How To Pass Driving Test First Time | 2024 Tips & Tricks

How to pass driving test first time? The day of your driving test is around the corner, you seem disturbed not knowing what might eventually happen. Yes, having such feeling is normal, nerves are expected.

Even with the associated tension and nerves, you can still calm those nerves and get rid of your fear. All it takes is giving it your all- being fully prepared.

You can get rid of your fear and calm those nerves associated with driving tests by simply adopting the following driving test tips. When you follow our tips, success is guaranteed even if it is your first attempt.

When the big day arrives, be rest assured that the following tips will ensure you keep calm and optimistic as you go through your driving test.

The Steps You Should Follow To Pass Driving Test For The First Time

01. Get there as soon as possible

Why would you even think of arriving at the location late? To kick-start your day on a better note, it is important you arrive at the location as early as you can.

If you arrive at the test center late, it is most likely that you miss out on the test. Good enough, if you are lucky to still catch up with the test, there is a high probability that you will feel nervous which may affect your performance during the period of the test.

Ensure you get to the test center 15 to 25 minutes before the commencement of the test. This ensures you have some time to get prepared and you won’t hang around for a long time.

02. Have a driving lesson before your driving test

If you can, it is advised that you go through a driving lesson on the morning of your driving test. With this, you can go over those tricks or drills. This provides you with an opportunity to ask questions you need answers to.

When you undergo a lesson prior to your test, it increases your level of confidence by calming your nerves. Also, ensure you are consistent with your driving lessons before the day of the test.

03. Make sure you leave the house with the needed materials and documents

Make sure you get everything you need for your test ready a day earlier. There have been instances where candidates were prevented from undergoing the test on the scheduled date as a result of leaving behind or not coming with the needed documents.

Apart from ensuring your documents are up to date, your car must also be ready for the task. Ensure your car is well equipped to meet the standard of the test.

04. Consider the use of the car you are comfortable with for the test

Ensure you take your driving test in a car you are so familiar with and also comfortable in. Make sure whatever car you choose to take your test with has extra mirrors that test cars are expected to have.

Taking your driving test with a car you are comfortable in ensures you do not have a problem when it is time for the Show Me, Tell Me section.

To have a better understanding of the controls of your preferred car for the test, make sure you speak to your lesson instructor to tell you about the functions of each control, and also, the mechanics of the car until you are convinced and satisfied.

When you know the functions of the controls and the mechanics of the car, it ensures you start your driving test feeling confident and ready to conquer the road.

05. To feel encouraged, you can go with your instructor, family member, or a friend

Going with extra eyes is just an option. This option ensures you have someone you are so comfortable with around you during the test.

Also, at the end of your driving test, you are assured of getting the needed feedback about your performance- either good or bad. While going with another pair of eyes, ensure such an individual you have picked to go with you is above 16 years of age.

06. Don’t be timid: There is no crime in asking your examiner to repeat if the need be

If you miss out on a word during your test, don’t be timid, gently ask your examiner to repeat the misplaced words or instruction. If you remain or act timid, it is predicted that you will lose concentration and commit some errors.

07. Don’t be too fast to judge or conclude

Never assume to have failed as a result of or an error committed during the test. If you make a mistake, move on and don’t dwell on it.

No matter how faint it looks, do not resolve into thinking about failure. Interestingly, the driving test makes room for up to 15 minors. So do not dwell on your mistakes. All you need is to assume you will come out a winner at the end of the day.

08. Pick your preferred location for your driving test

You can go ahead to compare driving centers in the busy areas or cities with that of the rural areas. In the congested areas, the roads are always busy and the roundabouts are very complicated when compared to the rural areas. The rural areas have little or nothing to fuss about.

It advisable that while picking a driving test center, make sure you go through the success rates of the available centers in your area.

Taking your test in an area with an impressive success record should never be seen or perceived as cheating. But while doing this, ensure you look beyond the period of the test.

Ask yourself some sincere questions about the credibility of any center you choose. Ensure your preferred center offers you the needed satisfaction and prepares you beyond the driving test.

09. Familiarize yourself with your test routes

Although you can’t know the actual road you would be asked to take on the day of your test, but that doesn’t mean you can’t familiarize yourself with the routes or roads around your selected or preferred test center. Ensure you drive on several roads beforehand.

Yes, the driving test is always loaded with a lot of surprises. So ensure you make use of the major roads, the minor roads, the dual carriageways, and the country lanes while undergoing your practice.

10. Check the mirror regularly

For the majority of people who take the driving test, the minor faults that arise during their tests are always a result of not paying necessary attention to details.

During your test, observation is key. Whenever you are setting off, moving closer to hazard, moving across the road and switching between gears, ensure you check through the mirror.

When checking the mirror, ensure you do that by moving your head. Checking the mirror with a fast glance is considered inappropriate.

11. Pick the right time for your test

Your test should be taken when you have a free mind- when you have nothing troubling your mind. To come out on top in your driving test, ensure you only take your test when you can give it your full attention.

12. Drive-in diverse conditions

Do not get comfortable driving just under one condition. Ensure you practice both in the rain and under the sun. While trying to get yourself accustomed to different conditions, ensure you stay away from troubles when you see one.

Do not get off the road or discontinue your practice when the road is unclear and dark. This ensures you do not become fearful when the weather takes an unexpected turn on you.

13. Listen to your instructor at all times

At the end of all lessons, ensure you listen to what your instructor has to say. Your instructor knows your strengths and your weaknesses. Talking about your weakness, your instructor will ensure you focus on those areas during training.

Your instructor stands in the position to tell you if you are really ready to take your test. Whenever your instructor certifies you okay for your test, all you have to do is believe in yourself.