5 Modern Day Cars That Are Pocket Friendly to Maintain and Repair

Buying a car is not always easy or affordable and often depends on the purchasing power of the buyer. Considering the maintenance cost of a vehicle is an important factor while purchasing a car. Low maintenance of the car doubles the benefits in the long run.

There are various factors that influence the decision to buy a car. Repair and maintenance cost is generally considered a vital factor in this regard. Everybody desires that the car they own should have low maintenance as nobody will be happy to invest in an asset that proves to be a liability.

The automobile industry is very vast and still growing, and there is cut-throat competition in the automobile market. The automobile industry introduces lucrative offers every now and then to attract and retain customers. Along with the offers, you should also consider factors like fuel cost, insurance, and garage services. Click here to get more details on garage services and car maintenance tips.

Japanese and other Asian automobile brands often have a strong presence in the overseas market. These brands are doing well due to their lower repairs and maintenance cost. American and German brands are costlier when compared to the Asian and Japanese brands, but they are considered performance-oriented.

Exploring Car Models That are Easy to Maintain

Here’s a list that includes brands that are cheaper to maintain:

1. Toyota Corolla

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Toyota Corolla is the most famous compact sedan because of its lower repairs and maintenance cost and impressive performance. As per industry experts, the Toyota Corolla is at the top of the list because of its operating costs. The average annual maintenance of Corolla is approximately $362 which is way lower than average annual maintenance of other cars which is $650.

It also has a maintenance frequency score of 1.04999 as compared to 1.3 of the industry average. Maintenance frequency score is generally between 0 and 3 and the lower the score the cheaper the cost of maintenance. The maintenance score reflects that even if any repairs are required they would be handled easily and cost-effectively.

2. Honda Accord

Honda is known for its performance and credibility. Honda Accord is a dream car for many car lovers around the world. The car has options for 10-speed automatic transmission or slick manual transmission to choose from. The car has various comfort and safety features which make it a perfect and favorite family car.

Even with all these features, the running and maintenance do not cost much to the car owner. In fact the average annual maintenance is around $400 and quite less than the industry average of $650. Accord can be less expensive for repair cost if maintained in a proper way.

The average service charges during the Accord’s 1,00,000 mile run is around $224 to $323 which is also less when compared to industry standards. Consumer reports data claims a life expectancy of Honda Accord to be upto 2,00,000 miles if maintained properly.

3. Kia Soul

Source: pixabay.com

Kia Soul is a multi-purpose compact vehicle with an impressive interior and admirable cargo space. The newer 2024 model comes in an appealing design and layout. Its low maintenance cost makes it a best-seller car of Kia and ensures that it remains the best-seller in the times to come.

It only cost $437 annually to maintain a Kia Soul when compared to $475 maintenance for subcompact SUVs and $650 for all other cars. Over a span of 7-10 years, only 10% of total repair costs account for expensive and major repairs.

While 90% maintenance cost is associated with general and routine service charges. The spares for Soul are also available easily both online and at stores which makes it a reliable option for a longer run.

4. Hyundai Sonata

Source: ehomauto.co.rs

The average annual repair and maintenance cost of Hyundai Sonata is less than $500. It makes it another sedan that does not make a hole in the pocket of the car owner. The NHTSA has also given a 5-star safety rating to Hyundai Sonata.

The average annual maintenance of the car is $458 which is lower when compared to the average maintenance of midsize cars of $526. Sonata also gives a good fuel efficiency of 30 to 35 mpg and usually goes smoothly upto 2,00,000 miles until you start experiencing engine issues.

5. Ford Edge

Source: autofutures.tv

As far as Ford is concerned, the name is enough whether it is performance, safety, or interior. The 2019 model Ford Edge emphasizes safety as per the standard, along with many modern features. The twin-turbocharged engine boosts the performance. With so much in the bucket, the average annual maintenance cost is also lower when compared to other brands in the segment.

The annual maintenance cost of Ford Edge is $611 which is lower than the industry benchmark of annual maintenance of $650. Edge is a durable vehicle and can last up to 15 years or even more if taken care of properly.
The only drawback is that you can see early rusting of door seams and hood within 3 years. More bad news is that these are not covered in insurance and you have to pay it from your pockets. The mileage of Ford Edge is also good at 21 mpg within the city and 29 mpg on highways.

Low Maintenance Cars – A Relief in Long Run

Finding a car that’s easy to repair and maintain is a smart way of reducing the budget of owning a car. Good fuel efficiency, affordable reinsurance, and low maintenance are key to owning a car that proves to be an asset and not a liability. Check this link – TSM Signs for more information too about Vehicle Branding and Signage that make and add an eye-catching, memorable sign or graphics wrap in your vehicle.

The vehicles listed in this article are among those which are affordable to purchase as well as easy to maintain.

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