Tips to Achieving Maximum Comfort in Your Home

Even with our busy schedules between work and running errands to attending functions, our homes remain to be our little havens. Most of us go through our day looking forward to that moment when we will get home and have that hot cup of coffee while sitting on that favorite couch. With the current happenings around the globe, homes have become the center for everything. The covid 19 pandemic moved offices to homes, and control measures like lockdowns have restricted the majority of us to our homes. So how can we ensure that we make our homes as comfortable as possible for us?

Exterior Design Tips For a Cozy Home


When we talk about a cozy home, we don’t only mean the interior of your home. The exterior design and appearance of your dwelling speaks volumes about your personality and your comfort. Your guests will probably judge your home by what they see on the outside before you even invite them inside. Here are some tips on how you can decorate the exterior of your house.

  • Plant a garden: Having a garden in your home gives your home a warm and exquisite feel to it. Make it a point to plant flowers and plants that have a nice colorful look that is attractive to the eyes. A garden will make your surroundings fresh as we know plants emit oxygen for us to breathe in.
  • Create exterior sitting spaces: An outdoor sitting space can be a bar, a small dining area, or a patio where your family members and your guests can sit and relax while admiring the surroundings. Make sure you set up this space using colours that match the theme of your home so everything can be nice and beautiful together.
  • Go the vintage way: While setting up exterior sears or tables, try to source for vintage material. Vintage has the ability to make a space look exquisite and expensive. You will find most vintage material at very affordable prices if you know where to look.
  • Invest in big beautiful windows: Windows can work magic in your home. You can design your house with floor-to-ceiling windows, which ensure that you get maximum light into your home and also make your house look more inviting and warm. These types of windows are usually made from insulated glass. Glass insulation cannot be achieved without the use of a molecular sieve for oxygen concentrator from, which acts as a desiccant for air drying.
  • Hang exterior lights: Consider hanging outdoor strip lights. You can invest in nice and beautiful LED string lights to add that warm feeling to your home. These lights will also help brighten up your space at night time.
    Add a water feature: It doesn’t have to be a big waterfall to achieve that peaceful feeling in your home. You can have small water bowls placed anywhere in your outdoor space, ideally in the garden, to provide that constant tranquil sound in your home.

Interior Design Tips For a Cozy Home


After decorating your exterior space, you can now proceed to work on the interior of your house. Decorating your interior space should not be an exhausting and stressful process. Have fun with it and always go with your guts. Consider the things you like and don’t do something because you saw someone else do it. You can borrow ideas but only those that go with your personality and what you are comfortable with. Some of the ideas for interior design include;

  • Hanging artwork and mirrors: Look for beautiful pieces of artwork, both small and big. Hang artwork on open spaces that allow them to be easily visible and alluring to the eyes. Mirrors work the magic of making your space look bigger and less congested. Consider using decorative mirrors and not just plain ones. They should match with the theme of your house.
  • Use decorative lights: Lighting is everything in a home. Well-lit houses appear big and spacious even when the actual measurements say otherwise. Look for nice pieces of lighting, including chandeliers that add that sophistication to your space. Use the right sizes for a particular room without it looking like it’s too much.
  • Use decorative pieces: These pieces can include things like coffee table books, beautiful knitted throw blankets, and beautifully crafted glass bottles. These tiny little pieces will instantly elevate the appearance of your space.
  • Add an aquarium: Just staring at those little fishes swimming around in your beautifully crafted home aquarium is everything. It will bring that museum feeling to your home, and trust me; it is one of the most therapeutic moments you can have in your home.

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The Bottom Line

There are a thousand more different ways to make your home comfortable for you. The idea is to understand yourself better and to figure out all the things that make you happy. Make sure that picture you hang on that wall is the first thing you want to see when you wake up and at night before you sleep. Your visitors also need to be wowed but remember that they will come and go.