How Much Does GPS Trackers Cost in the USA (2024)

A GPS tracker is a tool used to determine the location of any thing anywhere in the globe. Both persons and objects can be tracked with GPS tracking devices. They can be used to track assets owned by companies or automobiles. GPS tracking has a long history that begins with World War II. The US Air Force invented the initial GPS tracking technology.

You cannot fathom your life without a GPS tracker because they are so widely utilized in so many different industries. In essence, GPS trackers are used to monitor the locations of cars and people.

GPS trackers are often used to monitor children, automobiles, and even elderly people and pets. There are many uses for GPS trackers, and there are several types of GPS trackers on the market.

Therefore, whether you own a car, whether it’s a luxurious sports car or a simple sedan, you’ve definitely wondered where it is at some time. Nowadays, GPS monitoring gadgets are widespread, but how valuable are they? How much do GPS trackers cost in the US? And at that money, what features do you get?

One of the most crucial considerations when determining whether to buy a monitoring device for your automobile or pet is the price of the GPS tracker. The price of a GPS tracker varies from $10 to $400 depending on its functionality. The cost of a GPS tracker varies according to the model, features, and brand that you choose. A GPS tracker typically costs $50.

Price Of GPS Trackers


The less expensive trackers will cost $20 to $50. And some GPS suppliers provide budget GPS tracking devices with premium quality, such as SEEWORLDGPS. The most costly medium range trackers can cost more than this, ranging in price from $70 to $150.

American Tracker Price

The number of functions a tracker offers determines how much it costs on average in the USA. Your budget or tracking requirements may influence what you purchase. Less expensive trackers won’t offer as many functions, though.

The typical price range for a good tracker is generally $30 to $70. Over this price range are the pricier ones.

Trackers Price International


Trackers will continue to range in price from inexpensive to affordable. You may purchase one for as much as $500 or more after conversion.

Price of Trackers in Relation to Other Products

It would only be proper to highlight the various advantages of trackers before “comparing” them to goods that do the same purpose.

Travel Bag Tracking

It might be tough to leave your kids with caregivers like teachers or other parents. A GPS monitoring gadget might be helpful to provide your peace of mind and ensure their safety.

Track Down a Missing Pet

Using a GPS is a certain way to receive real-time updates on where your pet is. In case they go lost, you may simply locate them in this manner.

Keep an eye on your elderly or sick relatives. A GPS tracker is unquestionably the best option to lessen stress, provide greater independence, and aid in finding elderly and ill family members.

Travel Bag Tracking

It would be dreadful if you misplaced your bags. You can quickly locate misplaced baggage with a tracker.

While the price of a GPS tracker can range from $10 to $400 (or even more), and its upkeep might be costly. It would be difficult to refute the value of the fees, though.

Furthermore, contemporary drones, which are also employed for tracking, also come equipped with GPS.

Lifespan of a GPS Tracker

Your capacity to manage and maintain something will influence how long it lasts, as it does with most items.

Most manufacturers incorporate the demands of the sector while creating trackers. The average life span is thus three years.

This indicates that this is the typical duration for which a user may utilize it. However, inappropriate use will result in a shorter device life.

GPS Tracker Usage


The GPS tracker is helpful whether you’re attempting to find your way through strange places or monitoring your baggage, kids, or elderly relatives.

Downloading the necessary app to connect to the tracker is a very straightforward process after the tracker has been installed in products or concealed in items like a bag.

Starting Price

When you consider the advantages of using GPS trackers, it’s natural to ‘worry’ about the cost next.

It’s crucial to be clear about the services and tracking requirements you have. The type of equipment to purchase will depend on this.

While initially acquiring the tracker might be challenging. Everything you require for the first month is already covered by the purchase estimate, which ranges from $10 to $400.

The majority of trackers will then charge a monthly subscription/renewal cost as well. This cost often includes GPS tracking and any other, particular features.

In certain circumstances, the cost could also include the ability to store each tracking history.

Monthly Expenses

Typically, the monthly maintenance price ranges from $10 to $100. Nevertheless, depending on the type of tracker you choose, this may be more.

For instance, the higher monthly fee will come with GPS tracking and audio monitoring features. The ongoing GPS tracking feature and preservation of your tracking history are included in the monthly subscription charge.

For receiving location updates, the majority of monitoring providers provide mobile app services. Additionally, a monthly service fee pays for this.

Lifetime Price

When you buy your tracker from one of the many automobile monitoring providers nowadays, you get free lifetime expenses.

In most cases, this is a more advantageous and cost-effective choice than paying monthly fees. Otherwise, you can think about dividing a $39.95 monthly charge by a minimum of 3 years. Yes, a lot,