13 Marketing Strategies for Photographers and Artists To Sell Artwork

As an artist or a photographer, it is not enough to click pictures or to produce art. You have to promote your work as well. So your path to success is more about leaving your mark on the audience.
But this will not help you in introducing your skills and work to the community. So, ensuring that your work reaches the right audiences or potential buyers is crucial for succeeding in life.

If you don’t promote your skills, no one will recognize your work or purchase your latest art pieces similar to these.

Analyze your current position in the art world and decide the goals that you want to achieve. Then, promote your skills and art accordingly.
The following are some social media marketing tips for photographers and artists:

1. Make your Portfolio to Promote your Art

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It would be best if you have a twofold goal to develop a strong artist portfolio. Then, you can create both brands and package your artwork.

Your portfolio makes it easier to submit your work for competitions, post it on your blog and website, and develop promotional material. The critical aspect is the visual reproduction of your skills which attracts the users.

The following are some guidelines to develop your portfolio:

  • Well-execute and visually compel each high-exposure photograph. Remember, in art promotion; the visual thing matters the most.
  • Accompany each photo with captivating text. Include details such as size, media, and title. You can also tell the background story of your art pieces to attract potential buyers.
  • Accompany a strong bio with your art piece. Then, if you manage to attract potential buyers, they will always be interested in your work. Do not feel shy to tell your story, inspiration, background, what inspires you, and what your art can give to the world.

2. Direct Message (DM) Every New Follower

A direct message is something you, as an artist, can pull off. On the other hand, you can call it doing something that does not scale.

The retailer with thousands of followers can never think about doing DM to every new follower they connect throughout the day. But if you are receiving almost 100 new followers per day, you can.

Sending a quick and personal DM to new followers takes a few seconds. Moreover, it is an excellent way to make a connection with your fans.

To attract them, ensure that they exactly remember who you are when they view your name in their news feed. It is also an excellent method to do market research by asking followers quick questions.

3. Sell Your Art on a Marketplace Platform

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There are many marketplaces where you can showcase your art and list your work for sale.

In the marketplace you have the option to attract a large number of followers and buyers. An online marketplace is an excellent option for self-promotion and if you lack marketing skills.

So, try to do some market research and check the fees for each marketplace. Most charge a flat rate monthly fees and a small percentage when your art piece sells.

4. Auction Websites

A great way to begin selling your art is through online auctions. Most online auctions are user-friendly and allow you to create a free account. So, just pay the listing fees, final value fees, transaction fees, and more.

Many online auctions serve specific categories, so choose the best bet for selling art.

So get ready, scan pictures, and start listing.

5. Communicate with People to Increase Your Follower Base

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Social media platforms are for interaction and fan engagement. The initial purpose of different social media platforms was to connect to several users. It includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

An excellent way to attract fans and followers is to be interactive. Interact with the people who view your art and respond to their feedback. Try to like your follower’s posts to show your affection and to attract them.

You can even use a more personal approach of posting the stories related to your art pieces on Instagram and Facebook. Ask your followers for their feedback. It is a great way to encourage engagement.

Make sure to use each image you post as an opportunity to interact with followers.

6. Make Special Offers and Promotions

You can ramp up the sales of your art pieces with special offers and promotions. Try to do something extraordinary like posting limited discount coupons or a one-day auction for your art pieces.

It is surely a fresh and effective way to draw more clients. But do not diminish the value of your skills or work by giving constant discounts. Instead, find fun or exciting ways to make people excited about limited edition prints.

7. Art Competitions Can Promote Your Art

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Many art competitions provide adequate opportunities for emerging artists to gain exposure and fame in the art world. Infact, these art competitions are famous for showcasing upcoming artists and even launching their careers.

The following are the benefits of art competitions:

  • These art competitions allow you to showcase your skills among different artists. It is the best way to expose yourself as an artist. The feedback you receive in competitions will give you insight into your artwork.
  • They help you to present your skills and work in front of curators, gallerists, and editors, others who can positively impact your career. Infact, the art competitions winners almost always benefit from these promotion efforts from the hosting organization.
  • You will receive vast and invaluable visibility. Suppose you do not win; still participating in these competitions can give you valuable experience and build your resumes.

8. Create a Press Release for your Event

Make a press release and send photographs with details to the local newspapers. It is an important and effective way of marketing your exhibition.

Make sure to do it twice a month. You can send the first press release at least a month in advance and send the second (as a reminder) a week before your submission deadline.

9. Trade Shows

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The positive point about the trade shows is that they introduce your work to the people interested in your art style. However, they are not part of your target audience.
For example, a floral artist or landscape artist can do well at a home décor trade show. Also, a marine artist can do well at the aquatic life trade show.
These shows offer the opportunity to meet different people in person and discuss their work. In addition, you can find massive success by selling art at trade shows.

10. Make Tutorials on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent option to promote your art if you are highly skilled and have unique techniques. Create a short tutorial on making a beautiful art piece, with a process to create it.

It will keep viewers involved and curious about the results. It also raises your artistic skills bar as you can share your creative talents with various people.

11. Share Your Blogs

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An excellent way to share your techniques and experiences as an artist is by promotion through a blog. So, just like the video, you will attract people online seeking art advice, tutorials, or anything related to art.

If the viewers connect with the background story of your art pieces, they will most likely buy it. A story can make art more popular or relatable.

12. Art Organizations

Remember that your skills and art are a business like any other business. So, networking is a vital part of making your skills relevant within the art world.

The best way to make a network on a professional level is by active participation in art organizations. In this way, you will not only be able to make friends who can promote your art and skills.

In addition, these organizations can offer a wide variety of resources that can help you build and strengthen your business. It also provides you support in marketing your work and building your brand.

13. Display Your Work at Local Businesses

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Sometimes, a local business will hang your photographs and art pieces on their wall. It is absolutely a win-win arrangement as you get free advertising. Ensure that you make your contact details readily available.

It helps interested customers to get in touch with you.


Always remember that the world needs to recognize you as an artist as well as your art pieces. So, pay attention to the marketing and promotion of your art. It can help you reach the target audience.