8 Rules To Make Your Presents Stand Out

The tradition of giving and exchanging gifts and presents have been around for  a long time now. However, the way in which we choose and hand over our presents have changed drastically. Gone are the days when you could choose gifts like pens, cards etc. and wrap them in a simple brown paper.

People are investing more time, energy, effort and money on the selection of presents. There is also a need and desire to choose a present that is meaningful, thoughtful, useful and unique. This is where people get confused.

When it comes to gifting your closed ones, there are many ways in which you can enhance their experience. Since you know them up close and personal, you can give in more effort and thought in embellishing their presents for an extra special feel. As presents constitute a major part of any celebration, they need to be aesthetically pleasing from the outside as well. If you are wondering how, we have the answer.

Some Ways To Make Your Presents Stand Out

Here are some points to take note of while choosing a present to gift to someone that stands out. Let us look at them:

1. Personalization And Customization

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The best way to enhance and make your product stand out is to get it personalized and customize it. It shows that you have given more thought into it. You can make it resonate with the person you are presenting it to. This makes it more special for them. You can also add elements containing their names, initials etc.

2. Try Keepsakes

Another way of personalization and customization of presents is to add any sort of modern keepsakes in it. For example, if you are gifting them a bag, you can monogram their name on it or if you are giving a mug or a pillow as a present, you can etch initials of their name on it. These options also include souvenirs, mementos, tokens of memory, symbols etc. These give an extra touch of effort to your present and make it stand out from other normal ones.

3. Go For Baskets And Hampers

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Giving your loved ones a present can be a complicated task. There could be any instances where you are not able to decide or end up on one particular thing. This is when you can go with baskets or hampers. This can include different kinds of goodies such as perfumes, jewelry, watches, keychains, bags, sunglasses, etc. Indulging snacks, wine, cookies can also be added. The best thing about gifts and hampers is that you can decorate it beautifully with the help of net, ribbons, laces, glitter etc.

4. Choose Handmade

With a lot of different options of presents available in the market, it can be really difficult to select one. Many people now do not want to present something plain and simple. In such a scenario, they can opt for things and goodies that are handmade. Some examples of it can be hand printed clothes, handmade accessories, handmade artifacts, handcrafted footwear and bags, etc. Since these hold a lot more value and beauty, you can go for handmade packaging as well. You can do it with newspaper, satin cloth etc.

5. Wrapping is the USP

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Apart from selecting what to present to your friends, family and loved ones, wrapping them is another task which needs to be thought about. There are many unique and creative ways to wrap a present. When it comes to paper wrappers, you can go with floral or funky prints. Ribbons, laces, bows, burlaps, glitter or cello tapes can also be tied around the wrapper to make your present stand out. Other additions for gift wrapping can be flowers, embroidery, gift tags, pompoms etc.

6. Be Environment Friendly

There are many special occasions throughout the year where we need to give and take presents to our family, friends and loved ones. But this doesn’t mean that we pollute and harm the environment. Thus, in order to enhance the value of your present and make it stand out, you can add elements that are biodegradable or reusable. Also, adding things like customized gift tags and message notes for the recipient can make them cherish those for years to come and will reduce the stress of unnecessary waste on the planet. You can click here to check out some of the best Christmas ideas for gifting presents.

7. Keep It Simple

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Now that we have discussed some unique ways to make your present stand out, you shouldn’t forget that the more complex your ideas will be the more difficult it’s going to be to curate a gift. Thus, keep it simple with the intention of making the recipient of your present feel special. By adhering to the saying of less is more especially as far as packaging or wrapping is concerned, you can make your present more remarkable.

8. Make It Memorable

We exchange presents with everyone, be it friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances etc. And on many occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, promotions and other social events. Sometimes we give presents to people according to their relations with us or according to the event we are invited to. Whatever it might be, try to make it memorable with their interests and preferences. Getting a notch further with your effort can definitely make you stand out among others.


Whether it is customizing your present or adding keepsakes to it, curating a hamper with all the goodies for the recipient or choosing handmade ones, this list will definitely help you to take your present to a next level. Remember that wrapping is the main element that can enhance the beauty of your present.

Keeping it simple or funky, keeping it trendy or classic, you can play around and explore your own creativity while doing so. A little bit of research and doing what you feel like is the best way to go about it. Just do not forget to do it with a lot of love!