4 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tips To Increase The Sales On Your Shopify Product Page

You may be asking yourself, why is it even important to do CRO on a website?

Well, I should ask you if you knew that more than 95% of shopify stores fail to succeed?

That’s basically means you have a high chance of failing if you don’t take it extremely seriously and optimize everything you can to make sales.

CRO, is essentially, more sales, free sales, and free money.

Hotjar describes CRO as “the practice of increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website. Desired actions can include purchasing a product, clicking ‘add to cart’, signing up for a service, filling out a form, or clicking on a link.”

So here are my 4 best tips to increase your CRO on your Shopify product page…
…because I don’t want you to fail.

#1 Not Using High Quality Images For Your Product Photos

Source: unsplash.com

It takes time and effort to get high quality photos, but it’s well worth it.

First you need to get the image quality right. Don’t settle for the basic stock images you can find on the internet, or the photos that your supplier sends you.

Your photos must be high quality; if you’re trying to sell the product, your shopper needs to be able to clearly see it – it’s not like at a store, we’re selling online products, we need to be able to make the visitor feel as close as possible to being able to see every last detail of the product (like in real life).

Next, we all know how to use a simple camera or at least a phone camera, but there’s a reason why professionals do this for a living. Because they take professional photos.

Get a professional with a high-quality camera to create some spectacular photos.

Trust me, most people will use stock images, meaning your images will be much better than most of your competitors simply by organizing a photoshoot with a professional.

#2 Not Incorporating Professional Videos

Source: newscaststudio.com

People want to see what it looks like when people use your product.

Imagine you can only see images, and you can’t touch, feel, inspect a product like you would like to.

Believe me when I tell you this, make professional videos of someone using the product and get it professional edited in minutes with a simple video editing tool like InVideo.

At the very least, they’ll be able to see exactly how the product is used by someone else.

This will increase your conversion rates like crazy. It’s almost like a real Shopify hack.

We saw increases in our conversion rates by over 5% by just adding professional videos into our product pages (that’s $1000+ extra for us daily, without doing anything extra).

#3 More Content

Source: ecommercegermany.com

Shopify gives you endless space to write on your product descriptions and it only takes about 5 minutes to write 200 words.

Don’t be lazy, make the effort to write.

And be convincing in your writing.

You’ll be able to convince many people to purchase who otherwise would still have unanswered questions if the content wasn’t there. I know this may not be too convincing for you, but you’d be surprised how well this works.

Have you ever seen those Funnel websites where you can scroll down the page for 10 minutes, and there will be more and more content with multiple call to action buttons that all lead to the same action? Yeah, those are funnel experts who figured out that is the best possible way to increase conversion rates – now use this practice in your ecommerce stores and watch how much it helps.

A general rule of thumb with marketers is if you’re not a world-wide famous company that people know of, then the more content the better.

If you’re a very well-established brand and people know you world-wide, then sometimes writing less is doing more.
Figure what you are, and act accordingly.

#4 Share, Save, Send.

Source; ecommercegermany.com

Some Shopify features may need coding and website design experience to implement. Every theme is different and has different features. That’s why reliable website design companies are recommended if you need help. Features like adding sharing buttons so your customers and visitors can easily share your products to their social media profiles.
One click and it’s shared to their entire friends list.

This makes your customer your marketer, and they’re basically acting as a very advanced advertising campaign because your customer is a trusted agent to her/his friends and family on social media, and if she/he endorses your product, it’s very easy for his/her family and friends to trust your product because they trust their friend/family’s opinion.

That’s pretty much all our conversion rate optimization tips for today. To quickly recap, make sure to use high quality images in your product page to differentiate yourself from all the dropshipping stores out there. Make sure to incorporate videos in your product page to really show the professionalism of your brand and product, and to help your visitors really see the product you’re trying to sell – remember you’re online, you need to be as visual as possible. Add more content to your product page. If you’re a massive company and your brand name does a lot of talking by just being there, then sometimes the ‘doing less is doing more’ approach is true. But if you’re a small to medium sized business who doesn’t have a famous brand name all around the world, then let your content do the selling. How would you feel if you went to a shop to buy a product, and no one talked to you? We understand that someone people don’t want to read, that’s fine, they still have the option to buy at any time without reading, but for those that do want to read, include the content for them and you might convince them to make the purchase. Lastly, make sure to include sharing buttons so that your visitors and customers can share your product to their friends and family – let them become your marketing partners.