6 Ways To Make Your Pond Safer For Children

Ponds are categorized into two; natural ones and man-made ponds. They have several uses; they provide water, can be used to breed fish, aid in biodiversity, and are also energy sources. The main difference between natural and artificial ponds is that natural ones have natural outlets and inlets while artificials do not. The only source of water for artificial ponds is rainwater.

Additionally, they also beautify your garden and can be used for recreational swimming. These purposes justify having ponds in our compounds, but we should also keep in mind that they are potentially hazardous for our children. It is easy for toddlers to wander around and maybe drown without adult supervision. This article looks at how we can make them safer for our children.


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Erect a fence about one meter high around your pond. The fence should be sturdy enough to prevent children from accessing the pond. A wire mesh fence or even a glass fence is effective for this job.

The fence should be around 1.2 meters or four feet high to effectively keep children away from the pond. This is because children at a young age are very resourceful and could find ways to maneuver over the fence if it is not high enough. Though it is effective in keeping children safe, fencing reduces the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Pond Alarms

Advanced technology is greatly beneficial as it has simplified a lot of tasks. These days you can easily look after your children with the help of technology. From nanny cams to baby cry pagers, technology is practically raising our kids.

Technology can as well be applied in this instance, installing an alarm at the garden gate will notify you in case a child tries to go into the garden unsupervised. A more advanced motion detection system will also alert you when the children are trying to access the pool and you can act accordingly.

Covering The Pond

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Another method of keeping your pond childproof is by covering them. This can be done by covering the surface of the pond with a material strong enough to support the child’s weight. Mesh or grill covers are suitable for this as they can support the child comfortably.

The cover should not be made of a material that will easily rust as it will not be effective for long. The gaps in the mesh or grill cover should be wide enough to allow the growth of plants. Covering the pond is a better option than fencing as you will still maintain the aesthetic appeal of your compound.

Ensure That The Pond Water Is Safe

By keeping the pond water clean and safe you also protect the children as they sometimes get to hang around the pool. Maintenance of the pond should be carried out regularly, always keep the water clean and clear. Ensure that you get rid of all the sludge in your pond and remove the dirty leaves or other materials that fall on the surface.

The pond water should be treated naturally and not with potentially harmful chemicals. These could harm children and even adults as they sometimes dip their hands or legs in the water.

Ponds are also used for swimming emphasizing the need to treat the water with non-harmful substances. Moreover, the chemicals could also harm the fish where they are used for fish breeding.

Floating Docks

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Floating docks can be installed in larger ponds that are used for recreational swimming or fishing. A floating dock is removable making it easier to prevent access to water when required. Docks are used for “parking” boats and children due to their curious nature may try to reach the boats. This is very risky as they can fall into the water and end up drowning.

Installation of a floating dock will help prevent this, they can be removed when not in use and hence prevent kids from going near the water. A suitable floating dock for a pond is easily constructed but factors like the depth of the water have to be thoroughly analyzed. Check here for more info.

Elevating The Pond

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Raising the edges of the pond will discourage children from accessing it. Constructing stone walls of a height of one and a half feet around the pond will make it difficult for the younger children to get into it.

This is practical for shallow ponds and can be found in many establishments like hotels and malls. They are mainly for decorative purposes.


The best way to ensure your children are safe when you have a pond in your home or nearby is supervision. Children are restless and curious by nature and are thus instinctively drawn to ponds. Adult supervision is the only guaranteed solution that can keep kids from drowning or getting injured when they accidentally fall into the ponds.

Adults have many responsibilities and cannot keep an eye on the children 24/7. This means that we have to improvise and find other ways in which we can keep our children safe. This article provides ways to keep our ponds safer for children. These methods are effective but not guaranteed as children are very creative and can find ways to evade these safety measures.