10 Must-Haves for Motorcycle Riders in 2024

Motorcycle riders are a special breed of people. They have to be tough, courageous, and independent. Ride a moto, and you want to make sure that you stay safe, right? Of course! There are some essential things every moto rider should own to keep themselves and others on the road safe.

They need to know what they’re doing, which is why we’ve created this list of the ten must-haves for motorbike riders that should never leave their side!

1) Know your state’s helmet laws.

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Did you know that 21 states require helmets for all motorcyclists? And 30 other states do not have universal helmet laws. They specifically allow riders over 21 years old to ride without wearing one, though it is still highly advised. In motorbike rider groups, this is a significant issue that is discussed. Here’s another motorcycle law to be aware of: In every state, the motorcycle driver must have one hand on the handlebars at all times.

2) Always carry proof of insurance.

Motorcycles can be significant investments, so it’s good to protect your bike with the proper coverage. Plus, many car drivers don’t realize that motorbike insurance is required in nearly every state. If you are ever involved in an accident, insurance can determine who is at fault, so it’s essential to keep updated copies of your moto insurance card with you just in case.

3) Spare motorcycle parts.

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On motorcycle trips, you never know what can happen. Bring bike parts such as extra motorbike helmets (in case one is damaged), motorcycle tire repair kits, and bike jumper cables with you on your trip to be prepared for the unexpected.

It’s always a good idea to keep extra motorbike parts and tools on hand like tire plugs, an extra spark plug, and even a gas can in case you run out of fuel (and you’re still not stranded, thanks to the moto GPS tracker).

4) A motorcycle GPS tracker.

Just because it’s easier than ever to navigate using smartphone apps doesn’t mean they are 100% reliable, especially for riders! Give yourself some backup by investing in a motorcycle GPS tracker that can’t be knocked off or stolen easily. Try out the Monimoto GPS tracker and make sure that you don’t forget to use this essential motorcycle safety device when you are riding around wintertime too! According to bike safety experts, motorbike accidents are more common in the wintertime because roads are wetter and slipperier.

5) Know how to change a motorcycle tire.

You never know when you might be stranded on the road, but knowing how to change your bike tire yourself could save your life (or at least give you an excuse to stop for ice cream). You can find bike tire repair kits online or at bike supply stores. Practice changing your motorcycle’s tire now and again so that it comes second nature if need be. This is one of the basics. Learn this before riding out there.

6) A motorcycle recovery kit.

Load up on motorbike recovery kits that come with jumper cables, carabiners, an extra bike battery, and more. This motorbike safety kit will keep your moto going even if the motorbike battery is damaged after an accident.

You can get bike recovery kits specially designed for your motorcycle type (e.g., cruiser motorcycle recovery kit).

7) Carry a reflective safety vest.

The best way to stay safe is to be visible, so always carry a reflective safety vest in case you need it! The motorcycle rider can wear the motorbike safety vest when it gets dark outside to make sure other motorists are aware of their presence.

Many motorcycle riders choose to put the vest on over their suits or jackets so they won’t have to remove any layers when riding through wintertime weather conditions too!

8) Carry high-visibility motorcycle gear.

When riding at night time or during low visibility times of day like early morning or evening (or even foggy conditions), motorbike riders need to use bike high-visibility gear or reflective bike clothing so that drivers know they are on the road. Bright moto jackets and motorcycle riding pants can be a lifesaver in low visibility conditions!

9) Carry motorcycle hand warmers.

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Even if you ride in a warmer region of the country, there is still a chance for temperatures to drop down low sometimes – especially at night! Bike riders need motorbike hand-warmers to keep their hands from getting cold while they are riding. You can get motorbike hand warmers in disposable or reusable styles, so you have the option of choosing which bike safety essential works best for you.

Keep your hands extra warm during motorcycle rides by carrying motorbike hand warmers along with you too.

10) A motorcycle survival kit.

Last but not least, load up on motorbike survival kits that come with gloves, sunscreen, lip balm, and more! This bike safety kit is a lifesaver when you’re stuck on the side of the road, waiting for motorbike assistance to arrive.

Having bike jumper cables in your trunk can be a lifesaver if your motorcycle isn’t working! Carrying moto jumper cables means that you don’t have to wait around for a tow truck or motorbike assistance in lousy weather conditions. If someone rides by and has motorbike jumper cables with them, you could be getting back on the road in no time – just make sure that everyone lets their moto run for a few minutes before disconnecting anything so that it is a safe jumpstart.

Remember to use motorbike GPS trackers and reflective clothing when riding at night, too, because these two bike rider essentials will keep you safe. Stay safe out there no matter what season it is!

As long as you make sure you always have these bike must-haves with you, you can feel safe riding around whenever or wherever – mainly thanks to the motorcycle GPS tracker that will keep track of where you are in case anything happens.

Whether it is summertime or wintertime, motorbike accidents can happen anytime and anywhere – and it’s good to be prepared!