Best Affordable TV Signal Boosters – A 2024 Buying Guide

You might have stopped using cable TV a long time ago, and if so, you have probably opted for something more modern such as a set-top box or a TV antenna. However, your signal might be weak and it might often interrupt you while you are watching your favorite movies or TV dramas, which is why you’ll need to purchase one more device – a signal booster.

Like everything else, you probably did some digging online, and if so, you might be confused and overwhelmed by the number of different brands and features you can choose from. But, fear not, this article could help you make a decision. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 best affordable signal boosters you can get, as well as what features to look for:

1. “Wolsey – 4-Way Amplifier”

Price: $33.46


Choosing this booster means that you’ll be able to adjust the amplification levels, which in return allows you to choose the best image quality based on the strength of the incoming signal. Additionally, the connectors are properly placed on the sides and bottom, hence, you won’t have any difficulties connecting all the wires to it.

It is also mains powered, it supports LTE/4G, the short circuit protection is amazing, you’ll be able to easily mount it wherever you want, and as mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can adjust the image quality. Out of all the options on this list, this one comes with a warranty for 2 years.

2. “Gooqee – 120 Mile Range With 4K Support”

Price: $21.90


This particular device is basically an antenna with a signal booster in it, and it is one of the most purchased devices around America. It comes with a coaxial cable that is 5 meters long, plus, you’ll also get 1.5 meters of cable for the signal booster. All of this means that you’ll get 6.5 meters of cable, hence, you’ll be able to place it anywhere and the installation is simpler than other options.

It also features a USB port, a smart chip that will allow your picture to be crystal clear, and there are also adhesive stickers that’ll allow you to place it on a wall or window. The company also offers a warranty for 1 year and the only thing users did not like about it is that the stickers get weaker over time. You might need to learn how to set up an antenna, and if so, you can read more here.

3. “SLX – Four Output Amplifier”

Price: $17.35


One of the best things about this booster is that it has a built-in 4G filter. What does this mean for you? Well, if there are some mobile phone communication towers near your residence, there will be less interference from it. Also, you can place it near household appliances such as your fridge or oven and the signal will remain strong.

Now, this particular device is the most affordable one from this list, which is probably one of the reasons why it does not feature a way to adjust the gain levels – which is quite crucial with these gadgets. Additionally, it is mains powered and comes with one coaxial in and 4 outs.

4. “One-For-All SV9215”

Price: $25.71


Yet another package that comes with an aerial and a signal amplifier is the ‘One-For-All’ option. It features adhesive stickers, which means that you’ll be able to place it almost anywhere in order to get the best reception possible and since the device is flat, you’ll be able to hide it properly, which means that it will suit any room design.

Besides its compact design and size, you’ll also be 4G/LTE protected (like the aforementioned option), the warranty is for one year, and you’ll get a coaxial cable that is three meters long. One of the downsides is that you’ll be required to purchase one more male-to-female coaxial cable, which means that the overall price will be a bit more expensive.

5. “Easing – 60 Miles, 4K Support”

Price: $18.03


The bottom of this device comes with a magnetic insert, which means that you can place the aerial and booster to any metal object without fearing that the metal will influence the quality of your signal and image. Also, the cable core is almost 100% pure, which means that there will definitely be no interference.

It is powered by a USB port, it comes with a 4.5-meter long coaxial cable, and if you bought a LED TV that has 4K support, you’ll surely want to opt for this powerful booster and aerial package. However, one of the downsides is that it is not 4G protected, hence, there might be some interference from the mobile towers.

Features to Look For

When looking for such a device, there are some things that you’ll want to consider. For starters, the noise levels. The noise levels are the most crucial features of a booster, hence, if you choose one that has lower values, you’ll be able to get a better signal. The gain is also extremely important.

Basically speaking, it needs to be equal or higher than the signal loss you have. Hence, if the loss is approximately 10dB, your gain needs to be the same or higher. Last, but not least important is the warranty. Although it might not be important for you, you should pay attention to it, especially since it can save you some cash.

Most commonly, the options that are more affordable come with a warranty that is valid for either one or two years, however, you might be able to find some that have a 5-year warranty – but, they do tend to be more expensive and larger. So, when looking for a signal booster, ensure that you look at these features.


As you can see, there is a wide range of signal boosters that you can purchase for your home. Not only will they improve the signal going from your set-top box or satellite dish, but such a device will allow you to have a better viewing experience, especially since the signal won’t interrupt the program.

So, now that you are aware of all the things you can get, as well as which features you might want to look for, do not waste any more of your time. Instead, you should start browsing online and brick-and-mortar stores in order to find an amplifier that will suit your needs and budget.