Which is the Best TV Aerial Booster 2024

I assume that you have found out about the benefits of TV aerial and just how bad cable TV has gotten in this last decade. Not only did it get worse, but the amount of content from cable companies has also been reduced to almost nothing. It has become more expensive, it is boring and honestly, I do not see a legitimate reason why people still use the services. Fortunately, we have alternatives such as TV aerial and online streaming services, which are just as good.

However, I assume that you have started to research more about TV aerials and decided that is the type of service that you want to use. Unfortunately, you also have probably found that you are too far away from the nearest broadcasting tower for the best viewing experience. This is completely understandable. No one would like to watch lower-quality content on their 4K television, especially not when switching from cable to a brand-new service.

But, not all hope is lost. With a booster, you can boost the signal from your antenna to your digital box and the image will become crystal clear just like you have seen in the ads.

Picking the right device is not easy considering how many different brands there are right now on the market. To help you with this, I am writing this article to tell you about the best TV aerial boosters you can find.

1. 1byone Amplifier

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Like I already said, there are currently a lot of devices that can be the solution to your problem. And many of the solutions can be acquired for quite a low price. I know, you might think that a low price will probably lead to a lower quality of product and bad performance, but 1byone’s Amplifier is a great example that this is not true.

You can easily find this product on Amazon and you can get it for around $10 and sometimes even for less, depending on the discounts. With a 20 dB gain and a power supply of 12 V and 50 mAh, I’m sure that even the worst image quality you will be improved.

Although, keep in mind that these devices are not magic. If the signal from the broadcasting tower is too far away and your image quality is remarkably bad, there is no fixing this kind of problem. Your only option would be needed to get closer to the broadcasting tower or maybe invest in a better antenna.

Obviously, the reason why I decided to put this product on this list is that it is awfully cheap, but it provides fair enough performance and is quiet too. Because the buzzing sound from this type of electronics can be very annoying.

2. SLx Aerial Amplifier

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For those that are looking for something with a bit more quality and more again, the SLx is not that much more expensive, but it will serve as a great amplifier.

One of the reasons that I find this product so interesting is because it is powered completely by USB. What does this exactly mean? This means that you won’t have to bother with cables and to find a free socket in your wall because all you need to do is just plug it in your TV or any other device that has USB on it. It will be more than enough to power this amplifier.

SLx also claims that it has protection from Ford you signals to improve the signal you’re getting from your antenna. I cannot exactly claim whether this is working or not, but it is an impressive benefit if it is legit.

3. Antennas Direct 4-Port TV Distribution Amplifier

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Now, this is where things get a little bit more complicated and a bit more expensive. By looking through the Internet, I noticed that the pricing is around $40 to $45 on websites such as Amazon, but you may be able to find it cheaper. I know, it does seem a bit too expensive when you compared to the previous products I mentioned on this list, such as the SLx and the 1byone, but the power on this thing is on another level.

The first obvious advantage of this device is that it has four ports for distribution. The other two I mentioned only have one, so make sure you keep that in mind.

This amplifier is also not for indoor use, it needs to be plugged in directly into the antenna and needs to stay outside. It has a 7.5 dB amplification on every port and will come with a 3 feet cable if you need a bit of extension.

However, installing this piece of hardware on your antenna can prove to be a bit more difficult, so maybe you should consider hiring professionals such as tayloraerials.co.uk to ensure that the installation process goes right. It is always better to let someone with enough experience do these kinds of things instead of taking the risk.

4. ANTOP HD Smart Booster Antenna Amplifier

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Another indoor antenna amplifier, but this one comes with 2 outputs that can deliver a gain of up to 14 dB. Keep in mind, this is 14 dB per output and not split into those two. This means that you can connect to TVs and get the same image quality on both of them. The power of the signal will not be split into two.

You can use one of the ports to connect it to an FM stereo if that is what you want. I like this device because it seems more modern and even has a small dial that lets you adjust the amplification.

5. Philex 27813HS

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If you are in need of more outputs on your TV aerial booster, you should consider checking out the Philex 27813HS because it comes with a four-way output and every single one of those has 12 dB of gain. This is quite impressive considering that it only costs $20. It may not be as attractive as the ANTOP, but it is compact enough so that we can hide it away in the back somewhere.

Whichever of these you pick, I’m sure that you will finally be able to achieve that quality of the image that you have been looking for.