How to Remove Hair from Carpets – 2024 Guide

Households with long-haired dwellers and long-haired pets compile a huge amount of loose hair on daily basis. Fibers found in carpets are known for trapping these hairs. Somehow carpets just seem to be a magnet for hairs. And when the hairs are quite long and thick the common vacuum cleaning method may become useless in getting rid of them. They will clog the roller and make the cleaning device less effective for future use. You might be asking yourself: What are the most efficient techniques for removing strands from your carpet?

Does the process of “liberating” your precious rug from all that hair always need to take an eternity to complete? Would you like to learn about quick and feasible ways of getting rid of those fallen fibers? If the answer to these questions is “YES”, then continue reading. We have prepared ten really practical tips and tricks to get rid of all that hair – once and for good.

1. Brushing with a Rubber Broom


If you live in a house, where most of the floor surfaces are covered with carpets or rugs, then you probably already have a rubber broom. This is a type of tool that you need on daily basis. Cleaning your carpet with a rubber broom will not only free your rug from hairs but will also preserve it. These brooms are versatile and work well on any kind of carpet.

This an easy and rather quick method. As the hair gets caught among the carpet fibers it is advisable to pull instead of pushing the grime through the carpet. The rubber bristles are far more efficient than the bristles of the regular brushes. The whole technique is very straight forward and it doesn’t require additional cleaning agents.

When you complete the cleaning process, it is time for maintenance. Washing the broom head with soap and warm water is the best way to preserve and protect your broom for future use.

2. A Sponge Mop

If you have a carpet that is smaller in size and don’t want to invest any additional means in buying fancy cleaning gear and devices then this is a method worth considering. It is a great approach if the surface is not heavily covered in hair as well.

All you need is a kitchen sponge and some lukewarm water. The sponge should be greater in size. This way the contact surface between the sponge and carpet is bigger and can collect more dirt. Wet your sponge and then move it across the carpet. Note, this cleaning technique may become a bit overwhelming on the bigger rugs.

Nowadays you can find sponges for pet hair. These sponges work well without having to soak them in the water.

3. Rug Rake


The rug rakes are conveniently designed for removing the long hairs out of the rugs. This tool is very similar in form to the rubber broom. The bristles are made of metal and are usually longer and finer than the ones on the broom.
The tool is made particularly for collecting pet and long human hairs. It is successful in collecting dirt from thicker carpets made of longer and denser fibers. The rake handle is usually flexible.

After brushing your rug with the rake comb the head of the tool to collect dirt and fibers from the bristles.

4. Fabric Softener Method

This is a DIY method in which you will have to make a softener solution first. For the procedure, you will need a spray bottle, fabric softener, stiff-bristle brush, or a squeegee, and last but not least vacuum cleaner. To make your own solution mix one part of fabric softener and two parts of lukewarm water.

Once the liquid is ready, spritz it over the carpet and let it sit and dry a bit. The fabric softener will loosen the hairs and it will be easier for you to pull them out. Use the brush to sweep them out and then simply collect them with the hoover.

Use a smaller amount of softener solution, as it can damage the rug fabric when excessively used.

5 The Baking Soda Method


This is a very similar method to the fabric softener one. When baking soda is applied to the carpet not only will it help out in reducing and removing the hairs but will also freshen up your room and the way it smells.

Sprinkle the baking soda into the area that needs cleaning. Let it settle for a while before introducing the vacuum cleaner.

6. Vacuum Cleaning with a Motorized Brush

A strong and powerful vacuum cleaner should be able to get the fallen hair out of your carpet. Usually, this kind of vacuum cleaner is sold at a more expensive price. However, the price of the device doesn’t guarantee you the performance and overall satisfaction with the product.

For the best results make sure to use the pet hair brushes. These brushes are specially made for hair removal. Make sure to use it with the maximum airflow.

On some occasions, long hair can get tangled around the brush rolls. Untangling them may be an overwhelming process. To shorten the cleaning process use tangle-free brush tools.

7. Steam Cleaning


Steam cleaning is even a more effective method than vacuum cleaning. However, this is not a method that can be done daily.

Non the less it is not a bad idea to either steam the carpets on your own or pay someone or do it for you regularly. Steaming will not only help you eliminate the hair from your floor covers, but you will also get rid of dirt, germs, and allergens.

8. Shower Squeegee Method

Shower Squeegees that come with a rubber head are a perfect tool when it comes to getting rid of the hairs. It is a tool that most of us already have at home, so no extra investment is necessary for this method. That’s always good news. Isn’t it?

However, this technique is effective only in small areas. It is perfect for “spot-on” cleaning and should preferably be introduced on short fiber carpets, not rugs.

9. Dish Gloves Can Be Useful


Both dry and damp dish gloves can help you out in collecting hairs. In this case, the static electricity that rubber objects produce is your friend.

When using them dry, just wipe the hair into a pile. If you are using them with a bucket of warm water, they will also do the trick. Just pick up the hair, rinse the gloves and repeat the process.

10. The Lint Remover

The tool you use to take lint from your clothes may come in handy when cleaning hairs from your carpets. However, this method may not be the most time- and cost-efficient.

There are adhesive hair removers with long handles on the market. These are specially made for floors. If you don’t want to buy yet another cleaning gadget, be creative and make your own DIY at home. A paint roller and a double-sided tape will perform very well when it comes to collecting and removing hairs.

Bonus tip: Your Pet’s Brush


The brush you use to pet your furry friends will work well both on your pet and on the carpet. We would advise this method only if the rug is small in size, as the chore can become daunting otherwise.

As you may have noticed, you don’t really have to make a big investment when it comes to freeing your carpets and house from long, tangled hairs. Most of the products and tools you probably already have at home. Simple utensils such as a kitchen sponge, or cleaning substances like baking soda can help you out big time.

However, if you don’t mind giving a few bucks, then accessories like a specialized pet brush or a rubber broom are definitely pieces worth investing in. They will shorten the cleaning time and are therefore very practical to have in every household. Especially in a household with pets or residents with longer hair.

Here are some frequently asked questions about removing the hair from your carpets and keeping your home clean. These FAQs may help you select the method or cleaning technique that best suits your particular needs.

What is the easiest way to remove hair from the carpet?

As aforementioned, there are many quick and easy techniques for removing hair from your rugs and carpets.

Vacuuming with a motorized brush roll may be one of the easiest and most time effective way. Also, this is the pricier method.

However, if you don’t want to invest in a motorized brush, some other techniques will do the same trick. Check the items you already own at home. They can become useful tools.

How do you get pet hair out of the carpet without a vacuum?


You don’t actually need to have a vacuum cleaner to keep your home hair-free from your pets. There are many cleaning techniques where tools such as a kitchen sponge, a carpet rake, or rubber gloves can take you a long way.

The solutions made of fabric softener and water or a sprinkle of baking soda are the other two options that can help you maintain your home clean and hair and odors free.

How do you get the hair off the bottom of the vacuum?

Occasionally after being used, the vacuum cleaner tends to collect the hair on the roller. The hair gets wrapped around the roller brush and reduces the overall capacity of the device. When a decent amount is accumulated on the roller, it can no longer rotate and compile the hair fibers.

We all know that from time to time replacing the vacuum bag is a must. However, the brush needs cleaning too. Cleaning the roller brush is an easy task. Before you start this quick – fix make sure your vacuum cleaner is unplugged. Now unscrew all of the screws that are holding the bottom faceplate. Be careful and keep all the screws on one pile so you don’t accidentally lose them.

Once the plate is off, the roller brush can pop out smoothly. Take a note of the brush orientation, as it will be easier to put it back in place when you finish cleaning it. Now arm yourself with patience and start cleaning the roller. Use scissors to cut through the tangled hair fibers and pull them off the roller with your fingers. The scissors with thinner blades are more convenient for this type of chore.

After the roller is hair- and debris free, put it back together. You can use a wet wipe to do some additional cleaning before putting all parts together. When you are done place everything in the position and fastened the screws. Your roller brush is now cleaned and ready to be used again.

What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair on the carpet?


Many brands design and manufacture cleaning devices that promise to help pet owners with tedious tasks such as everyday hair removal. But which vacuum cleaner is really worth investing in?

The Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Cleaner is probably the best device for its overall performance. If you are looking for a cordless option then go for the Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Prone to allergies? The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner may be the right product for you. It comes with a filter that traps the dust and reduces the comprehensive amount of allergens.

Prevention is halfway to getting rid of hairs and having an impeccable house. If you are a pet owner brush your carpets every day to prevent accumulating dirt and an excessive amount of hairs.