Top 8 Small Business Ideas For The Fall

There are different small business ideas that thrive well in certain seasons as compared to others. If you are a smart business person, you will be able to keep up with the different demands in each season. For instance, during the summer season, a pop-up lemonade stand would do so well due to the high temperatures compared to the winter season. As we welcome the fall season, here are a few small businesses that you can set up and make good profits.

Small Businesses To Set Up In the Fall

Fall is one of the most exciting seasons in a year. It is a season that ushers in the festive season, and for most people, the festivities begin in the fall. Fall is also famous for pumpkin-spiced treats. It is a time when trees change color and look so beautiful. Most kids enjoy leaf picking in the fall and playing outdoors. There are businesses that do so well during fall, especially due to the preparations for the festive season.

1. Leasing Out Harvest Items


Fall is popularly known as the harvest season. The major food crops harvested in the fall include beets, carrots, cabbages, and spinach. You can acquire various harvest items before the fall and lease them out to farmers to aid in their harvest. Some of these items include collapsible produce crates that they can use to carry, transport, and store their produce. To add to your income, you can also assist farmers in their harvests. For more info you can check

2. Yard Cleaning


During fall, trees shed off a lot of leaves, leaving many yards dirty and untidy. Most homeowners are on busy schedules and may not have the time to clean up their yards. You can offer your yard cleaning services to them at a small fee. Some of the equipment you will need for this job is a leaf rake, a shovel and lawnmower, and a trimmer if you will be cutting too.

3. Moving Services


Just after the summer break, students are moving back to their school dorms from home. Others had taken up summer jobs and are moving back. You can offer moving services to students and other individuals who have stuff to move. This does not have to be a business for the fall only. You can do it all year round if you have a truck or van of your own.

4. Pet Sitting


Most people travel in this season and may need someone to watch their pets as some do not travel with them. Pet sitting is a lucrative business to venture into to make some extra money. If you are a pet lover, this will be an enjoyable job for you. However, you should not take up this business without a passion for animals because pets are very delicate. The fines for mistreating or abandoning a pet are so severe in the family court.

5. Costume Shop


This is halloween season, and most people are preparing for the Halloween holiday. Costumes are the major highlight of Halloween, and most people are looking to acquire their costumes before the big day. Between their work and school schedules, there might not be enough time to design a costume, so a costume shop would come in handy at this time. In your costume shop, make sure you stock all the different kinds of costumes and Halloween decorations.

6. Party Planning


During the fall season, there is the festive season, from end-of-year office parties to thanksgiving dinners, weddings, birthday parties, and even Christmas parties. Most people seek the services of party planning agencies to help them organize their events. You can make good money from being a party planner during this season. If you are good at it, you can turn it into a full-time career. There are also end-year expos for companies, and you can help them plan by connecting them with trade show furniture suppliers.

7. Pastry Chef


Where there is a party, there is cake. During this season, people love to treat themselves with baked food like cookies, doughnuts, and other sweet treats. This is a good business idea for this season, especially if you are already a professional baker and have all the equipment required like an oven and pastry makers. The main advantage of this business is that you can do it from your home and offer delivery services.

8. Airbnb Host


During this season, people are travelling for the holidays and need accommodation. You can lease out that guest room that you rarely use and make some extra cash. Bed and breakfast is the most lucrative business during this season. However, you should also be careful while running this business to ensure that you do not host dangerous people who might harm you. Also, make sure that you are a good host to get good reviews for the future.


There are several more small businesses that you can start during this season. You can have more than one business running especially if you are working from home; for instance, you can design Halloween costumes while baking pastry at the same time and offer delivery services for both. If you are not sure about certain basics for running a business, you can consult business advice experts for more clarification.