When Driving in The Rain, Fog or Smoke in The Daytime Follow These Tips 2024

We can’t control the weather. No matter where we are unexpected, weather conditions might occur naturally. In some instances, especially when driving, there is a chance that you might encounter a natural phenomenon where the road is cover in thick fog.

Although you are an experienced driver driving for a long time but driving in fog really hard even dangerous, it may cause an accident.

This natural phenomenon causes major incidents and even death each year.

If you find yourself in this scary situation, bear in mind these useful tips while driving in the fog. Driving can be more difficult if you’re traveling or driving in a foggy condition.

Driving Tips in The Fog

01. Check first the weather condition

Before you go on a long trip, make sure first to check the weather condition through the news or weather application for you to know and prepare if there is foggy weather.

If you happen to be driving and encounter fog along the way, drive slowly to avoid an accident.

If possible, avoid driving during this condition. Whenever you’re watching the news on the weather forecast, you must be familiar with fog advisories issued by local, national weather service in your country.

Freezing Fog Advisory is issued by some local weather office in your locality. Freezing fog develops below the freezing point.

Tiny liquid droplets in the fog can make freezing the road surface including car glass, window surface.

This condition makes your driving more difficult and dangerous, so be careful. When dense fog widespread local weather service issues advice in dense fog situations to avoid the problem in driving.

When this happens to be careful in driving, dense fog can make your driving difficult.


02. Maintain proper distance

In every driving situation, this rule must always be observed. Driving is a dangerous thing, and you will be in a critical situation, especially during foggy weather.

Keep and maintain a proper distance from the car in front of you to reduce the risk of any accidents. Don’t rush or speed up in driving to escape in the fog.

04. Slow down in driving

Driving in a foggy condition is a hard thing. That’s why if you’re in this situation drive slowly and reduce your speed while driving.

Driving slowly can give you more time to react if there is any traffic ahead or hazard appears.

Maintain a speed of 50 km/h or less when you’re driving in foggy condition. Doing this will decrease the chances of an accident. If the fog seems to be clearing away, don’t speed up and maintain a proper speed limit.

05. Stay alert and focus while driving

In driving, it is necessary to stay focus and alert all the time. To have a safe trip, make sure to turn off your radio. Avoid also having a conversation with other passengers or talking someone on the phone.

Your attention should always be on the road, especially in foggy conditions. You can also slightly open your car window for you to be aware and hear great sounds on the road.

06. Do not change lane

As the visibility goes down during foggy conditions, do not attempt to change lane or switch lane.

It is better for you while driving to stay inside the lane. Don’t rush, bear in mind that you’re not the only one driving in the road.

07. Use lights with Low Beams

Using high beam light during foggy conditions will significantly decrease your visibility in the road.

Yes, headlights with high beam increase your visibility in some situations but not in foggy conditions.

The stronger the beam will make it difficult and hard for you to drive in fog wherein the beams reflect off the water particles in the fog, making it denser and reduce your visibility.

Today many manufactured cars are equipped with special fog light or fog lamps. Using low beam light can help you and other drivers to see you.

08. Pullover

If the visibility when to zero during foggy condition better pull over and park your car in a safe place turning on your hazard light and pull over in a safe location. Wait until the conditions improve. Doing this will decrease the possibility of an accident.

09. Beware of animals in the road

Animals like whitetail deer feel bolder especially in foggy condition and this might for you harder to see. Of course, fog lowered visibility, which means it is hard both for you and the animals to see in this condition.

10. Use caution

Fog occurs in high humidity this result of continues accumulation of moisture in your windshield, making it difficult for you to see the road.

Adjust or use your car defroster and windshield wiper to have clearer visibility of the road.

11. As your guide in driving use pavement line on right side

Driving in dense or thick fog is dangerous. In this situation, you can use the painted white line that could be found on the road’s right side as your guide in driving.

It is best not to use the pavement markings in the center area. Always stick on the right side while driving in a dense fog.

12. Don’t stop in the middle of the road

If you find it difficult to see in a foggy condition, our natural reaction is to be cautious and slow down. However, do not stop in the middle of the road. Take note that other cars are behind you.

Doing this might only cause a chain reaction collision of cars. The best thing you should do in this situation is to find a safe and good place to get away from the traffic and make sure to turn off the lights.

13. Skip the cruise control

In driving in the foggy condition, it is best for you to maintain and have complete control of your car.

14. Always check the condition of your car

Before driving make sure that you first check the condition of your car especially if you’re driving in a foggy condition, make sure that your car signal light, headlight, heater, wiper, hazard light, and other function works well.

15. Better to stay at home during the foggy condition (if possible)

Fog is one of the most dangerous weather conditions, especially for drivers. If you can’t drive carefully under this condition, better to stay at home (if possible).

16. Don’t hesitate to ask help

Since it is tough to drive in the road cover with fog, don’t hesitate to ask help to your passenger to help to have an eye on the road and reduce the risk of an accident.

17. The patient is the key to safe driving

In driving, it is essential to remain calm all the time don’t get irritated if the car in front of you is too slow. Take note that your driving in a dangerous road cover with fog so is careful.

18. Why is fog dangerous?

Fog is the build-up of the cloud in contact with the ground surface. Usually, fog is formed early in the morning and evening. For drivers, fog can reduce road visibility, making it difficult for drivers to drive safely.

Final words

There you have. These are some of the tips for you to have safe and sound driving, even in crucial situations like fog. Take note in driving your priority is your safety and the safety of others as well.