Best Suspension Lift Kits 2024 – Top 9 Choices and Guides

The modification of trucks and SUVs is a completely different thing than the world of sports cars. Adding weight is rarely an issue, and getting clearance from the ground is always part of the equation unless we are talking about road trucks that drag air suspension.

It does not matter if your goal is to tackle some backcountry or just help your truck or SUV stand out from the crowd, a lift kit is a safe starting point. These seven kits come from some of our favorite aftermarket parts manufacturers and fit a wide range of SUVs, trucks, and Jeeps. Here are our recommendations about the best suspension lift kits in 2024. Alternatively, you can choose good lift kits at for your trucks or SUVs.

Top 9 Best Suspension Lift Kits in 2024

1. Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit


This made-in-America complete lift kit includes longer rear shock absorbers. They design supreme Suspensions Lift Kit to fit both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive lift kits. At 6.5 inches, this kit is big. Although with the right wheel size, it does not look over the top.

2. Rough Country Lift Kit


Rough Country offers a wide range of lift kits that cover everything from a modest 2.5-inch lift, up to 6 or more inches of clearance. This kit includes all the odds and ends you need at a modest price and will allow you to bump tires up to 33 inches with no clearance issues.

3. Superlift K1011 Suspension Lift Kit


Lifting a Suzuki Sidekick or one of the similar models takes lots of effort and sometimes turns it into a real head-turner. Because of the lightweight body, some backyard mechanics have opted to use hockey pucks as spacers to cut costs. But if your Sidekick is your pride and joy and you want a quality upgrade, Superlift K1011 Suspension Lift Kit is a much better option.

4. ReadyLift 69-4510 Smart Suspension Lift Kit


The latest version of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon has only been around since 2015. And aftermarket companies have wasted no time in designing big upgrades to suit modification and off-road enthusiasts. 69-4510 Smart Suspension Lift Kit is a fully loaded kit from ReadyLift that includes all the components needed to make sure the alignment. It also comes with drive angles that do not snap out when lifted.

As a bonus, it also includes a heavy-duty non-slip plate to avoid incurring collateral damage on rough terrain.

5. TeraFlex 1251000 Lift Kit


TeraFlex refrains from the school of going big or coming home for lifting kits. And their kits will give your Ford, Chevy, or Dodge to serious height. So, they design each kit to eliminate 35-inch, 37-inch, and even 40-inch off-road tires. This TeraFlex kit comes in 6, 8, and 12-inch lift configurations. So, you can set yourself up as the top round of the block.

6. Air Lift 57275 Air Spring Kit


They designed this kit for Tacoma 1995-2004. it is the cheapest of the pack, partly because of its modest height increase of 3 inches at the front and 2 inches at the rear. This slight change does not require replacing shocks or adding additional components like a 4 to 6-inch lifter does.

7. KSP Rear Full Suspension Lift Kit


With Bilstein shocks and component construction made right here in the US, KSP offers a kit that does not cut corners. The set comes with the Radius and Pitman arm levers. There is also the repositioning of your truck’s trolley bar. It means that your Ram will still hold controls reasonably on the open road, even if it is taller.

8. Daystar Lift Kit


The Nissan Titan truck is nowhere near as popular as American racers, like the Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado. So, searching for a lift kit does not reveal nearly as many options. Thankfully, the Daystar kit is good and well-reviewed and offers a 6-inch lift while retaining the use of the cart’s original upper arms. With many other lift kits, multiple suspension arms require replacement with aftermarket parts to get the suspension geometry to work.

9. XJ MOTO Lift Kit Suspension


XJMOTO is a household name for off-road suspension setups. The brand has been around for years and has sponsored all kinds of teams and events across the off-road realm. This 4-inch lift kit once again offers all the odds and ends you need and will allow you to fit 35-inch mud tires.

What Is Car Suspension Lift?

The suspension is the set of all those components that connect the wheels to the car’s chassis. The most widespread and well-known type of suspension is undoubtedly the traditional one comprising a coil spring and shock absorber.
Searching the net or talking to a mechanic or a spare parts dealer, it may confuse you. They also call car air suspensions in other ways. All the names are equivalent to each other, such as air suspension and hydraulic suspensions.

In reality, when we talk about air suspension for cars, we mean an entire system made up of a series of components. Air suspensions replace the spring-shock absorber function of traditional suspensions and are characterized by:

  • An air bellows (also known as an air spring or air lung) which takes the place of the coil spring and which holds the car raised to a certain height regarding the wheel
  • An oil-gas shock absorber (or depending on the architecture with air) mounted on the axis with the bellows at the front and separately at the rear. It has the function of damping the oscillations of the vehicle. It works exactly like a traditional shock absorber.
  • An electric compressor that keeps the air in the circuit under pressure
    a group of valves that directs the compressor air to the springs.
  • An air accumulator present on some models prevents the compressor from starting frequently
    The system is naturally completed by the pipes that convey the compressed air and by an electronic system. They connect it to sensors and switches in the vehicle. Also connecting to regulate the air pressure in the bellows and the car’s trim.

How Does a Car’s Suspension Work?

Many curious customers ask how their car’s air suspension works. It is a very simple system. In a car with traditional suspension, the shock absorbers work together with the springs.

The shock absorbers dampen the roughness of the road, such as bumps and ditches. It prevents them from spreading to the passenger compartment. In short, they should not affect the people on board by all the disconnections present at the road level. The shock absorbers are to ensure the comfort of travelers and not to vary the height from the ground as many mistakenly think.

The springs hold the car at a certain height from the road. We assure you that this concept, as elementary as it may seem, creates no little confusion.

For the car air suspension, the spring is replaced by air below a lung made of fairly strong elastomer. They store a variable amount of air. The bellows perform the tasks of the spring (keeping the car at a certain height), while the pneumatic shock absorber works like the traditional gas or oil shock absorber (dampening the stresses coming from the road).

In the traditional suspension, the damping and the set-up are linked to the mechanical reaction of the spring and shock absorber. The actual functioning of the air suspension is a little more complicated. The air spring is not inflated once and for all. But the amount of air present is regulated by an electronic system according to the terrain you cross or the trim you need.

In short, the engineers have invented an adjustable spring capable of automatically gaining different settings. It adapts the car to the road and your driving style. If it is in a helical spring, it was possible at any moment to change the thickness of the coil, the number of turns, the stiffness of the material, and the diameter of the spring.

The possibility of manually changing the set-up, offered by this air suspension for cars, will allow you to travel on rough terrain or to make the most of the aerodynamics of your car. For example, on the motorway, it can lower the car regarding the street level.

The Advantages of Suspension Lift Kit Over Traditional Suspensions

They use air suspension in high-end cars such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Jaguar, and Tesla and some SUVs of Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne. The choice of car manufacturers to adopt air suspension over the classic one offers several advantages as:

  • Allows change of the vehicle height from the ground according to the load conditions. It can be automatic or manual depending on the model.
  • Provides greater driving comfort by reducing jolts when the car hits a pothole or drives on a bumpy road
  • Provides greater road holding and better braking performance.

The pneumatic suspensions for cars have undoubted advantages. Unfortunately, a series of disadvantages are linked to their more frequent breakage compared to the classic mechanical suspension. It is much simpler, made up of the coupling of spring and shock absorber.

Final Words

In this long article, we have seen how they are made and how to choose the best suspension lift kits in 2024. It is a system that improves your driving comfort. It offers you set-up alternatives that those who own a car with traditional suspension cannot have. They require a little care in the maintenance phase and have decidedly higher complexity and costs.