How To Tell If Struts Are Bad – 2024 Diagnose & Replace Guide

The car is made of many intricate parts that make it work all together. One such part is a strut and wondering how to tell if struts are bad conditioned or in good? The struts are usually used with the shocks too, and they have a major role they play in the suspension of your car’s tires.

Driving your car with a bad or worn out strut can cause a lot of damage not only to the car but to you also.

You might get a major accident from driving a car with bad struts too. One good thing is that struts don’t spontaneously become bad.

They wear out, and it’s an entirely gradual process. You must be aware of these warning signs to know when you have a bad strut and to know when to replace them. Here are some tips for you to know when your struts are bad.

How To Tell If Struts Are Bad

Before we go straight into the tips of how to tell if your struts are bad, you should as well know what a strut is.

A strut is an important part of the car’s suspension. It refers to the system or combination of parts that create a connection between the wheels of your car and the remaining parts of your car.

From this definition, you can see how important it is to have a good strut. Now the strut plays three major roles in any and every car.

  • They help in absorbing shocks from bad roads, potholes, bumps, and certain impediments on the road.
  • They allow for the car to efficiently respond to the control from the driver. As the steering is moved in any direction, a good strut will deliver a sharp response to the change in direction.
  • Finally, the struts provide support and balance for the car.

Signs that tell point to a bad strut

1. Bumpy rides

One of the most noticeable sign is that your rides no longer become smooth. If you noticed, there was a way your car drove smoothly on the road. The experience was very comfortable.

But once your car develops a bad or worn out strut, the ride becomes less comfortable and all the bumpier. Even without a single bump on the road, you will still experience an uncomfortable ride.

Remember that the strut is an assemblage of several other components like the shocks, the mounting, the bushings, and other parts. You should consider checking them out, as one of those parts might be bad.

Your car is also designed to absorb the shock of the road as you drive, but with a bad strut, you will feel every bad bump or irregularities on the road.

If you noticed a bumpy ride, then you should consider getting to your mechanic to help you see if it is from a bad strut.

You should also understand that when the need to change the strut arises, you need to change equal axles. So if a strut is bad in the rear side, you need to replace both at the same time.

2. The unequal wearing of tires

The part of your car that feels the heat of a bad strut first is the tires. It is a very normal thing. But more to it is that the rate of deterioration of the tires is uneven.

One tire will wear faster than the other. Both will eventually wear before the time they are meant to, but one will wear faster. This is an obvious pointer for you to know that your strut is bad. When you see this, you need to act.

Most people make the mistake of immediately trying to replace the tires. It’s a good idea to change the tires, but it is equally unwise to do so without attacking the root cause of the problem.

A smart thing to do is first to change the strut of your car before you even think of changing the tires. That way, the shocks get absorbed better, and the health of your tires is preserved.

3. Unstable at highway speed

When you drive at highway speed. There are certain movements you should notice if your strut is bad. You should slight irregularities like the way the car moves up and down.

It is not normal for cars to move this way. If you notice this, you need to check out the struts.

You also need to make sure your car feels comfortable; if you can only guarantee the stability of your car by reducing the speed of your car then it’s a pointer to having a bad strut.

What you need to do is to make sure you visit a certified mechanic to help you check your car. If you also notice an irregular swaying when you drive or make a sharp turn, then you need to have the strut checked.

4. Noise

Unusual noise can cause be caused by a worn-out strut. If you wake up one day, and decide to drive your car but hear a funny, unusual sound coming from the rear or front side of your car, it could be an obvious sign that your strut has developed a problem.

Once there is a misalignment in the arrangement of the strut’s components, then you would be hearing a sound of metal gnashing against each other.

Another way you can tell is if you hear noises when you drive over a bumpy place. The result will be a clunking or knocking sound since the strut can no longer perform its duty in absorbing shocks that come from different sources.

When you notice this, you need to get to a professional mechanic to help you with the fix before it gets too late for your car.


We hope the few tips, and guides will help you in knowing when your struts are bad. It is very important to look out for a bad strut. You can never tell what type of accident could happen just because you lost control over the wheels for a while.

The best thing to do is to act immediately you discover a fault. Strut replacement should be a great thing to do.