4 Cheap Veranda Makeover & Design Ideas To try in 2024

Having that special room, available for relaxation and retreating from what seems to be a normal leisure day in front of the TV, is something every person needs. Even city people who are not addicted to spending time surrounded by greenery and open view are attracted to the idea of having a space with a view of a local park. For people living in houses, it’s a different story, even if they don’t own a veranda, they can just go to their back yard and enjoy some time away from technology and busy life, but for those living in apartments, it may be a challenge. That is why a lot of people in the cities when deciding to buy an apartment look for something with a decent-sized balcony that can be turned into a veranda.

Having a veranda is not something every house, let alone an apartment, has to have, but if there is such a space, it brings a lot of satisfaction to the owners and allows you to create a very special corner for enjoying a good book, watch the summer rain without getting wet, or even witness the first snow of the season while sipping a cup of warm tea.

If you’re among those lucky people with such a corner, you just need some ideas to turn it into a corner with a purpose. Here are some cheap veranda makeover and design ideas you will love to try in 2024!

1. A beach-like, lounge area

Source: villagalaxy.com

If you enjoy soaking up the sun while lounging with a drink, you can turn your veranda into a place where you’ll be able to soak up the sun all year long. Use the opportunity of every sunny day. What is needed for this? Redecorating your veranda to get that lounge feeling will require only a couple of sunbeds. Additionally, you can add some plants, since it will be an ideal place for them to thrive in.

Of course, if you want and if you have the financial means, you can create a bar space to turn the site into a real lounge café. If you want to make the space as open as possible, you should consider investing more and installing glass walls, such as those available on degoedkoopsteveranda.nl.

2. A flower garden

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Do you have a lot of flowers indoors and do you enjoy taking care of them? Transfer all the plants from the house to the veranda for the summer or all year long, add a few more jars of annual plants, choosing them so that the flowers will delight the eye all year long – as a result, your veranda will turn into a flower garden, not only in summer but also in winter. This is ideal for those living in apartments since it will add up to the lack of nature due to living in the city. Greenery is a perfect antidote for stress and this way you can have a stress-free zone inside your own apartment. Add a good book to it, and it’s all you’ll ever need.

3. Create a space to cook for your friends and family

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When the cold winter days arrive, there’s not much space for those barbeque parties you love to host. However, reorganizing your veranda might be a great idea for having a place that feels open, and gives the opportunity to host parties everyone will love.

To organize a kitchen on your veranda, first of all, you need a reliable roof, because you will have to cook at any time. In addition, you should take into account the availability of appliances – move the barbeque inside, and make sure to install at least a small refrigerator so that drinks are ready.

Of course, such a veranda used as a kitchen will be perfectly complemented with an awning or a real brick oven – cooking on an open fire is already a holiday, and all dishes that come out of it are aromatic and especially delicious.

4. A perfect get together

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Having to be inside during cold winter days feels dull, and most of the time people are forced to watch TV or play games. But on the veranda, an ordinary get-together turns into a quality conversations time, with a board game, while watching the rain falls outside. But, how about adding a good dinner to it?

To organize the dining room and a place for socializing on your veranda you need only two things: the roof, which will allow you not to interrupt dinner due to the winter storm, and a set of furniture – table and chairs, benches, armchairs – everything that will provide comfort for guests and household. It doesn’t even have to be new, just gather all the furniture you don’t need.

What’s the difference between a veranda and a terrace?

So many terms are being used to describe a piece of space that is similar, but not the same. Terrace, balcony, porch, veranda, patio… Most often, when talking about the veranda, we mean an open or closed attachment to one of the walls of the house, where it is appropriate to spend time relaxing or having lunch. In other words, an open room in the house. But the terrace, as one of the varieties of house extensions, differs from it, although their concepts are somewhat similar. The terrace can be any platform in the yard or on the roof of the building, any floors raised on girders can be considered a terrace.

But most often the terrace means a fairly spacious area next to the house, with or without a roof, fenced or not.

A terrace, especially in apartments can be turned into a veranda, by being closed with special construction materials, such as glass, or huge windows. So, even if you do not own such a space, but have a terrace or a balcony area, you can plan to invest in creating a veranda. It is an investment worth performing.