5 Reasons It’s High Time You Replace Your Old Headlights With LED Ones – 2024 Guide

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a jeep? Is it driving through rocky terrain? Riding through some serious forest cover? Or a simple cross-country road trip? Either way, you’ll agree that it can be dangerous to carry out these fun activities without a proper pair of headlights. Since jeeps are so closely associated with travel and long drives, it is absolutely crucial that the vehicle is capable of illuminating the road or path ahead once the sun goes down.

Yet, you would be surprised at the number of jeep owners who take their headlight systems for granted. Jeeps are built to last. But every part of the automobile needs an upgrade now and then. Obviously, this includes headlights too. Flickering or burnt-out headlights serves no one, especially the guy in the driver’s seat.

Are you concerned about your headlights giving outright in the middle of nowhere? Fear not, as we give you the top 5 reasons to swap out your conventional headlights for a newer, cooler LED system.

1. Breaking the mold

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If you haven’t replaced the headlights of your jeep since you drove it off the dealer’s lot, chances are that it is a halogen-based headlight system. This type of headlight is powered by a tungsten filament encased in a bulb of halogen gas. While there are a few upsides to halogen headlights, their short lifespans and high power consumption make them undesirable. It is equally likely that your default lighting system is an HID or high-intensity discharge headlight. HID systems are capable of generating brighter light as a result of heating gas rather than a filament. But, they can be very expensive and hard to replace.

Anyway, if you have a halogen or HID headlight system attached to your jeep, it is the first sign that you need to find a quick and better alternative.

2. LEDs are all the rage

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New technology makes us all nervous even if it has myriad benefits. For instance, bicycles (which are pretty innocuous) did not receive universal approval at first. Television sets were also accused of being an “instrument of the Devil” that could be used by the government to spy on citizens. Over time, these fears were allayed, and now people cannot imagine their lives without such technology. LEDs have also gone through a similar phase, however, the lighting system is finally coming around especially in its use as jeep headlights. Since its invention in the early 1960s, LED bulbs have come a long way. It is not an exaggeration to say that LEDs are replacing traditional bulbs in nearly every appliance. Of course, this holds true for jeep headlights as well. Short for light-emitting diodes, LEDs are being quickly adopted by car enthusiasts and has emerged as the number 1 headlight system on the market. It offers myriad benefits at incredibly low costs.

3. Take pride in the quality

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Headlights have one job – to illuminate the road or pathway in front of the driver. Suffice to say, LED ones are perfect at their job. Thanks to its working principles, LEDs are capable of sending out a bright light that has a great reach as well. Unlike its halogen or HID counterparts, LED headlights to create a white light that scientists say is better suited for the human eye. As a result, its quality is incomparable. If you pick a pair of LED headlights, there is also no need to worry about blinding drivers emerging from the other side of the road.

4. Beat the clock

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Now that we’ve vouched for the primary function of LED headlights, let’s turn our attention to another incredible advantage – its longevity. It is no secret that LED headlights are the most sought after due to its long-lasting characteristics. Ideally, a good quality pair of LED headlights bought from a trusted source can last for a staggering 50,000 hours! Much of the durability of LED lights stems from its design features. For instance, LEDs are known to be solid-state in nature and do not make use of any flimsy filament or toxic gas for light-creation.

5. Go Green with LED

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Still unsure if LED headlights are right for you? Here’s something else to consider: LEDs are revered by nature-lovers and environmental activists for their high energy efficiency. The core value of any LED-based appliance is – take less and produce more. In line with this principle, LEDs are found to be 12 times more efficient than any other existing headlight system. The sudden swing towards LED headlights can only be explained as the need for consumers to make a fashion statement. An increase in environmental awareness and a good understanding of clean energy sources are also contributing factors to the surging trend of LED headlights for jeeps.

Choose the right one

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So, here are the top 5 reasons to go with a pair of LED headlights for your jeep. Not convinced yet? Don’t forget that a nice pair of LED headlights can guarantee that your jeep always rides in style. You can check them here. Winter is coming and with it several days of gloom. If you live anywhere in the western hemisphere, chances are that you’ll be doing a lot more things in the dark. Undoubtedly, riding around on your jeep is bound to be one of them. That’s why headlights are considered to be an important unit of your jeep and their working condition must never be overlooked. In this time of the year, headlights need to be proactively maintained and one way of doing that is by installing LED lighting systems. While you’re at it, consider replacing other lights on your jeep as well. Taillights, turn signals, and brake lights are also crucial elements of the jeep that are routinely used while driving. Since early morning drives tend to get foggy during winters, hazard lights or fog lights with LEDs fitted in them will definitely come in handy.