8 Best vr Headsets for Watching Adult Movies in 2021

Watching movies using virtual reality technology is something that can take you from your room and let you enter a whole new (virtual) world. You have a feeling like you are there, and all the actions are happening in front of your eyes. And yes, even adult movies can be a part of that.

For a lot of people, this type of content is still taboo, and they avoid talking about it. Watching is not an option for them. Luckily, these beliefs are in the past for most people, and today they know how to enjoy adult content, without feeling like they are doing some crime.

It was just a question of time when the adult movies will get their VR versions. And today we can find them on popular websites like MyPornAdviser.com as a separate category, which is exceptional. And of course, it’s time to finally give up on beliefs that these movies are bad for the people, because they are doing that for themselves, and don’t harm anyone.

By choosing the right pair of VR headsets, you are protecting your eyes, your privacy, and you can feel like you are in the middle of the event, without leaving your room. In the past, these headsets were a little tricky, because many people suffered dizziness, but today all those issues are fixed, and we can use great VR glasses as we wish.
And here are some of the best ones that you can find on the market:

1. Oculus Go

Source: instavr.co

This one is great because you can sync it with your browser and look for your favorite category. Most of the headsets require a smartphone, but this one will nicely work without it. And you can even download up to 64GB of video content, and play it directly. Surely, the Oculus Go headset can be used for every type of video content you prefer, not only adult videos. Yes, you can do the same with your favorite TV show too.

2. Gear VR

Source: venturebeat.com

This is one of the best choices for those who own a Samsung device. Also, it’s cheap, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a VR headset. Knowing that most of the new Samsung models are pretty expensive, spending a lot on virtual reality glasses can be a big expense for you. And they work great with every type of content.

3. Mattel View-Master Headset

Source: theverge.com

As the ad says, it’s great for family activities, educational apps, gaming, but it can be used for this purpose too. This gear works with iPhone and Android phones too.

4. Destek V4

Source: productnation.co

For those who own Pixel devices, this can be a great option. It lays comfortably on the head, and the padding around the eyes makes it more wearable, providing an exceptional experience. It works with iPhone too. You only need to start the video, insert the phone in the headset, and watch it. Also, it’s inexpensive, and everyone can afford it.

5. HTC Vive

Source: productnation.co

А powerful gear for those who can afford to pay more cash for this type of headset. The picture is crystal clear, and you can watch 4K videos, just like you are there, present in the middle of the big event.

6. Oculus Quest & Rift

Source: cnet.com

These are great for more intense actions, with the good video quality. It can be good for sexy and interactive games, and won’t cost you a lot to buy it.

7. Homido V2

Source: chodo.ru

One of the most affordable models you can find on this list. It’s not heavy on your head, and you can wear it for an hour or two. It’s simple to use too. You only need to put your phone inside and start enjoying in your tonight’s experience.

8. BlitzWolf VR Headset

Source: gizmochina.com

If you want to buy an inexpensive device that is compatible with a lot of devices. You can enjoy a great experience with it since it adapts to your eyes. It fits your head nicely and provides a great sight… If you know what we mean.

VR Porn as a separate category

A lot of adult websites already offer a huge choice of videos. Not every video can be watched on VR gear. It should be converted to an appropriate format.

Some videos can be watched on PlayStation 4 using your PSVR.

Many people want a next-level experience, no matter the type of video content. Those who prefer adult videos know where to find the best ones. That’s why the providers and adult services offer this type of content in a separate category, so you can easily access them, to find your favorites.

It’s 2021 and it’s the right time to give up on taboos and enjoy the great offer of different videos and movies. Choosing the right virtual reality gear will make the whole experience exceptional and complete.

Why is porn still considered taboo somewhere?

Not every nation and culture in the world is equal. We all come from different places and backgrounds, and in conservative societies, this is considered bad behavior. A lot of cultures around the world are based on the belief that it’s a mistake to be sexually educated and aware of your needs and preferences. Those people think that it’s completely wrong to have sex or watch adult content before you hit some particular age, or you get married.

VR porn can be a huge issue in these cultures and traditions. In some countries, those pages are literally banned, and no one can access them.

But if you live in a less conservative culture, where you can decide when you are sexually grown, you can watch this content, no matter if you have a partner or not, as long as you enjoy it.

Let’s give up on these taboos, and let the people do whatever they feel comfortable doing, even though it includes some “unpopular” behaviors. Choose your favorite headset, follow the instructions on how to set it properly, and enjoy the game.

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