Home Safety System Review 2024

Homes are not built overnight, but gladly the security can be achieved overnight. With the advent of the twenty-first-century home security system they are revolutionized as the automated home security system. These systems offer home security with home automation, business control, and pest control. As we all know,the mother is the need for invention, in the same way, this system came into being when a person had a burglary at his place while he was busy at the funeral of his father.The automated home security system doesn’t come into existence overnight. Rather, the idea was implemented back in 1978.

This system offers:

  • Full Smartphone Control
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Thermostats
  • Locks
  • Lights
  • 24/7 monitoring by personal control centers

Traditional Home Security System

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Initially,the home security system used a camera whose image can be seen on a screen in black and white. Later, colored images were displayed on the screen. After that, an alarm was added to it. Over time, more features became part of the system. As the number of features increased, so does the price. This led to the proposal of multiple packages. The user can choose from the proposed packages or can request a customized one. Now, automated systems are in trend. They are part of the home security system. No extra installation is required to acquire the facility. An up-gradation could serve the purpose.It is being used to monitor businesses from home and is also offering pest control.

Latest Addition in the System

The slim touch screen panel is the latest addition. It comes under the umbrella of the premium package. A new level of comfort and ease is given to the user through it. Multiple features offered by it are enlisted below:

  • Long Term Evolution

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This touch screen is more like a tablet. It comes with modern technology which is reliable, fast, and future proof. LTE allows you to upload or download information from one end to another.

  • Strong Encryption

All the components of the system are connected strongly and securely. Previously, most of the components were scattered individually and were connected through cables. But now this mess is all cleared. Data transmission takes place wirelessly. There are fewer chances of data loss. And the data is transmitted at a much faster rate.

  • Default Router

A built-in router adds security to the private network. Alongside it reduces support cost for maintenance. Maintenance of an external router was a challenge in the past. Now, default routers are easy to maintain, as they are less exposed to the outside.

  • Default Glass Break

The value of the device is increased by the glass break feature. And the overall cost is reduced. It means if we add the feature of glass break as an external component, it would cost more. Introducing this feature in the existing system is a blessing in disguise.

  • Bluetooth Disarming

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The device will be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. You can leave your phone in your pocket. This facility could be availed when the person is within the house. Once he leaves a certain boundary, an active internet connection is required to stay connected to the device.

  • Operating System

The tablets in use can work with android 5+. It means the device is upgradable, and the user doesn’t need to purchase the device again and again. Moreover, the feature of a rich roadmap is available. This feature will help the user in monitoring the security of the house from anywhere around the globe.

  • Future Proof

The software can be updated with the passage of time and the performance of the system can be improved accordingly.

  • Z-Wave Plus

This feature makes everything fast and reliable. At the same time, smart home control is also granted to the user. In smart home control, most of the house-hold equipment is connected to the tablet. The user can turn the lights of the kitchen while sitting in the lounge, etc.

  • Two-way Connectivity

This feature increases flexibility and latency. A better connection will yield better performance. The connection could be Wi-Fi based or any other wireless data transmission.

  • 5MP Panel Camera

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The prime purpose of the panel camera is to capture videos on the alarm and to take pictures.
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Which company to trust?

Keep the following points in mind to make the right choice:

  • Professional Installation

DIY installment of the home security system was done in the past. The automated home security system is installed by a professional, send by the company.

  • Monthly Charges

Multiple companies are charging their clients from $29.95 to $100+ monthly. Now, you know the range of charges and can make a wise choice.

  • Contract  and Credit Check

Read the contract carefully. Then sign it. Most of the companies hide their equipment price, under the banner of a free system. As a result, charge a high monthly rate under contract.

  • App Connection

The customer must know which app is connected with the system. Some apps leak private information or have a weak encryption system, which can be cracked easily. Therefore, the app linked with the system is equally important as the system. The app must be one of the top apps in use.It must be compatible with Android and iOS. The application must be able to connect with:

  • Doorbell camera
  • Indoor/outdoor camera embedded in the door lock
  • Thermostat
  • Multiple sensors
  • Controls the door of the garage
  • Lights

It should be compatible with platforms like Google, Amazon, and Apple. Alarm companies are selling their system in the market. To find the best company, do not rely on the reviews only; rather inquire about the company through any means possible.