How to Choose the Right Motability Car for Your Needs

Motability car comes from the term Motability scheme, which is a charity organization in the United Kingdom, with the main goal to help disabled people to lease a vehicle for their needs, by using the disability benefit in their favor. This scheme allows disabled people to practically rent a car, and pay for it weekly. They are a great option for those who struggle to move around in the usual ways or the people who are not able to use the public transport solutions.

Anyone with a disability can join the Motability Scheme to qualify for Motability vehicles, and more information is available at

However, there are several aspects to consider throughout the process. First, let’s look at how the Motability Scheme works.

Their purpose is to help people with specific needs get a custom vehicle. It is paid weekly, and the amount is determined in advance. That price includes maintenance costs. The vehicle user only has to pay for the fuel.

The disabled person can apply and take such a vehicle, even if he does not have a driver’s license. In fact, this scheme allows you to list three people who will drive the vehicle. It could be family members, friends, or care professionals. It is enough to have a valid driver’s license and be listed on the rental agreement. Many Motability scheme users are not able to drive on their own, so it is permissible for someone else to be listed as a driver. The most important thing is to use the vehicle for the benefit of the disabled person because that is the purpose of this scheme.

However, there are often questions related to how to properly exercise the right to use vehicles in this way. The good thing is that people with disabilities get a great way of not spending a lot of money on a new or used vehicle. A big advantage is that you can find a vehicle that is adjusted to the degree of disability of the user, ie to be able to drive themselves or have space for a wheelchair or other aids they use.

However, keep these things in mind:

1. Choose something that fits your budget


This means that you have the option to use your allowance in many ways. The first option is to use a vehicle that is cheaper than that, and the second is to be quite commensurate with the allowable amount. If that amount exceeds the price, then the additional costs are borne by the disabled person or the person responsible for them.

If you use a cheaper service, then the money paid in excess will be refunded according to the amount spent.

2. Find a properly equipped vehicle

Attach all the necessary documents with your application, so that the right vehicle for you can be located. Users of this scheme have varying degrees of disabilities, which means that sometimes additional adjustments are required. There are many options, from wheelchair access to customizing the car according to the needs of the user.

3. Check your eligibility


Almost every person with disabilities has the right to use the vehicle in this way, whether it is a child with a disability, an adult with a disability, military retirees, or members of the military. Also entitled to this service are those who need a specially adapted vehicle to be almost independent. The Motability Scheme is great for anyone with a disability, to be as independent as possible from family and friends, or to get multi-level relief. Buying a custom vehicle can be a very expensive investment, but fortunately, there are ways to do it all at a lower cost.

4. How can the vehicle be adapted?

There are several ways in which the vehicle can be tailored to the needs of the user. For example, handheld controllers, solid seating aids, adapted pedals, remote control functions, wheelchair ramps, and so on can be added. The Motability scheme offers over 500 adaptations and it can be said that all are for the benefit of the user. The person using the service can list the specific needs and get the required car in a short time, even if there was no such offer before.

All further adaptations are possible without paying large sums of money, and sometimes even completely free. Note that sometimes some adaptation will not be possible, but they will try to adjust it closest to the request.

5. What happens when the contract expires?


When the lease comes to an end, you will be contacted with an offer for a new vehicle or extension of service for the same. If you need a new vehicle, you can get an extension of service until the new one is fully ready. In doing so, you need to be aware of the additional costs. Insurance is covered by your payments, but there are other costs that are not included in the plan. For example, additional insurance or traffic fines are all at the expense of the user. Use of the parking service is also up to the user. Additional adaptations are allowed, especially if the Motability scheme does not cover them initially, but they are also at the user’s expense. Finally, you need to provide evidence of what has been done, in case you return the car to the supplier.


From all that we have said, you can see for yourself that disabled people have enough rights and opportunities when it comes to their mobility. What we hope is that the service will be used fairly and correctly. If you are eligible for this type of help, then be well informed about everything you need to get it. That way you can be sure that your payment will be processed on time and you will exercise your right to a vehicle through this scheme.

The choice depends on the offer itself, but the chances are high that you will get exactly the car you want and need.

Follow the instructions from this article, and use them as tips to choose the right Motability car for your needs.