Dirt Devil Ultra Corded Bagged Handheld Vacuum Review 2024

Do you like to buy a handheld vacuum with excellent cord length? Looking for the best handheld vacuum to clean your hardwood floors? Do you want to lift pet hair from upholstery, stairs, and car interiors? Read this review to know the features of the Dirt devil Ultra corded bagged handheld vacuum.

Table of contents:

  1. Features of the Dirt devil Ultra Corded bagged handheld vacuum
    • Motor
    • Speed
    • Revolving brush
    • Stretch hose and crevice tool
    • Final Conclusion

Features of the Dirt Devil Ultra corded Bagged Handheld Vacuum:

Dirt devil’s ultra corded handheld vacuum is specifically designed to satisfy the homeowners who need a vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning of dirt from stairs, car interiors et al.

There are many factors we need to consider while picking for a pet vac. Am I right? Then, what are the factors do I need to consider while shopping for Dirt devil handheld vacuum.

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  • Motor:

Dirt Devil is featured with an excellent powerful motor system of 4 amps, which attracts pet hair and pulls out the dirt effectively.

  • Speed:

Speed is also considered as one of the most important features of the handheld vacuum. Dirt devil uses the two variable speeds so that you can clean the pet hair easily. And, the lower speed is very gentle. Then what about the higher speed. Higher speed is loud than the lower one.

  • Revolving brush:

The dirt devil ultra corded handheld vacuum uses an excellent revolving brush, which helps in deep carpet cleaning.

  • Stretch hose and Crevice tool:

Every home has some hard-to-reach areas. And, the dirt is also found large in those areas. What to do to clean the dirt’s? Think!!

To reduce your difficulties, Dirt Devil offers handheld vacuum with built-in stretch hose and crevice tool feature, which in turn you can easily pick-up the dirt’s found on the tough-to-reach spots.


  • It is more convenient to use and very powerful.
  • The motor is excellent in this vacuum.
  • It comes with an attached stretch hose and crevice tool.
  • Warranty is good in this handheld vacuum.
  • It is lightweight and compact design.
  • It is very affordable and greatest portable vacuum.
  • An excellent handy machine to clean the dirt from stairs, car interiors and so on.

Features at a glance:

  • To clean your couch without unplugging the vacuum, it is featured with a 16-foot power cord.
  • It comes with an awesome motorized brush to clean up the dirt without any mess.
  • To clean the hard-to-reach surfaces, it comes with a built-in crevice tool and stretch hose.

Final Conclusion:

Dirt Devil Ultra corded handheld vacuum is best suited to clean dirt found on the upholstery, stairs, car interiors, and RVs. Hence, I strongly recommend you to buy this Ultra corded Bagged handheld vacuum to pull out the dirt around the house.

So, don’t waste your money on buying some other handheld vacuum without the above-mentioned features. Buy the best and save your money.