What All Should A Perfect Dressing Table Have?

A dressing table in the corner of your bedroom makes the space look grand and luxurious. It also has many functional benefits apart from aesthetics. There are many dressing desks available in the market but not all of them are designed in a way to fulfil your requirements. In order to get the best one at an affordable price, you must look for Luxo Living. Following the below-discussed factors, you will be able to recognize and buy a perfect makeup desk for your bedroom.

A Clean & Big Enough Mirror:

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A mirror that is placed on the dressing table should be properly polished and must be clean. Else, if it is untidy, you will not enjoy using that makeup desk . Apart from that, the mirror on the dressing desk should be big enough to reflect the maximum part of your body when you are standing in front of it. The makeup table is not designed properly if you have to move your body in order to view yourselves. The surface of that dressing table should be flat and must be free from any kinds of curves.


Lights may or may not be there on all the dressing tables. If you want, you can get some lights on your makeup desk to make it even more interesting. Turning on these lights while you are getting ready will make you feel good and luxurious. Glowing and bright face while getting ready will make you feel good and motivated. These lights will also focus on your face to let you see the details. There might be shadows in absence of these lights. Therefore, considering these multiple benefits of lights on a makeup table, you must get some on yours too!

A Comfortable Stool:

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If getting ready for a party is your favourite thing to do, then make sure that the seller provides a comfortable stool along with the dressing table. This will let you sit comfortably and get ready in peace. A stool also makes a makeup table look complete. The colour and texture of that stool shall match the colour of your dressing table. Else, it will look odd and will degrade the quality of your dressing desk . The height of the stool must allow you to sit comfortably and give a clear view in the mirror. The stool is best if it is made from the same material as the makeup desk .


We need a number of things to get ready. To make it convenient and those things accessible while getting ready, your dressing table must have drawers. These storage areas will have all the essential items that you need while getting ready. You will not have to get up, again and again, to search for those things. Therefore, make sure that your dressing desk has enough drawers where you can keep all the essential stuff. A variety of things will be available to you at the reach of your hands.

Storage Cabins:

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Small items can surely be kept in drawers. When you are using a dressing table, you shall also have access to your makeup kit and brushes. It would also be great if your dressing desk has enough storage space to accommodate some of your outfits. This is the reason why a perfect dressing table should have cabinets for storage. Furniture designers prefer having these storage cabins below the drawers. A storage cabin will ensure that piece of furniture looks complete and good. Therefore, storage cabins are required in a dressing desk to fulfil storage requirements and to make it look complete.

Leg Room:

A person using a dressing table will only feel comfortable when that table has proper legroom. A makeup desk without legroom will not allow you to see yourself closely while getting ready. People are not able to be close to the mirror in absence of proper legroom. When you are looking for a dressing table, make sure it has proper legroom. Having storage space instead of the space to keep your legs will not make you feel comfortable. Do not keep anything in that space and do use it for keeping your legs that will allow you to comfortably use your makeup table.

Perfect Ergonomy:

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All the furniture that we use is made considering the size of different body parts of humans. This is the reason why we feel comfortable using them. No furniture is functional without perfect ergonomy. Therefore, a dressing desk should be made considering human figures and proportions. The size of each part of your makeup table should be such that you are comfortably able to use it. The best way to ensure proper ergonomy and proportions of the dressing table is by sitting on them. Make sure the stool, as well as the dressing desk , is perfectly sized.

Beautiful Details:

A dressing table is not just a piece of furniture that you use while getting ready. It also adds value and beauty to your room. Having such an elegant piece of furniture in your bedroom will impress all your friends and relatives. You might also use the mirror on the dressing desk to take photographs. When your dressing table has beautiful details, you will get some classy photographs. A dressing table fulfils functional as well as aesthetic requirements. Thus, look for a dressing desk with some beautiful details to make your bedroom and photographs look classy and appealing!

Sense of Comfort:

One of the best parts of an event or a party is actually before the event gets started. We have fun and spend a good time with ourselves when getting ready. It is satisfying and interesting to apply makeup and dress beautifully to get ready for the party. You will have a good time at your dressing desk only when you feel comfortable. Sense of comfort is one of the most important things you shall look for. You will not use the dressing table for very long if you are not feeling comfortable with it. One shall also decorate it after buying a dressing table to make it interesting and comfortable.