A Deep Dive into Modern Pool Decks Designs

No matter how small a property looks, adding a swimming pool to it creates a big difference. Houses and designs that emerge in this post-modern era give birth to innovative aesthetics.

Innovative works involve maximizing small spaces to restoring old items and making them function good as new.

In today’s article, get to know the newest deck designs and backyard trends.

Modern Pool Decks Materials and Design Ideas

Anywhere that you find a swimming spot is an awesome place to be. Whether you have decks built with the most lucrative design or use the most expensive material, the result is a fun experience beside the waters.

So, choosing the design for your decks will ultimately depend on your requirements, as experts recommend. It will also help best if you use available innovations in the market.

Here are upcoming trends in pool deck materials that are worth your try:

  • Stamped overlay decks
  • Aluminum decks
  • Composite wood decks
  • Wooden stamped
  • Textured concrete
  • Aggregate finish decks

Check out your local industrial finishing stores, and you will find materials that you can incorporate with the past to newer trends for your pools. Now take a preview of some of those upcoming concrete deckings and other trends.

Newest Trends to Dive in the Future

People nowadays become more practical in their choices. And this includes designing their spaces.

1- Backyard Pools

Source: unsplash.com

Are you thinking of taking away the swimming area in your properties? You might think that they only take up space and takes a lump of your budget spending for repairs. Before you consider erasing them in your backyard, know this important tip.

Did you know that a water leisure spot is an asset to one’s property? You can have high reselling value if you have maintained a beautiful and functional water leisure spot on your property.

A residential swimming area nowadays does not have to look luxe like five-star hotel swimming pools. You can design decks that coincide with nature. An example of these is residential decks build to mimic the likes of Vegas resorts.

Local builders and experts at St. Louis stamped concrete contractors love mimicking luxury pools for ordinary homes. Check out their works and photos at decorativeconcreteresurfacing.com and have one of the designs come to life in your areas.

You can combine a stamped concrete deck to be surrounded by grassy patios. And then provide a space with a textured concrete deck or finish the transition steps with a gravel finish to mimic a sandy shoreline.

2- Container Pools

Source: shippingcontainerpools.com.au

Have you heard of the container pools? Look at examples of this at your favorite Pinterest board of modern swimming pools. The container swimming set-up also equates to your make-shift swimming place.

The idea of reusing old container van and aluminum decks as the water basin’s exterior is a very modern take in the construction industry. This design and material are gaining traction as more owners are joining this trend. This works especially for the owners of tiny houses.

It is a practical and cost-efficient way to add a swimming spot to a tiny property.

Cool Pools

Another trigger for your aesthetic synapses is the idea of cool pools. Often an owner wants something that offers both form and function. The “cool” designs do not only brag about their visual appeal. These types have cooling decks built around them.

Check out the different innovative materials that provide the pol decks with a heat repel flooring:

  • Classic knockdown acrylic texture
  • Concrete decking
  • Aggregate finish
  • Pebble Finish
  • Gravel Finish

3- Small Pool Designs

Source: thespruce.com

An example of this trend is the plunge pools. The small space takes the swimming pool design to the next level. Small swimming pools are pushed to the edge to take a plunge into the natural setting.

The natural setting as the grassy ground, the concrete walls, or the patriot near the house becomes its standard decks.

A small set-up promotes the use of accessible materials like wood planks. Having these materials around makes it easy for someone to DIY a lounging set or build extended decks to serve a multifunction space.

The plunge pools are just the tiny versions of your standard swimming area. The plunge design serves two roles. The first is for water therapy, and the other is your regular relaxation by plunging underwater.

4- Summer Lounging Pools

Source: unsplash.com

A summer-inspired theme for the swimming area will use a combination of those mentioned above. Live your best outdoor life with a water-lounging spot for a small backyard.

Consider this theme when revamping or recreating your backyards. Here are concepts that you can adapt to your home’s summer lounge.

Set the scene with rustic and raw materials.

Wood and concrete decks will make your swimming area feels rustic and modern at the same time. You can also add a layer of gravel finish to one of the paths leading to the decks.

Maximize the use of green materials.

It is an excellent idea to use what you initially have around our properties. If you live in a tropical area, palm trees and grassy outdoors will frequent the scenery outside.

Add drama to the swimming area with vines that climb the tree. How would you like Treebeard or Fangorn hanging out with you by the pool?

Add whimsical materials.

You can DIY a mosaic patio or pathway going to your water lounges. Use colorful tiles or pebbles to create mosaic patterns on the pool’s edges or accents on the decks. Pebbles are also sustainable materials. So once you use them, you can disassemble what you have and transfer them anywhere you want.

Be playful and let your mind dive into creativity. You may also opt to use staining techniques that uplift the look of your summer leisure spot. Stained concrete or wooden deck looks natural and easy to create.

Finishing Thoughts

There you go! These are just some ideas to go with your swimming spot! A quick call to an expert contractor will not cost a thing. Get their advice, or simply ask what the latest materials are available for you.

Do not get overwhelmed by modern pool deck designs that seem out of your reach. If you notice the list above, those ideas cater to maximizing space, your budget, and your creativity! Dive in!