8 Best Clutch for Dodge Cummins 2022 – Review & Buying Guides

Our Pick
Valair Performance G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch (Ceramic)
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South Bend Clutch G56-OFEK Single Disc Dyna Max Upgrade Clutch Kit Dodge All Models 05-09
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South Bend Clutch SDD3250-6 Clutch Kit
Valair Performance G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch (Ceramic)
South Bend Clutch G56-OFEK Single Disc Dyna Max Upgrade Clutch Kit Dodge All Models 05-09
South Bend Clutch SDD3250-6 Clutch Kit
Our Pick
Valair Performance G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch (Ceramic)
Valair Performance G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch (Ceramic)
Good Choice
Don't Miss
South Bend Clutch G56-OFEK Single Disc Dyna Max Upgrade Clutch Kit Dodge All Models 05-09
South Bend Clutch G56-OFEK Single Disc Dyna Max Upgrade Clutch Kit Dodge All Models 05-09
Also Consider
South Bend Clutch SDD3250-6 Clutch Kit
South Bend Clutch SDD3250-6 Clutch Kit

Clutch is the widely ignored component among automobile users. But do you know the clutch is the main thing that moves your car in a rotary motion? So, do you want to replace the old tattered clutch with a new one? If you are looking for alternative options then we have got you covered.

As a dodge cumin user like myself, finding the appropriate clutch can be a really daunting task. But, be delightful! I will provide you the list of personally verified best clutches for dodge cumins that provide tremendous torque and superb performance. So, are you ready for a hunt for the best clutch for your favorite dodge cumin?

Top Clutch for Dodge Cummins

1. South Bend Clutch G56-OKHD Clutch Kit

South Bend Clutch G56-OKHD Clutch Kit


The first clutch on the list is G56-OK HD given by South Bend. South Bend is really reputable for providing the best clutches for heavy-weight lifting automobiles. The flywheel with this clutch is optional. Sometimes it comes with it and sometimes without it.

G56-OK is capable of providing 20K towing capacity. This shows it can drag pretty heavyweight. It also provides a horsepower of 425hp and a maximum of 900 torque. This means that it provides you a really smooth and comfortable ride with light pedaling.

All in all, this champ is really sturdy and durable and is of superior quality. Its disc’s diameter is 13-inch, and it is best for models from years like 2005-2009. In other words, the wider the surface area, the more smooth engagement and holding power it will have. In short, this high organic material clutch provides you with a high performance that lasts for a longer time.

  • High performance
  • Smooth engagement
  • 425 hp
  • 900tq
  • It can be a little stiffer


To conclude, this clutch is perfect for doge cumins that provide remarkably smooth riding. It has impressive torque and horsepower that sets the motor in a perfectly smooth motion. This item will not disappoint you!

2. Valair Performance G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch (Ceramic)

Valair Performance G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch (Ceramic)


Another product on our list is the G56 Spring Hub, given by Valair. They come with a dual-disc flywheel that is pretty much suitable for modified and stock trucks. This dual disc offers additional holding power.

Another solid point of this clutch is that it has a metallic finish. That means it will have longer durability and will look more classy and stylish. Likewise, its metallic exterior is resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Hence, it has a longer life span.

Moreover, it has a maximum HP ranging from 550-650hp. This means that it gives you a super smooth ride. Coming towards its torque, it offers 800 ft-lb torque. Hence, this results in great rotation and spinning quality. All in all, this clutch will surely meet all your requirements.

  • Incredible performance
  • Smooth engagement
  • Easy to install
  • 800 ft-lb torque
  • Sound requires some enhancement


To summarize, this clutch gives you a very smooth ride with amazing horsepower. This means that G56 Valair performance is a daily driver-friendly that offers good holding power. Hence, this clutch indeed suits a truck that requires lots of driving power.

3. South Bend Clutch SDD3250-6 Clutch Kit

South Bend Clutch SDD3250-6 Clutch Kit


Another product on our list is the G56-OFEK clutch. Are you tired of exchanging your doge cumin’s clutch repeatedly? Then, worry not. This clutch by South Bend offers terrific performance and lasts for a longer time.

Unlike other clutches, this clutch’s installment is very smooth. It has a towing capacity of 30k+. In other words, your truck can hold lots of tons without any breakage. It can hold upto 650 hp and 1300 lb-ft of torque.

All in all, it comes with a complete kit with necessary accessories (tools, flywheels, plate) for installation. This clutch is perfect for 2000-2005 dodge cumin models. Also, this clutch is half organic and ceramic. Though it isn’t suitable for competition, it gives you the fantastic performance that you need.

  • light-weight
  • Towing capacity 30k
  • Amazing torque and a lot of horsepowers
  • High performance
  • Perfect for modified trucks
  • Noisier


Overall, it generates the amount of horse and torque power you need. If you are looking for amazing functioning and efficiency, this is one of the best clutches for dodge cumins that will satisfy you.

4. South Bend Clutch G56-OFEK Clutch Kit

South Bend Clutch G56-OFEK Clutch Kit


Yet another product by South Bend that offers excellent towing and holding power is G56-OFEK. This half organic and half ceramic clutch gives 475 hp and maximum torque 1100ft-lb. This means that you will have a pretty good spin power.

You can’t forget about its remarkable towing capacity! It has a towing capacity of upto 25k. Hence, it gives you good power for a heavy workload. With all that, this clutch is really easy to install. It comes with all necessary accessories for easy mounting like the flywheel or throwout bearing, etc.

If you are a fan of extra power performance, this is undoubtedly the right clutch for your dodge cumin. Also, this clutch is suitable for 2005-2017 dodge cumin models. As it has a diameter of 13-inch, so it has an appropriate surface area. With all that, it gives you superb performance.

  • Towing capacity 25k
  • Easy to install
  • Can be upgraded
  • It helps save a lot of fuel
  • Not meant for stock


Overall, another South Bend clutch that I tested will surely meet all your requirements. It works excellent with additional power, exceptional torque, and excellent horsepower. As it delivers remarkable towing power but it also helps you economically.




If you are not a fan of noisy clutches, then this item will meet all your requirements. Hence, it delivers a tranquil performance like its name.

Likewise, this kit is compatible with models ranging from 2005-2017 dodge cumins. This product is purely organic, but it does not last for a longer time, unlike the clutches mentioned above. Also, it can hold upto 550 hp and torque upto 1100lp-ft.

As compared to a single disc clutch, this dual-disc clutch produces more holding power. All in all, it comes with all essential tools like a pressure plate, flywheel, release bearing, and so on. Though this clutch is not used for competition, it delivers outstanding performance.

  • 1100ft-lb
  • 550 hp
  • Organic
  • Superior holding power
  • Installment is difficult
  • Not much durable


On the whole, it delivers excellent horsepower and is ideal for vehicles that carry heavy loads daily. It gives you quiet and efficient performance with smooth and comfortable riding.

6. LuK 05-108 Clutch Kit

LuK 05-108 Clutch Kit


This clutch kit comes with every essential tool that makes installation easier. Likewise, this 26.7 inches clutch is made in order with OEM standards. This means that they perfectly fit the desired model and also offer good performance.

Also, this clutch is best compatible with late 2001 dodge cumin models. Hence, if you want to replace the damaged or tarnished clutch, LUK 05-108 perfectly meets your standard.

All in all, this clutch is perfectly designed and engineered to meet the doge cumin’s unique performance and characteristics. We can’t forget about its premium quality construction. This clutch is made with top-quality grade cast iron. In other words, it has remarkable heat capacity, is sturdier and durable.

  • Premium quality grade cast iron
  • Compatible with 2001 model
  • OEM standards
  • Amazing performance
  • Durability varies with different models


On the whole, this clutch is manufactured with OEM features that perfectly fit the desired vehicle. LuK offers you the best clutch for dodge cumins that delivers excellent functionality with a top-quality friction surface.




Another tested product on the list is this fantastic clutch perfectly compatible with the 1994-1997 model. This clutch is designed explicitly for the 90’s model that gives an impressive performance.

This product contains top-quality products and is said to have increased durability. For any modified or stock car, this clutch is guaranteed to deliver efficient functionality and high performance. Also, it comes with a complete kit that makes installation quick and easy.

It contains components like a flywheel, High-Temp Throwout Bearing, organic disc, and other alignment tools with a 12-month warranty. Overall, it offers satisfying results.

  • Efficient performance
  • Enhanced torque
  • Top-quality product
  • Compatible with 90’s model
  • Tricky budget


Altogether, this product comes with a 12-month warranty. This clutch perfectly meets with 90’s dodge cumin models, making it one of the best clutch out there in the market.




For nearly 4o years, LUK has been manufacturing and engineering the best clutches that are guaranteed to fit in vehicles without any issue. This clutch weighs around 35 pounds and is best compatible with models from 2005-2010.

This clutch also comes with a complete kit that contains premium quality components. Moreover, these innovative components are of higher durability and give long-lasting service.

Further, the complete kit offers a quick and more straightforward installation without any additional budget. If we look into this kit, it contains a brand new clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing, and other essential tools. All in all, this complete kit results in giving you the highest acceleration, horsepower, and maximum torque.

  • Weighs 35 pounds
  • Compatible with 2005-2010 models
  • Premium-quality components
  • Quick installation system
  • Only meant for the 6-speed transmission


On the whole, LUK is guaranteed to provide problem-free products and offers a long-lasting service. Moreover, it makes the installation more facile and quick. Hence, this top-quality product is a perfect clutch for upgrading your required model!

Buying Guide

Finding a suitable clutch for your truck can be a daunting task. Moreover, the sizes, features, and prices can vary from model to model. Hence, you should look for the clutches that provide the maximum torque, horsepower and are best compatible with the required model. Hence, the following things should be kept in mind:


The first and foremost factor that you should consider is whether the clutch is compatible with your model or not. It means that you should look into the number of discs, size, and even the transmission of the desired model.

Likewise, you also can’t forget about the power output generated by the vehicle. Hence, clutches are designed for different models. One clutch isn’t suitable for all the models.

Make sure to check that your desired clutches perfectly fit in the dodge cumin. It would be best if your clutch is made with OEM standards and meets the OEM requirements.


Another point that one should look into is the material with which the clutch is being constructed. The better the quality is, the longer lifespan it will have.

In this case, an organic clutch is perfect for a typical day-to-day truck or racing. Steel is the best material that lasts for a more extended time. But compared to steel, grade cast iron or metal has a more extended durability.

Likewise, ceramic, though it offers excellent performance and, unlike others, wears down quickly. Hence, each material also varies depending on the model. So, make sure that which material is compatible with which dodge cumin model.


Activities are done by dodge cumins also vary. Those who utilize their truck for the day-to-day activity will need a different clutch, and those who want to look for additional speed will require a different clutch. Moreover, depending on this factor, the price of the clutch also varies.

This also means that vehicles that drag heavy loads will require a more robust clutch. Also, a stronger clutch means more horsepower and torque. Hence, understanding these factors will give you an idea of which clutch is preferable for your dodge cumin.

Plate Bearing

This is one of the critical factors for a clutch; plate bearing allows the clutch to engage and disengage the engine. Hence, it provides good support to the shaft’s transmission.

Previous plate bearings made of bronze or brass are less durable. Over time, they become tarnish and get scratches and dents. The new plate bearing needs a roller bearing that produces less force and offers smooth transmission. All in all, modern roller bearing lasts for a longer time.


Another solid point for buying a clutch is to keep in mind the significant flywheel. This metal disc is used to store rotational energy within a clutch system. Hence, steel flywheels last for a longer time and provide a smoother driving experience than aluminum flywheels that provide smooth engagement.

Pressure Plate

The pressure plate is called the workhouse or the heart of the clutch system. The pressure plate provides a clamping force on the disc and the flywheel connected to it.

Hence, for dodge cumin, you will need a diaphragm pressure plate. This type of plate provides a smoother driving experience and also enhances the vehicle’s durability.

All in all, make sure to keep in mind the factors mentioned above for more extended durability, compatibility, and efficient functionality. A clutch that will not meet the required vehicle will not function smoothly.


img source: sinisterdiesel.com

Are South Bend clutches any good?

South Bend clutches offers one of the best clutches out there in the market. Most South Bend clutches come with single or double disc clutches that result in giving the best results. Moreover, their customer service is the best one. Likewise, their maximum towing capacity is around 20k to 30k, which gives smooth engagement. Likewise, it offers incredible torque power of around 900 to 1100lb-ft.

What brand clutch is best?

Though many brands offer remarkable clutches, LUK and South Bend are really popular amongst the vendors. LUK constructs its clutches with OEM with premium quality items, while South Bend clutches perfectly meets the standards of 2000’s dodge cumins that offer high torque, horsepower, and maximum holding power. They offer a complete kit that makes the installation system facile and quick.

How do I choose a clutch?

Whenever you choose a clutch for dodge cumin, you need to make sure that the clutch is compatible with your model. Clutch can vary depending on the model of the dodge cumin. Also, keep in mind the plate bearing, flywheel, size, and price of the clutch. Likewise, clutches made with top-quality material offer a prolonged life span compared to the clutch made with low-quality material.

What parts are in a clutch kit?

The clutch kit that comes with all the essential accessories makes the installation system more accessible and quicker, without any additional budget. The Clutch kit contains premium quality components like the clutch disc, plate bearing, flywheel, pressure plate, friction plate, and pilot brush. With all that, it comes with a complete clutch guide for guidance. Hence, these top-quality components offer fantastic work.

How can you tell your clutch is going?

You immediately need to replace your clutch if you find any kind of problem with your clutch. Otherwise, it can also affect other car mechanisms. Suppose you hear any squeaking or grumbling sound when you apply the pressure, or you are facing difficulty in changing gears, or you see the pedal vibrating or lacking acceleration. In that case, you should consider replacing the old damaged clutch with a new one.

Can a clutch fail suddenly?

Clutch can wear or break down either slowly or in one day. The main problem can be with the clutch cable; leakage in the hydraulic cylinder or some debris or dirt in the clutch disc will fail. Likewise, your old clutch is getting too old to work with a new model. It may suddenly get jam or stiff. In this case, you need to opt for a new clutch. But make sure that your clutch is compatible with the vehicle.

How expensive is it to replace a clutch?

Changing a new clutch can turn out to be pretty expensive—the average replacement cost is between $500 to $2,500. Moreover, the price also depends on various car models too. The performance or exotic vehicles are costly as compared to Japanese vehicles. Moreover, another reason it is expensive is due to the area where the clutch is located. So, replacing it is a hard job.

Final Verdict

Upgrading your clutch is a really essential task, but finding the right clutch for dodge cumin can turn out to be a tricky task. Also, the Damaged clutch can affect other parts of the vehicle too. Most people are not even aware of the significance of the clutch, but it is an essential component of the vehicle. Following is our top recommended clutches for boosting the performance of the dodge cumin:

South Bend Clutch G56-OKHD Clutch Kit offers 20K tow capacity, 425hp, and 900 torque power. This champ is really sturdy and offers the amazing performance that delivers smooth performance and is best compatible with 2005-2009 cumin models.

South Bend Clutch G56-OFEK Clutch Kit offers 25k tow capacity with 475hp. This South Bend clutch delivers extra holding power and is best compatible with models like 2005-2017. Moreover, it comes with a complete kit for quick installment.

LuK 05-108 Clutch Kit is 26.7 inches that are made in order with OEM standard. This clutch is made with top-quality cast-graded Iron that is sturdier and is precisely manufactured and engineered that is compatible with the unique vehicle’s features.

The items mentioned above are the best clutches that are personally tested and verified. Be it a street performance or typical day-to-day work, these clutches offer smooth performance and functionality. Buy the best clutch for your dodge cumin and upgrade your vehicle with tremendous torque power and towing capacity!

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