What is the purpose of an Electrical Installation Condition Report?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a formal document that is made through the proper assessment of electrical installation. There are experts and qualified electricians who do this job.

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For instance, how long will it take to get the report? And what things are included in it? Furthermore, the total cost of the report too.

Whether you are going to buy a new home or any commercial property, it is important to get the EICR. This is not a choice but a thing that must be done, according to the law. So if you are going to rent out your place, you should get the EICR. This will relax the tenant and assures him that he is having a safe living space.

Things included in the Electrical Installation Condition Report

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According to the British Standard BS-7671, the formal report should be on 7 pages, at least. Furthermore, the key points should include,

  • Check that whether the consumer unit complies with the 18th edition BS-7671 new regulations.
  • Furthermore, also check that the current fault complies with the BS-7671 regulations. And also check for the External Loop Impedance Ze.
  • In addition to the external impedance, you also need to check for the Internal Loop Impedance Ze.
  • Test and check that whether the earth coding complies with the regulations or not.
  • IP44 or IP65, enclosures related to the Bathroom lights.
  • Mention the consumer unit suitability.
  • Do mention the insulation measures.
  • Ensure the electrical continuity by checking the loop impedance in the whole wiring.
  • Do test the load-bearing capacity of each circuit.
  • Details about the wiring include the type of the wires, their age and condition at the time of the report.
  • In case of any general tear and wear, note it and do mention it in the report.
  • Check for all the fittings and their locations visually. Furthermore, do report if the sockets do not have the right fitting. For example, if they are too close to the floor or too high to reach.
  • Also, note any change in the use of premises. For example, if it was a residential property but is now used for commercial purposes. This might impact the electrical installations and deficiencies.

Why should a household request EICR?

There might be a hundred reasons to get the EIC report but is it really necessary? Of course, the electrical wiring system of your home is directly related to your safety. Therefore, you should get regular checkups in case you hear some uncommon sounds or see sparks.

Furthermore, when you are renting out your place or you are selling the house, EICR becomes a plus point. Thus, you can easily increase the rate for providing extra safety measures.

It is recommended that you carry out a thorough inspection (EICR) after every 10 years, in the case of domestic homes. Thus, you will know if there is any deterioration or wear or tear.
Some of the other reasons include;

Age of installation

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Aging is a process that happens with everything. Of course, wirings are not excluded. Technology and materials change with time and so do the safety requirements. But with old and worn-out wirings, you will always be at a risk.

Therefore, if your house has older electrical installations, you should carry out EICR more often.
For instance, if a 10 year older household is getting an installation report after a decade, 50 years older should get after 5 years. If possible, they should get a yearly electrical checkup to ensure that all the wirings are good to go.

Type of property

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The purpose of getting an installation report also affects the type of property. Because the electrical use varies with that. For example, if you have a family of 5 or 6, you will have less electrical use. Similarly, a family of 3 will have an even lesser electricity consumption. Because they will only have to use kitchen appliances, washing machines, hairdryer etc.

On the contrary, a commercial work setting will have excessive electrical use. They will have machinery that works for longer hours. Furthermore, during working hours, every room will use lights and air conditioners. Thus, the load on the wiring and fuse will increase. Therefore, you will need more regular inspections for commercial properties.
Similarly, if you are running a water park or your property includes a swimming pool, there will be more risk. No wirings should be left naked around water. Furthermore, the wires should be completely covered to reduce any possible contact with water. But in this case, only the installations around the pool will need inspection and not the entire property.

Change in the use of premises

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You need to carry out a detailed Electrical Installation Condition Report if you are changing the use of your premises. For instance, if you were using the property personally but now you are planning to sell or rent it out. You will need the report to ensure the safety of the place. It will increase the worth of your property. Moreover, the buyer will have a sense of security.

Furthermore, if your property was used for rental purposes before, it definitely needs a checkup. You clearly know that very few people take care of the things that belong to others. So if you have emptied your space, there is a possibility of any wear or tear or deterioration. Therefore, it will be a bit risky to live there.

In addition to these factors, there are environmental conditions and vandalism issues. Therefore, it is recommended to go through a thorough checkup. And if you care about your safety, you should never ignore it.