Manual Vs Automatic Pros And Cons – Differences of Two Transmission 2024

Buying a car comes with many different choices and factors. Some of the factors include your weather condition, your driving style, and your budget, amongst other factors.

Some of the choices to make are between brands, color, size, and more importantly, for this buyer’s guide, we will be talking about the choice to make between the automatic and manual car.

If you only hear the word manual and automatic but don’t know what exactly both of them entails, then you are at the right place.

When it comes to making a good choice of the type of car to buy, there isn’t any rule. The only rule you should follow is for you to go for what you want.

And sometimes, making a choice can be difficult when you have no understanding of the choices you are to make. So here is the thing.

We have gathered a list of pros and cons for you to accurately understand what it means to own a manual or automatic car.

From this list, you can get the knowledge to use in deciding between getting a manual car or an automatic one.


One of the most evident differences between the manual and automatic cars is the transmission. The transmission refers to the way the gear ratio is being changed according to how the vehicle changes speed and direction.

So speaking about transmission, here are the pros for both the manual and automatic. Please note that the pros of the automatic car in this article serve as the cons for the manual, and vice versa.

Manual Car Facilities

Very efficient

When it comes to fuel consumption and management, you can count on the manual transmission. The workings of the manual engines are not as complex as that of the automatic.

Hence, they save you a great deal on the consumption of fuel. In the end, a specific amount of fuel with take you a longer distance on the manual car as opposed to its automatic counterpart.

Lower price

Another thing you need to look at is that they are less expensive compared to the automatic models. Most people these days prefer to use automatic cars, and as such, the manual gets less attention, and as a ripple effect, the prices of the manual cars also reduce.

So if you are searching for a car to purchase in the budget, the manual car will come to your rescue. Manual car costs less than an automatic car although having the same model of the car if only difference manual and auto.

Easy maintenance

From the engine to the working, to the special touch and latest technology. All these are the factors that add to the cost of the automatic car.

They also make it hard for you to maintain because you have a long list of things you have to look out for in the car. The manual car, on the other hand, is relatively easier and cheaper to maintain.

When your automatic car develops a fault, be ready to pay well to have it fixed, what you are paying for the extra details that have to be carefully looked into, to produce the perfect finish.

But the manual car spares you all of that stress. All you need to do is to do a normal servicing, and when it’s time for a normal repair, you can go ahead, without fear of it costing too much.

Lower chance of being stolen

With more and more automatic transmission cars filling the streets, it makes it more of the type of car to be wanted. There are lots of people who do not know how to drive a manual car, and that would automatically increase the odds of you having your car stolen.

Before any attempt to steal your car happens, car thieves will have to take a closer look at your car. This can be a big discouragement for them.

Automatic Car Facilities

Easy to use

This is the first thing you will notice in an automatic car. The whole mechanism of switching between gears is very easy compared to the manual car, where one hand has to be on the steering wheel and the other on the gearbox.

With an automatic car, you learn how to drive faster and better.

Excellent for the area with hills

A manual car can give you a very hard time when you try to maneuver it in a hilly landscape. Shifting between gears, and controlling the wheels at the same time becomes very cumbersome.

But with an automatic car, you can drive through a hill without breaking a sweat. If you are a less experienced driver, using an automatic car in a hilly area saves you from a whole lot of stress.

You have to be an expert, and understand the hills to be able to pull through in a manual car.

More freedom to drive

When you go to a driving school. You are taught the safest driving standards. One of which is making sure you drive with both hands on the steering wheel and paying close attention to the road.

With the automatic car, this is very much achievable. It is an almost impossible task with the manual car.

You have to put just one hand on the car, and the other on the gearbox. The automatic car also offers two clutches to help your concentration.

Driving is made easier, and more enjoyable when you have the freedom to drive without a worry, and the ability to master the wheels in no time.

In conclusion, we have listed out some of the pros and cons of both the manual and automatic, and hope that you will be able to find your choice. The reason why you should select a type of car should be based solely on what you want.

If you have what it takes, you can get both types of car, and understand the best of both worlds. But if you have a budget, then you might want to consider getting a manual car.