A Guide in Choosing the Ideal Motorcycle Boots

Many motorbike riders forget using motorcycle boots. Riders usually overlook these boots, as most motorcycle enthusiasts would instead go through their ride wearing their classic worn-out sneakers. Even in the summer heat, they would rather wear a pair of flip-flops to alleviate themselves from the warmth.

However, motorcycle boots are more important than what riders realize. Your feet are responsible for braking and shifting gears, and thus, are the second most vital contact with your bike, next to your hands. They are also most vulnerable to abrasions and cuts from untoward falls and slips. Motorcycle boots could give you the efficiency and protection you need when riding.

Why Should You Wear Boots?

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Riding boots are not promoted for you to look good while on your bike. It is created and designed to add to your safety. No one is born invincible anyway, and the right kind of footwear would at least assure you a little less pain or injury should any accident happens.

It does not mean that these boots will totally save you from getting wounded. But if you examine the injury from a motorcycle accident and compare the one wearing riding boots from another wearing a regular boots, you will see that the former have less injuries.

The most delicate part of the foot are the toe and ankle area. In most accidents, these parts are often twisted and broken. If not properly protected, it is likely that the rider would end up crippled for having a broken foot or feet, if that is the case.

We have seen motorcycle accidents – some have even seen the worst. And to think about the parts of the human body that would need utmost protection during these unexpected incidents, is a showing that a rider values his life the most. For how one can enjoy the pleasures of riding when the body is not in a good condition, right?

Despite this fact, some riders do not think much about the proper riding boots. They thought that any footwear would do. But there are special features of riding boots that you should really consider.

Riding boots have toe sliders that protects the ankle from twisting. Broken feet and ankles are also prevented because of the steel shank inside the sole making the boot sturdy enough to avoid folding during an accident.

But these footwear is not all steel and hard to the point of sacrificing some comfort. It has more features for the safety and comfort of the motorcycle riders. Take for one the need to always shift gears. To prevent from tearing, the boots have a special padding at the toe shifter area.

Considering all these, you should, at least by now, understand why is there a need to choose the right motorcycle boots.

Understandably, it could be intimidating to select your footwear. Given the vast array of boot selection, choosing the perfect pair could be an overwhelming decision. Therefore, we have prepared a short guide in selecting your dream pair.

1. Choose the boot that suits your style and ride type the best.

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In addition to the efficiency and protection motorcycle boots provide, they also give your riding fit more visual appeal. They finish that stereotypical motorbike rider look. However, just like how you would choose the styles of your riding suit, helmet, and gloves, every person also has a distinct preference for their boots.

There are a lot of styles and types of these riding boots for you to choose from. For example, if you are into the strap features, the unisex harness boots have straps to wrap your foot snuggly.

The selection also depends on the season! The type of ride is also essential when choosing boots. You may opt for tall biker boots during cold and wet seasons to give your foot and leg additional warmth. Meanwhile, select boots that provide ventilation during warmer rides. Brands like Pandomoto have an array of selections that will surely fit your style.

2. Select your ideal boot height

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Analogous to your ideal boot type, the height of your footwear could also dictate which boot you may purchase. More often than not, your choice of booth height also depends on your purpose.

Choose a tall biker boot covering your foot until your knees to provide extra protection for those who thrive in race tracks. The speed that races require also accounts for additional risks, and thus, you would need to ensure increased safety.

However, strolling around your neighborhood streets would not necessitate bulky boots. Short, do-it-all boots perfect for everyday use would suffice.

3. Inspect the boot material.

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Similar to shopping for clothes, motorbike boots also come in different materials. Leather, plastic, wool, cloth, and other synthetic materials usually comprise motorcycle boots. Depending on your purpose and budget, you can choose your boot out of your favorite material.

However, a short piece of advice from us is that you would never go wrong with investing in good-quality leather. Leather is durable and light and provides a sleek design to your ride outfit.

Besides the overall material, look for the quality of the stitching and the sole. Boots should be of high quality and should stand the test of time. Especially if your rides are not typically casual, a boot that could withstand all kinds of weather and could last long is a no-brainer.

4. Check boot and sole size.

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Although this is a piece of recurrent advice, you would be surprised at how many people regret sacrificing their comfort for the wrong boot size. Your standard boot size may not be the same as your boot size. Hence, it is essential to fit all types of boots and sizes to find the perfect pair.

The additional time and effort you exert to find the most comfortable pair could save you from all the blisters. Furthermore, it will also save you a lot of money since the chances are high that you would forget wearing a pair of boots of the wrong size due to the discomfort.

Motorcycle boots are more important than what you initially thought. Thus, although choosing from a wide variety of boot selections can be daunting, the extra time and effort could save you from a lot of stress. We hope that the guide above can help you find your perfect pair.