10 Subtle Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching which means many people are beginning to pull out their decorations and deck their homes out for the festive season. This usually entails moving furniture around and emptying off shelves and mantlepieces to make room for the season-specific decorations. A lot of times, houses will look completely different, but this overhaul and the effort associated with it isn’t for everyone.

If you like Christmas but don’t enjoy moving everything around to accommodate it, subtle decorations are the way forward. They’re not as bold as tinsel, fake snow, and stockings on every visible surface, but they’re often enough to get you in the spirit.

We’ve put together ten subtle Christmas decoration ideas you can use if a more minimalistic approach is what you’re after this year.

1. Fairy light curtain

Nothing says Christmas quite like twinkling fairy lights, but they’re not just reserved for a fully-fledged Christmas tree. Simply putting up a fairy light curtain against your door or window will signal that Christmas has arrived. You can buy curtains online for a low cost, or you can make your own.

If an entire curtain isn’t your thing, there are still ways you can add some Christmas shine to your home. Try wrapping them around a banister, handrail, mantlepiece, beams made from either wood or sections of steel (click here to learn more), or putting them into jars and lanterns.

Wherever you choose to put lights, they’ll look extra cozy and ambient when night falls.

2. Mantlepiece garland

If you’ve got a mantlepiece, one of the easiest ways you can prepare for the holidays is to adorn it with a garland. It can be as ornate or minimalistic as you like. If you’re not a fan of a Christmas tree, a garland is a great way to get some green into your house, as well as some baubles if you so choose.

Garlands tend to be easy to install using tape or hooks, and they can be pretty affordable, too. The only thing you need to really consider is if your fireplace is a real one and how you’re going to keep it safe from naked flames.

3. Red/green/plaid soft furnishings

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Christmas has two distinct colors: red and green. There is also a pattern that most people associate with December 25th, and that’s plaid. If you’re really against proper decorations, switching out your existing throws and cushions for green, red, or plaid ones for the duration of the holidays is a great way to minimally introduce the festivities into your home.

4. Simple wreaths

Lots of people decorate their doors with chunky wreaths at Christmas time. Wreaths look undeniably good, but oversized ones with 50 baubles and twinkling lights aren’t for everyone. For those who prefer to keep things more toned down, a copper hoop with a spattering of snow-sprayed foliage in one corner is the perfect alternative. You can even hang some on your indoor doors if you’re a fan of any other type of decoration. If you can’t find one you like, you can make your own.

5. Scented candles

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Even if your house doesn’t look like Christmas, it can certainly smell like it! Light a few cinnamon, fern, and gingerbread candles to give your house a festive feel without the clutter of ornaments.

6. Branch with baubles

The final subtle way you can introduce Christmas to your home is by swapping the clunky tree for something far more stripped back. On your next winter walk, keep an eye out for a decent size branch that can be inserted into a jar with baubles hung off the twigs. This will look great on a dining room table or side table, especially if you’re pinched for space.

7. Festive blankets and pillows.

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Incorporating warm blankets and festive pillows with pops of gold, green, red, or any other bright holiday hues to your regular home decor is a great way to bring coziness. Plaids, Christmas patterns, seasonal colors, and even making your own Christmas-themed pillow are all great ways to add warmth to your space. A fast plaid throw tip: we bought some inexpensive plaid fabric from Walmart and used it as a Christmas throw, and no one noticed!

8.​​Wrapped presents.

Putting Christmas presents and arranging them under the tree gives your holiday decor that extra sparkle. You can wrap Christmas presents in a variety of ways, and you can even wrap faux packages to seem like Christmas gifts to set beneath your tree or to add to your Christmas settings before wrapping your real gifts. Add some charming ribbon, decorations, and even blackboard gift tags, and you’ve got yourself some lovely holiday decor for beneath the tree. Wrapping tip: The dollar store has some excellent brown construction paper that looks fantastic when matched with some natural components from your yard. Holiday wrapping paper that is both inexpensive and stylish!

9. Dining Room Decor.

You may not be holding a big Christmas party this year, but by bringing some Christmas decor to your dining area, you can make every mealtime you and your family have a festive feast. Your dining area will instantly scream Christmas by just placing a showpiece of candles and foliage, or any other holiday centerpiece of your choice. Note that being attractive does not have to be expensive.

10. A Hot Chocolate Bar

Or any other type of party bar. Making a simple hot chocolate or beverage bar is a terrific way to get your house ready for a Christmas celebration right away. This doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can make it with items you already have on hand, such as coffee cups, straws, hot chocolate, marshmallows, and other tools. With a gorgeous hot chocolate bar that everyone will be talking about, you can transform your Christmas decor and gatherings from boring to spectacular in seconds.

Will you be implementing any of these subtle Christmas décor ideas this year?