8 Best Thermal Rifle Scopes For Day & Night Hunting

If you are a fan of hunting, and you are often enjoying this hobby, then you know how important it is to have the proper equipment. Before you organize a group and buy the weapons, it is crucial to check the regulations in your country to see where you are allowed to hunt, and which animals you can kill.

The most popular options for hunting are bows and rifles. The bows are for people who are looking for adventures in the wild, and you can expect that the sessions will be much more challenging. On the other side, rifles provide the best efficiency. Also, there are different models available, and you can upgrade them with tools for improved accuracy as well.

One of the best solutions to improve the effectiveness is to install a thermal scope on your rifle. You can visit agmglobalvision.com to read more about this device. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some of the best thermal scopes available on the market in 2024.

1. Trijicon IR

Source: americanrifleman.org

This is a high-end product that represents one of the best scopes in this category. The advantages are high details, accuracy, and modern technology used in the production. Moreover, it provides an excellent zooming function along with additional controls.

The weight is under one kilogram, which is perfect for bigger rifles. The optical zoom is 2.5, while there is an available digital zoom similar to those on smartphones. However, the battery could be better since it provides only around 4 hours when fully charged. The price is around $6,500.

2. Op Mod Thor

Source: gun.deals

If you are looking for a more affordable solution that can still provide you with some excellent functions, the Thor from Op Mod is the best option. The price of this product is only around $1,100. Also, we have to mention that you will get a full warranty.

Another great feature is the long-lasting battery that will last for more than 10 hours. The only disadvantage is the lack of colors on the display since you can see only black and white. The weight is around 600 grams, and you can easily install it even on smaller rifles.

3. AGM Secutor

Source: talosdefense.com

The Secutor is a professional thermal scope created for professional weapons. It is one of the best products in a price range between $3,000 and $5,000. The main benefit is related to hunters who prefer chasing the animals since it provides outstanding accuracy from a shorter distance.

While there is a lack of some digital options, it should not represent a significant downside. The contrast is decent as well, with eleven colors and double zooming. The fast refresh rate will help you catch smaller animals that are close.

4. ATN 384

Source: atneu.com

The interesting fact is that this is another device with the nickname Thor. It is targeting hunters who are not interested in spending too much money on a thermal scope. Even though it costs only $2,000, it shares some features with much more expensive items.

The refresh rate of 60Hz is great for hunting fast animals from a short distance. The range is over 700 meters. The reason why it is cheaper is related to some issues related to controls and quality. Still, there is no reason to worry because the company is offer three years of warranty for this product.

5. ATN 160

Source: atneu.com

As you can see, ATN is a very popular brand when it comes to hunting equipment. You can get a clear vision of an animal from a distance of almost 200 meters, which is an amazing feature. Another advantage is the price of only $1,000.

That makes it the perfect option for beginners who are not ready to invest in high-end equipment. The battery will last over 10 hours without any issues, the scope is lightweight, and it will be easier to track smaller animals with it.

6. Sig Sauer Echo 3

Source: escapefromtarkov.fandom.com

If you are using a lightweight weapon, and it would be a problem to attach the additional equipment to it, the best option is to choose this item since you can install it on your head. One of the main advantages is that it has a motion detector, which will help you track animals much easier. Also, the installation is quite simple. Mover, you can zoom up to six times with it.

7. Burris BTC 50

Source: jagerblut.de

This is one of the most advanced scopes that you can find for a price of around $3,000. The refresh rate is at a decent 50 Hz, while the resolution is 400 x 300. One of the main benefits is simplicity. It will be easy for beginners to manage to install it and learn how to use it properly. Also, we have to mention the special feature where you can change mods according to the weather, time of the day and night, and the ambient, so you can reach a higher precision.

8. Pulsar Trail

Source: scottcountry.co.uk

According to many hunters, this is one of the best devices that you can use in hunting. First of all, we have to mention the amazing distance of over 1,500 meters. It will help you to reach higher accuracy as well. The refresh rate is decent. Moreover, it provides a clearer image when compared to many other options.

The Bottom Line

Hunting is a great hobby and an excellent way to spend time in nature. However, we are aware of the fact that each hunger is looking for better results. Competitiveness is quite common in this sport. Therefore, investing in good equipment is the best way to improve your results. Also, you will be able to enjoy hunting during the night in the same way as you do during the day.

Night hunting is a whole new experience, especially when you can avoid using lots of lights and rely only on your thermal scope. If you are not sure which of these products to choose, the best way is to first determine the budget, skills, experience, and preferences.