Ceiling Light Tips: How To Choose Right Ceiling Light For Your Room

Ceiling lights are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home decor. Besides illuminating the space, these lights help set the right aura in the space around. False ceiling lights light up the space uniquely, unlike tube lights or utility lighting. Besides creating an overall illumination, False ceiling lights add drama to the space, underline the aesthetic of the space, and decide a lot about the vibe you feel in the space. To make things easy for you, we have got together 15 tips on choosing false ceiling lights. Find here the best branded ceiling lights like Philips Hue for your room.

1. Flush Mount Fixtures

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A flush mount fixture is the most suitable lighting option for spaces with low ceilings. Flush mount false ceiling lights design looks simple, sober, and attracts very little attention. In homes where kids or pets are attracted to hanging lights, using flush mount lights will be a wise decision. Flush mount fixtures illuminate a large space without being harsh to human eyes. You can incorporate varied types of light sources in these fixtures, but it’s best to choose the one that’s eco-friendly and energy-saving. This pleasant lighting method can be used to light up almost any and every space- from the bedroom to hallways to the bathroom. So, in case you were wondering how to choose false ceiling lights, now you’ve got the answer.

2. Semi-Flush Mount Fixtures

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In a scenario where you don’t have the necessary height to hang a chandelier, yet you don’t want to compromise with eloquent, unusual lighting in your home, semi-flush mount lighting comes to your rescue. A fusion of a chandelier and flush-mount fixtures, these lights can be hung from a moderate to a high ceiling. Semi-flush mount fixtures create ambient lighting and are inexpensive. Unlike a flush mount fixture, these lights direct light both upwards and downwards.

3. Recessed Lights

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In recessed lighting, the lighting fixtures are mounted within the ceilings. Recessed lights work best for low ceilings. Since these lights illuminate a shorter space, recessed lights need to be installed in a multitude to light up your apartment effectively. Ensure the ceiling has good insulation, or moisture will assemble within the recessed lights.

4. Cove Lights

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Cove lights are placed in false ceilings’ recesses and generally create soft and diffused lighting. Cove lights find use in false ceilings ‘tray’ or ‘islandic’ designs. Besides accentuating the beauty of the false ceiling, cove lights illuminate the space pleasantly.

5. Pendant Lights

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Pendant lights hang low over in your rooms, just like chandeliers. Pendant lights are often used in a cluster instead of a simple piece and create a focal point of interest on the ceiling. These lights look ornate and illuminate effectively.

6. Inverted-Pendant Lights

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Inverted pendant lights hang down and are pointed upwards. These lights are suitable for wholesome illumination. The lighting is pleasant to the eyes, and the lights look voguish.

7. Track Lights

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Strategically place track lights to illuminate a particular section on the wall underneath it. These lights are used to illuminate or bring to notice decorative paintings and curios on walls. With this, we believe you have got the answer on how to choose false ceiling lights.

8. LED Strips

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LED Strips are installed or laid out on fixtures mounted on the ceilings of your apartment to create dramatic and mystical lighting. This style of lighting evokes a sense of awe and mystery.

9. Contouring

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Once you know how to choose false ceiling lights, know how to place lights so that it accentuates the shape and structure of the false ceiling. Contouring decides the distribution and placement of lights on your false ceiling to make them look uniform and appealing.

10. Small Lights Can Be Efficient Enough

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You don’t need large-sized lights to light up a space. If distributed and properly placed, several small-sized lights will effectively illuminate the space without much ado. It is thus important to understand how to choose false ceiling lights for your interior decor.

 11. Utility Lights

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Utility lights used to be very common until some time back. They can be easily seen in public places like malls and clinics. Utility lights create a wholesome illumination in the surrounding space and are energy-efficient. These lights are flushed to the ceiling or incorporated within separate casings with LEDs.

12. Glass Ceiling Lights

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Glass is most suitable for diffuse light through it, so it’s the most popular material used for making light fixtures. Glass finds use in numerous decorative pieces for interior design. Glass ceiling lights are quintessential and easily blend with the overall aesthetic of your interior design.

13. Metal Ceiling Lights

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Metal is generally used for track and rail lighting fixtures. But today, metal finds a wider use. These are used to create casings in modern designs for light fixtures. Besides casings or light fixtures, even rods are made for fastening or hanging lights. The use of metal in these fixtures creates a style statement.

14. Spotlights

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These lights are used for a focused, concentrated, and well-defined illumination area. These lights can be placed on ceilings or added to ‘track and rail’ fixtures for accent lighting. LEDs of varying color and intensity make them dynamic in use.

15. Chandeliers

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Chandeliers add grandeur to your interior decor. These stunning lights hang low from the ceiling and have several ornate branches with many light sources. They look elegant and effectively illuminate the surrounding space. Select from a wide array of designs and materials available to get the chandelier that will perfectly match the aura of your interior decor.

Final Words

So, this was a round-up of our tips on how to choose the false ceiling lights for your home. Now, it’s time to spruce up your interior decor with these super cool lighting methods.

You will find various lighting options available in the market, but which is the right choice for you? When picked right, lighting can complement your home interiors.