4 Best Portable E-Readers And Tablets For Night Reading Or Reading

As an avid reader, the quiet night is the perfect time to get immersed in your current page-turner and cover more chapters. The growing availability of reading materials in electronic format means that you have to use tablets and other e-readers. According to reading health experts at Usessaywriters.com are warning that too much light in the dark of the night could damage your eyes and cut short your reading years. Such an assessment would get any reading enthusiast worried.

Technology companies and eReader manufacturers have a solution. Special tablets and e-readers are available for persons who have to spend long hours flipping through electronic pages. Other manufacturers have settings that allow you to adjust the level of brightness and allow you to read for long hours without potential damage to your eyes.

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A good tablet or e-reader is a relative term since each user has personal preferences. However, a few guiding principles will help you choose the best tablet or e-reader regardless of the manufacturer.

  •  Handling and usability- how fast does it open? How fast can you access files, how comfortable is the reader on your hands? Can you place it on your laps and take a comfortable position on a couch, bed, or dining table?
  •  Pixels- pixels affect the clarity of your screen and comfort of your eyes after long hours of reading. Choose an e-reader with the highest resolution so that the images are clear.
  • Screen Size- if the screen is too tiny, you will strain while you read. A widescreen could increase the brightness of the light, causing a strain to your eyes.
  • Battery life- it helps you to clock more hours without charging. It is never comfortable to read while tethered to the wall in the name of charging.
  • Sharing support- can you transfer or receive files from other devices and how easy is that process. Can you also edit or make notes using the e-reader? It helps you to create a seamless study process.
  • Adjustable brightness- comfortable brightness will depend on your eyes and the document you are reading. The tablet should allow you to change the level of brightness as the need arises.

It is normal to think about the price of the best e-reader for a night reader. Luckily, the market has numerous high-quality readers for different budgets. Here is a look at specific tablets and e-readers, including the attractive features they offer to users.

1. Kindle Paperwhite

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Kindle Paperwhite is a pioneer in the industry and is several steps ahead of most readers. It remains the most popular e-reader for children and adults alike. The manufacturers were thinking about the real book. Therefore, it makes reading to feel natural, including the flipping of pages.

Among the e-readers in its class, it is the thinnest. The small, manageable, and comfortable size allows you to read for long hours without feeling the weight. Setting on brightness and pixels also allow you to read for long hours without straining. The Kindle Whitepaper can receive and send files as well as download or buy from the internet. It allows you to create a segmented database based on the materials you are reading.

Kindle Whitepaper offers seamless typography and a battery that can last more than two weeks. It is waterproof and ready for hardy handling. The price is one of the most reasonable in the market.

2. Kobo Forma

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Kobo Forma was released in 2018 as an upgrade to the previous Kobo Aura H2O. The Forma version is lighter in weight and comes with a plastic screen that enhances its durability. If you are looking for a tablet to read on the beach, in the bathtub, or at the waterpark, this is a perfect choice.

Kobo Forma admirably resists dust and is easy to maintain. It can handle the tough life of an avid reader who will draw it from the bag at a restaurant, on the bus, at the park, or even in the kitchen.

Some of the unique features on Kobo Forma include large storage space, large 8” screen, and a natural turn-page button. Its battery life will cause you to forget you ever needed a charger. Since it is a lightweight device, it feels natural to carry it around, place the tablet on your laps, and put on endless hours of study.

3. Kobo Libra H2O

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If you love tablets and e-readers of a smaller size, you will want to look at Kobo Libra H2O. It is smaller than its Forma sibling and lighter in weight yet offers incredible features. It supports a variety of e-book formats without distorting the organization of its content. It is neither too big or too small. It means that you can use it on a wider variety of materials and tasks.

Kobo Libra provides an excellent reading experience because of its featherweight, page-turn button, and adjustable lighting. It also offers several public library options for its users. Since it is waterproof, you do not worry about completing your chapter while on the go. The price tag guarantees value for every penny you pay.

The design is student and avid-reader friendly. A recent upgrade enables a reader to view all annotations on a single menu. It has also made it easier to jump to your desired bookmark. If you are reading to study and take notes, this is the perfect reader.

4. Kindle Oasis

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The new sheriff in town gives you all the reasons to turn heads. The price can be deceitful considering the features you will get from this kid on the e-reading block. It offers the best reading experience anywhere for just $299. A finger-friendly design, auto screen rotate, and adjustable backlights help you to customize your reading experience.

If you are into audiobooks, the feature has been enhanced. It is also thin, lightweight, and has the longest-lasting battery in the e-reader and tablet world. It rests naturally on your hands as if it was designed with you in mind.

The best e-reader or tablet for reading at night is one whose settings can be customized. While you look at the price, give it a long-term view so that your reading experience is comfortable. Consider the need to take notes while you study and how the tablet feels on your hands. Luckily, the market has all types of e-readers you may desire.