Can You Gain Any Painting Skills From Painting By Number?

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” – Cesar A. Cruz.

There has always been something immensely stimulating about art. The poignant effect it renders tends to strongly muster the attention of people, whether it is a 5-year-old child rummaging in his backpack for his coloring book or an old lady spending her days in a wheelchair painting a statue of a plant. We tend to learn mathematical calculations, scientific formulas, and the history of mighty kings for education. Still, the thought-evoking poems, zeal for literature, and the eternal beauty of art are what keeps the heart beating.


Most people find themselves engrossed in art aesthetics like charcoal drawings, classy portraits, minimalist paintings, and capturing the essence of still life. Yet most of those people sadly fail to express themselves with the means of art due to a lack of skills. Ineptness in a field should not deprive anyone of chasing after their heartfelt passion. Starting with little, basic steps and an orthodox program can be a great starter to enhance a person’s underlying potential.

Art is for everyone, and hence people belonging to any age group who are considering acquiring artistic skills might want to visit Scientific research reveals that in recent times, painting by numbers has significantly proven to be a great tool to hone a person’s basics and slowly transform them into adept skills.

What Is Painting By Numbers?


Painting by numbers is a complete set of kits, including a canvas board, paints, and brushes. It is a simple method of painting a drawing divided into various segments. Each segment is allotted a particular number, and each number is allotted a particular color. When a person is finished painting their set, an epitome of art emerges. Even if a person has never held a paintbrush before, they can turn themselves into proficient painters by the time they are done with several kits.

The History Of Painting By Numbers.


Could anyone ever think that practice as elementary as a painting by numbers could be related to the unprecedented artist of all times, Leonardo Da Vinci? Miraculously, painting by numbers has been in practice since the early 1920s when the world-famous artist Da Vinci would teach his apprentices using this method.

Later, Dan Robbins, a commercial artist who used to work for car manufacturers, was assigned an innovative task, selling more paint. Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s creative idea, Robbins began to create handcrafted kits with segmented draws. Each segment belonged to a specific number, and each number belonged to a specific color. When every simple instruction was diligently followed, a masterpiece of a canvas emerged.

This is how the painting by numbers kit was brought into existence. After the war, when Americans had more time on their hands, the kits were abundantly sold for recreational purposes. This was when the kits started to amass enormous traction among people globally.

Benefits Of Painting By Numbers

Works As Therapy For Many

How many times have a person turned to a pen or a paintbrush whenever they have wanted to vent out their suppressed feelings? Painting is an excellent means to express a person’s inner thoughts, deepest desires, suppressed anger, and even a comfortable companion for people and their pangs of loneliness.

Reduces Stress

Most people find themselves in a pressing situation of performance anxiety and stress whenever they are trying their hands at something new. The distinctive feature of a painting by numbers is its properly guided instructions. These instructions act as subtle assistance, which ultimately reduces the stress of performance.

Improves Confidence

Looking at a canvas and having to paint can be extremely intimidating for beginners. Painting by numbers gives an opportunity to start your journey at a pace preferred by the artist. By the time a person is finished with a few kits, they start to understand the gist of art and its requirements, and in no time, they begin to feel confident enough to try new things on their own, like mixing some new colors, trying an advanced level of painting, or trying different variations of artforms.

Inculcates The Value Of Patience

Art is not a child’s play! It requires grit, zeal, perseverance, and patience to get that eloquent masterpiece! In today’s times, when people cannot even watch a 30second advertisement, having the patience to sit for hours and hours to get that impeccable painting is a heavenly feeling. The quality of being patient can be acquired through painting by numbers and translated into real life. It benefits a person not only individually but also collectively in a group of people.

A Fun Way Of Dilly-Dallying

People tend to spend their entire days procrastinating their precious time on activities like watching unmindful videos, sleeping away their daily chores, or spending hours being indecisive about what to do next. Painting by numbers is a great way to pass one’s time while having fun with colors and acquiring life-long skills.


Painting by numbers has been in practice since ancient times. It has become an eminent tool to get numerous beginners started with their artistic endeavors. With its systematic approach and stark instructions, art has become accessible to everyone in the world.

Additionally, it has also been an excellent activity for leisure as well as an alternative to procrastination. There are tons of benefits of learning through this, including enhancement of mental and cognitive skills, improvement of self-confidence, and a significant reduction in stress and anxiety.

This method does not provide benefits to beginners only; it has also been beneficial for art students and artists to keep practicing their painting skills and brush up their skills. Whether a person is a mere beginner or a proficient artist, the masterpiece that emerges after the completion of the painting out of one’s arduous efforts provides the ultimate sense of exhilaration as well as satisfaction.