sure they do not end up dying. Fuel injection kits eliminate all this extra work by doing the job independently. It solely works on calculations provided by the ECU.

Now that you have read detailed reviews of each of the best fuel injection kits for small-block Chevy, now you need to know which qualities and features make or break a deal. I found these few factors the most helpful when I was searching for a model of fuel injection kit to switch my car’s engine from carburetor to EFI.

Fuel Pump Capacity

Every model of fuel injection kit comes equipped with a fuel pump that latches onto your car’s engine. There are many types of fuel pumps available, each with its own power capacity that is calculated in terms of horsepower. If your vehicle’s engine produces 550 horsepower, then a fuel pump with 400 horsepower capacity will be useless to you.

This is the most crucial factor that may lead to either you purchasing the perfect model of fuel injection kit or ending up with the wrong model and all your money going down the drain. Find out the horsepower that your engine produces, and then get your hands on a model that supports that certain amount of horsepower.

Throttle Body

The throttle body carries and hosts all the injectors, sensors and throttle position sensors, and all the computer sensors that are needed for fuel injection. It is basically the heart of the fuel injection kit. Hence, it is crucial that the throttle body must be of top-notch construction.

Mostly cast aluminum or diecast metal is used to construct throttle body as they both give a high amount of strength and durability to the body, two of the most crucial features. There are some models out there with plastic throttle bodies; stay away from them.

Best Small Block Chevy Fuel Injection Kits
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Number Of Injectors

There are different types of kits available in the market. There are single-point injectors that have a single injector attached to the throttle body. The other type is multipoint, which, as the name indicates, has more than one injector mounted at the throttle. Both of these types work really well, but you need to figure out which type suits your engine the best before you spend any bucks.

Kit Should Be Complete

Most fuel injection kits arrive with all the parts that are required to latch the machine to your car’s engine. However, some fuel injection kits lack a few parts. Then those parts need to be purchased separately in order to get your machine to work efficiently. This results in you spending a large sum of money. Always check whether the kit is complete or lacks a few components.

Pre-Programmed System

This factor may not seem like a big deal to some people, some may even overlook it completely, but this is quite important, especially if you are searching for a model that will be easy to install. Most of the models of fuel injection kits do not arrive pre-programmed. This feature is not exactly a deal-breaker, especially if you are a professional.

However, it will be a source of headache for a novice to mount the machine to your car and then do all the programming to get it to work. If you are someone who has never worked with cars, then spend your money on a kit that arrives pre-programmed so that installing it won’t be a source of headache.


Every person out there who needs extra power from their small-block chevy needs to shift their vehicle to EFI from carburetors. It will improve your small-block Chevy’s performance and get rid of all the sputtering noises that the car makes while on the road, giving you a smooth ride. If you still have not made up your mind about which model to purchase, here are our top recommendations.

Holley 550-511K Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Master Kit has an aluminum throttle body and supports a high amount of HP.

FITECH 30003 Go Street EFI Cast Finish brings user-friendly features at an affordable price.

FAST 30227-06KIT Injection Kit a complete fuel injection kit that supports up to 650 HP.

If these weren’t enough, check out these small block chevy fuel injection kits from Amazon also: